The Prognosis - December 25, 2005

>> Sunday, December 25, 2005

Soca Prognosis
Karen Richardson
December 25, 2005

Good Evening Soca lovers and Merry Christmas too…
It’s your resident Nurse, Karen, bringing you your weekly PROGNOSIS….
It’s finally here! Christmas Day is upon us, and everybody getting nothing - but de best. People always telling me they’re sorry I have to work, but I don’t mind it at all. My rounds are just about done for the day, but I may have to get my stomach pumped, so I could eat a little more.

This just in: The very best ginger beer was tasted in Brampton only minutes ago. I think I better verify my sources.

St. Kitts and Nevis is still blazing with soca. Calypso finals are around the corner and they’ve whiddled the list of competitors down to seven. Christmas Eve marked the one of the hottest events on the carnival calendar: Party Monarch competition. The best local soca acts took to the stage. The women will have their moment in the sun on Tuesday night for the Female Calypso Bacchanal .

In Montserrat, they just named a new soca monarch too. But between carol singing and feting for festival, those people too busy to tell me who. Must be nice….

They’re not the only ones….While you’re at home fighting up for the last bowl of souse, the town of Bridgeport Connecticut is making plans to add a dash of Caribbean spice to their annual first night celebrations. Local pan men, the Royalty Steel Pan Band will be ringing in the new year in a program that includes reggae, Latin rock, jazz and Irish folk music. I doh so sure how to dance all ah dat…but a little pan never hurt anybody.

Everybody knows Marcia Miranda and Scrunter want a piece of pork for de Christmas. And by now, is more than one piece they done eat. But many west Indians, particulary Seventh Day Adventists and Muslims will not be boiling down a salty ham today. Choice Cuts butcher shop in Chaguanas, Trinidad made sure to stock up on pork-free alternatives this weekend. Whether its Wild meat, roast duck, curried duck, lamb chops, curried goat, baked chicken, stewed beef, stewed chicken…it’s a blessing to celebrate the holidays with the soca parang pumping and your belly full. As for me…I still looking for de ham. Merry Christmas!

I’m Nurse Karen, and that’s your weekly prognosis.

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Now back to de Docta


The Prognosis - December 18, 2005

>> Sunday, December 18, 2005

Soca Prognosis
Karen Richardson
December 18, 2005

Good Evening Soca lovers…
It’s your resident Nurse, Karen bringing you your weekly PROGNOSIS….
One week to go until Christmas…and I just can’t wait. I love everything about it. Food, fun and family. And the music of course!!

Our friends in St. Kitts, Monserrat and St. Croix are now in the middle of vibrant carnival celebrations. St. Vincent’s streets are bumping as they count down nine mornings. The parangderos are spreading that festive Spanish vibe all over T&T. Here…we’re buried under mounds of snow and credit card bills….but that’s OK. It’s still the best time of the year.
Following four days of eliminations, it was announced Thursday that 16 out of 53 kittitian calypsonians have advanced to the semi-final round of the 2005/2006 calypso monarch competition. It remains to be seen if defending champion Socrates will walk away with the title for his fifth time. The man is good, but the question is…how does he measure up against veteran favourite Ellie Matt. Matt has been absent from calypso competitions for several years, but the ten time calypso king of St. Kitts and Nevis is back for 2005. The final battle goes down December 30th.

Every week, I bring you the latest carnival news…and it’s always the same thing. King dis. King dat… Even here at soca therapy I have to play second fiddle to De Prince. But that’s OK. So, what about the queens? Caribbean carnivals always devote much time and attention to Queen Shows. (Errr…beauty pageants) And if you don’t already know, that is serious business in the West Indies. Antigua Carnival does not jump off until July, buy a bevy of beauties are working the make the cut right now. The Antigua and Barbuda carnival development committee starting taking applications for the hotly contested Queen of Carnival pageant yesterday. Ladies between 18 and 25 looking to represent their island paradise to the fullest have just two weeks to register.

Lastly, If you’ve been asking Santa for a ticket to Trinidad for Christmas, don’t fret if Santa saves some money and books it for January instead of late February for the parade of the bands. Good news is the calypso tents will be opening their doors on January 27th…and that just might be your best bet to witness the humour, politics and creativity that makes carnival so wonderful. So, just be smart….take the early ticket…then call your boss from Maracas beach and tell him you’re real sick. Doh worree….I go be sick too.
I’m Nurse Karen, And that’s your weekly prognosis

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The Prognosis - December 11, 2005

>> Sunday, December 11, 2005

Soca Prognosis
Karen Richardson
December 11, 2005

Good Evening Soca lovers…
It’s your resident nurse Karen hey pon radio again with your weekly PROGNOSIS….

DO RE oye oye oye
FA SO aye aye aye

Don’t mind me, I’m just here sharpening up on my soca skills. Trinidad Carnival 2K6 is just two months away, and I just found out they sharing out REAL prize money this year. Friday, it was announced that Soca Monarch wannabes will be competing for $4 hundred thousand dollars. That is THE biggest jackpot in Carnival history. When the Mighty Spoiler won the calypso crown in 1955 his prize was a mere $50. So, I got a message to the defending soca king Bunji Garlin. Whether you’re the girls dem dahlin or what... you betta look out! The stakes are high and the competition will be fierce.

One of the possible contenders will be celebrating 15 years in the business come February. Mr. Hook better known as Blackie is gearing up to drop his third CD “He Lie” in time for Trini carnival. After the most successful year of his career, Blackie shows no signs of slowing down.

The festival calendar is heating up in the leewards. Everybody in Basse-Terre, St. Kitts is stretching out their legs as they recover from Kittitian Fete 2. The national street party takes place every Saturday in December leading up to the Grand Parade on New Year’s Day. But first…those calypsonians gotta duke it out. Calypso semifinals kick off tonight at 8 pm.

The festive season in the Caribbean is truly something to behold. Long time now Tanty Eulyn have she fruits soaking for the cake. Somebody told me the sorrel is ready…and I welcome invitations to sample your punch a crème. Now that the elections are over in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, the people are free to really enjoy the annual Nine Mornings Festival. Starting Dec. 16 and continuing everyday till Christmas, Vincy’s will get up at 4 am to parade the streets of Kingstown. Nine mornings has a little something for everybody, whether you want to jump up to a steel band, watch a bike race, go to church or take a dip in the sea.

That’s your weekly prognosis. I’m Nurse Karen.
Email to let us know what you think.
Now, back to de docta.


The Prognosis - December 4, 2005

>> Sunday, December 4, 2005

Soca Prognosis
Karen Richardson
December 4, 2005
Good Evening Soca lovers.
This is Karen the resident nurse here with your weekly prognosis.

First of all we at Soca Therapy would like to send our congratulations the Mighty King Cosmos for his win at the 7th annual Canadian Urban Music Awards. Cosmos took home the coveted CUMA for “best soca recording”. His single “Island Girl” helped him secured his spot as a favorite with the Urban Music Association. I caught a glimpse of the King Tuesday night decked out in black and dripping with the bling from head to toe. You go King Cosmos! Keep the roots of soca showmanship alive.

So congrats are in order for our very own Doctor Jay. Yet again, the big man in the business was nominated for a CUMA, but ah sorry to say he’ll have to pick up his trophy next year. Could be worse though…Flow’s own Starting from Scratch walked home with the title of DJ of the Year. And that’s cool with me. I mean, he cool. I can’t say I know too many other French-Canadian kids will a healthy helping of soca music in their mixmaster repertoire.

So it’s December now. And after waiting whole year to hear your island called out in the fetes. I have some great news for all my St. Kitts, Montserrat and St. Croix massive. I feel your pain. And I have a little sumthin’ that go make you feel betta. Big up your chests and large up all you small island people because it is Carnival time in your land. I’ll be bringing you the latest.
Cruzian Festival 2005 began yesterday and Montserrat Festival kicks off Wednesday with a variety concert. It will really get HOT HOT HOT over the weekend with a street jam and the official opening in Festival Village.

Speaking of HOT HOT HOT... Montserratian soca icon Arrow is helping his country bring back the tourist money after the volcano erupted a few years ago. Arrow spent last week promoting Monserrat in London England at the World Travel Market trade show.

Ok Trini posse, patience is a virtue….last week Dr. Jay told you about the passing of veteran pan arranger Clive Bradley. A wake was held for this musical genius at the Desperadoes pan theatre early last week before the funeral was held Friday at the Cathedral of Immaculate Conception in Port-of-Spain.
I’m Nurse Karen…
Now back to de Docta



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