Eye Unit: Happy Birthday Slammer Cutter!

>> Sunday, May 31, 2009

Slammer Cutter and Nurse Karen at 2009 Soca Monarch Finals in Trinidad
As you know, I don't live in the Caribbean, but I'm a true lover and supporter of my culture. There is so much beauty, talent and attitude. The world can't ignore us, thoough our region is so small and cute.

Here in Toronto, we are lucky to have a mix of people from all over the world. Among our Caribbean residents, we kinda mix and mingle in spite of our differences. It's one family, and I'm VERY proud of that.

Slammer Cutter is a Trinidadian who lives here in the GTA (Greater Toronto Area). He's the kinda guy who would never pass without smiling and saying something to brighten your day. So, it's my pleasure to big up a member of the Toronto family who has been working to make his impact on the soca world for a while now. He's been networking and recording with producers in St. Lucia and Grenada, in pursuit of that elusive thing we call success.

If you're unfamiliar, he's the guy who gave Trinidad that big tune "Hangover" for Carnival 2009. The song was produced by fellow trini Kerwin Du Bois, who also lives here. Soca City...you better recognize!

He's been working the soca soil for a few years, and finally he's starting to get his shine. So tonight, I'm wishing de man a very happy b-day!

Lots to be proud of Partna!

Enjoy this video "MASH UP" from 2006!

Love and Soca,

Nurse Karen


Artist's View: Luta on the LIME Vincy Soca Dans Launch

Luta and Nurse Karen in St. Vincent, 2008

Oh goooooooooosh carnival come again! I love carnival in all its forms. Love it best when it's something that everyone can enjoy; old and young, rich and poor, black and white and every colour in between. So, I was totally excited to here that the Vincy Soca Dans and their big sponsor LIME threw a big FREE party for the public on Friday in Heritage Square, Kingstown.

Lucky for YOU, one of the stars of the show was kind enough to let us know what went down! LUTA de crowd motivator was there to lead his posse into the hearts of the fans just as the season heats from a simmer to a boil.

Formerly of the band Signal, Luta was a dub artiste turned Vincy soca star whose career began in the 1990's. Since then he's boasted hits like "Busy Tone" featuring Skinny Fabulous, and you may remember seeing him in the 2008 Soca Monarch finals in Trinidad, singing "Hey" with Tony Prescott.

If you stilllllll don't know Luta, look him up! He's making a lot of buzz this year for a tune called "Rumbo". It bad still. But to me, I will also think of his crazy signature wine. Presssshhhaaa!

Here's what Luta had to say about the LIME Vincy Soca Dans Launch!


Karen me girl!

Heritage square was packed like never before as soca lovers anxiously awaited the launch of the LIME Vincy Soca Dans package for carnival 2K9.

The square was transformed into an atmosphere of euphoria as LIME left no stones unturned in the branding of the square, this certainly set the pace for great thinks to come later in the evening.

The entertainment segment got started when Adrian Bailey's Hottsand hit the stage with Johnnie Rebel as their lead vocalist, the band went through a repertoire of hits from the past and present, they had people dancing and singing the sweet refrain of the well known old school songs. The session got even sweeter when Gideon James took the stage with his usual silky voice, serenading the ladies in the audience.

The atmosphere was about to take a turn for the hype and exhilaration of the much anticipated LIME Vincy Soca Dans. Jamesy P was the first of the Soca Dans to hit the stage and he did so in fine style singing the unofficial theme song of the Soca Dans "We Will Survive", this was followed by a string of hits from the Nookie Man like "Bashment" & "Rogaltic". At this point, the people went into a "Tipsy" frenzy and I, Luta "D Crowd Motivator" entered the stage alongside Jamesy P doing the "Tipsy" song from last year. I then went into his popular 2009 hit RUMBO which had everyone singing to the chorus "They calling me RUMBO", "Shake" was next on my repertoire and the ladies really enjoyed this one as they showed how to shake their posterior meat!

I used my usual magic in introducing Tabia on stage as she showed that she has developed as one of St. Vincent's finest female artist. Her petit structure and powerfully sounding, sweet voice makes Tabia an artist to look out for in the near future.

Making a guest appearance with the Soca Dans was Katalyst out of Barbados. Katalyst is a former lead vocalist with the band Square One. She delivered her 2K9 hit "Make Me Go Off" which I am featured on. The large crowd was very appreciative and give her a big round of applause as she left the stage.

The live concert was about to catapult into high gear as Jamesy P re-entered the stage to do his #1 hit song for 2K9 "Ants In Yo Sugarpan". The place went into a frenzy, and it was pandemonium when Jamesy P and me started free-styling on the Sugarpan rhythm. I then went into my up-tempo songs which had the large crowd jumping and waving.

Heritage square was about to be jolted into chaos when I introduced the 6 time soca monarch Fireman Hooper on stage, it was mayhem on the square as people went literally crazy to the mad performance of the Fireman. He left the stage and had scores of people asking for his return. Fireman returned to give the large crown a taste of his 2K9 hit "Finders Keepers".

The evening climaxed with the entire LIME Vincy Soca Dans on stage at the same time as we thanked our many fans, well wishers and all present for their continued support. The icing was placed on the cake when the Soca Dans gave a surprise acapella rendition of "We Will Survive", much to the delight of the large crowd.

Thanks Luta. You write real well King!

Sounds like a great show! Big up to LIME for streaming the entire launch LIVE on the internet. Hundreds tuned in. So, I'm sure that as the season unfolds we will see so much more of you. Can't wait!

Love and Soca,

Nurse Karen


Booster Shot: Guyana's Lady Guymine dies at 76

>> Saturday, May 30, 2009

Photo borrowed from www.guyfolkfest.org

I want to take a  moment to offer my sincere condolences to the Guyanese community and all lovers of Calypso and all Caribbean folk traditions. 

On Thursday, Monica Chopperfield aka Lady Guymine passed on the the next plain, due to natural causes.

Best known for a song called "Granny Fit", She was a true champion of Guyanese music and culture, having performed as a Calypsonian for decades. She enterted the world of Calypso in 1965. That year she performed for Guyana's Mashramani celebrations under the sobriquet of Lady Guybau. She was then invited by the Mighty Sparrow to tour Trinidad and Tobag, where she remained in his Calypso tent for two years.

She was very accomplished in the craft, having a sound that borrowed elements from other world music styles. In her early career, she was known to sing ballads and jazz. In 1985, Chopperfield placed 5th at the World Calypso Competition.

Lady Guymine was born and raised in Guyana, having spent her later years in New York.

Last September the Caribbean entertainment community in Brooklyn banded together to raise money to assist the ailing singer with her medical needs. On stage that nightwas a cast of all-star performers from the Caribbean Region including Trinidad's 2008 Calypso King Sugar Aloes and St. Vincent's Winston Soso.

Here at Nurse Karen Etc we would like to send our deepest sympathies to the family and friends of Monica Chopperfield, and all how understand the loss of this important cultural icon.

Rest in Peace,

(Nurse) Karen

See this article from Guyana's Stabroek News, for Guyana's celebration of her outstanding career.


Musician's View: HD's Dwain Antrobus on UCLA Jazz Reggae Fest

>> Friday, May 29, 2009

Shot from Cable and Wireless "Pork Lime" Barbados 2008
Left to Right: Kernal Roberts, bMobile Promo Girl, Dwaingerous, Zan and 
(Nurse Karen Etc's) Corey Graham 2.0 

Branching out!!! I Love it. Last weekend while there were three Caribbean Carnivals going on across the US of A, one of the top soca acts took their show west. Machel Montano and 4 members of his HD crew headed to sunny California to nice up the Caribbean entertainment content at UCLA's Jazz/Reggae Festival.

Hotta-fyah Bajan music producer and HD keyboardist, Dwain Antrobus aka Dwaingerous made the trip. He brought home this exclusive personal review of the UCLA experience.

If ya don't know Dwaingerous, hmmmm. I'm pretty sure you know his music! This is the man who solidified Machel and Patrice's heavy impact on Barbados Crop Over in recent years with riddims like; "Feel Nas", "Bad Boy", and plenty more! He's been around way longer than that though.

The 30 year old producer/musician has been touring with Xtatik (now HD) since 2002. He's a self taught pianist who picked it up watching is papa tap those keys as a child in Barbados.

As a youth, he attended Cobermere School, the same institution that turned out other Bajan celebs like pop star, Robin "Rihanna" Fenty and Bajan international saxophonist, Arturo Tappin. Now Dwain splits his time between Barbados and Trinidad, working on his various projects.

Fans:  link up with Dwaingerous on MySpace and Twitter.

Back to LA:

UCLA Jazz Reggae Festival 09 "A Culture of Change"
This was a two day festival, May 24th and 25th.
The 24th (JAM DAY) featured Erykah Badu, De La Soul, Leela James and other local acts.
The 25th (REGGAE DAY) featured Mavado, Peter and Mojo Morgan of Morgan Heritage, Machel Montano, Assassin, Cherine Anderson, Tanto Metro & Devonte.

Here's what Dwain had to say!

HD was well recieved as there was a strong Caribbean support among the 8000 that came out. We did a 30 min performance of the latest hits like "No War", "Unconditional Love", "Higher Than High", "One More Time", "Dance With You", "La Vida", "Bumpers", "Survivors", "It's Carnival".

Place was in total frenzy when HD hit the stage. Those who where sitting in their camp tents and blankets rushed towards the stage when the music started. It was officially party time. 

HD was the most energetic and one of the best performances of that day. Besides Mavado, this was the only time people actually pushed and gathered front stage to take in the perfomance.

Promoters were pleased with Machel's performance and was impressed with the 4 piece band (Darien Bailey, Shawn "Roots" Mitchell, Kernal Roberts and myself) and want to book for next year's event.

We nailed it! The crowd was lovely, the vibe was lovely. We just wanted to give the West Coast something different, and we did. They love us. We made some new fans. I love LA!"
- Dwain

Thanks Dwain!  It's very exciting.  I love to see soca music beginnin to till new soil.  Must be exciting to be a part of that.  Best wishes for another successful Crop Over season.  I know you've been hard at work.  Personally,  I love your new release from The Infamous Frank White, "Wine fuh me Gal".  Also, I'm waiting for you to confirm the rumors that HD's coming real hard this summer.  Will Zan be the new star boy?  We shall wait and see...

Me dear...thanks again for getting this to us!  Keep grindin'.

Love and Soca, 


Booster Shot: Shel Shok released from hospital!

Hi Everyone! 

I have a little bit of good news as you start your weekend.  Trinidadian music producer, Sheldon Benjamin, who was recently admitted to hospital for cancer treatment was released  yesterday.   He is resting at home with family.  

Here's a little update note sent out to his Facebook group:

Sheldon is at home resting comfortable. Thanks to you all for you love well wishes concerns and Prayers, He is not out for the woods yet but well enough to be home with his family 

Thanks again Everyone keep sending the love, and I do hope you all got your tickets for the show get them while stocks last..

Trinidad Tobago and the rest of the world please keep Sheldon in your prayres...... From the family and his clsoe friends we say thank you all for your support... Love you all

- Camille Benjamin

I'm so happy to hear it! Please continue to pray, and donate, donate, donate!


On de Scene : Music Making the Countdown #1

>> Thursday, May 28, 2009

It is the eve of a long weekend in St.Lucia ,which will end with the Official Opening of Carnival scheduled for June 1st 2009.

I, like many soca lovers out there like to know what songs are captivating people's hearts . The Wave, one of St.Lucia's leading radio stations hosts their top 5 at 5(p.m.) and with the help of the Nurse tuned in to today's countdown to share with you .

The countdown for today Thursday 28th May ,2009 was as follows :

5. Reveler Girl – T.E.M.Band
4. Like A Jumbie – Ricky T
3. Turbulence – Matrix Band
2. St. Lucian Girl – Cherry L
1. Wine if You Wining – Teddyson John

Bare in mind we're only 53 days away from carnival so expect the countdown to change on a daily basis as new music gets released and songs are given more airplay.

I do hope ,I can bring this countdown to you guys on a weekly basis , so you can stay in the know of what happening in terms of music here . But hey, if not you can always log onto the wave (official website) and listen as Pringles a.k.a Superman gives a daily dose of Top 5 at 5, (Monday to Friday)

Peace & Soca



On De Scene: Nicole David - Release de Tiger ! (Free Download)

Nicole David, deemed as the Queen of St.Lucia Soca, is making her mark as usual. But before I go into that, I must highlight that 2009 is turning out to be a fruitful year for this soca artist and Carnival isn’t even “officially” out de gate. I am talking about her making the line up of the St.Lucia Jazz festival with likes of Chaka Khan , Estelle, Beres Hammond, Teddyson John just to name of few. At the festival Nicole was able to show her versatility and adding her own flavour, surprising the crowd with her R&B renditions .

Nicole David at the 18th Annual St.Lucia Jazz (Sunday)

(Much Love to www.scruffyimages.com for this amazing shot )

Now back to de soca news, on Tuesday Nicole “Nikki” David's second single for Carnival was released and no disappointment there, de tune sounding real good. The first being "I eh Taking Dat", which is slowly becoming one of the women’s anthem for the season.

Rankin Morgan, one of the producers of Nicole’s “Release de Tiger” came on The Wave where he did a premiere of that track and from de first airplay, one thing I can say is “Roar”. Hope you all ready for de commotion that tune go make on de road and parties. This single was co produced by talented Leebo along with Rankin from the duo Rankin and Smokes In't. Today being only Thursday the tune has been getting great airplay and I am excited to see how it does beyond St.Lucia’s shores not only because it is the first official soca single from Rankin, but because Nicole for de past few years has not backed down and keep being consistent every single year .

As to whether she will be competing this year, it has not been disclosed nonetheless Niki has started 2009 great and no doubt the momentum will continue.

Here is de link to download this tune. And there is a special treat , I know sum DJ’s will enjoy this one . This file also has the instrumental, so guys enjoy!


Much Love!
Peace & Soca


Free Download: Xcaliber Good Life Mixtape - Birthday Boy Mix

Nurse Karen and Mr. Slaughter (Toronto 2008)

Well, if this isn't reason to party, I don't know what is. In my last post I was telling you that Mr. Slaughter wasn't planning to take a break from work for his birthday .(Today!)  He wasn't kidding at all!!!

Instead of sitting back to be pampered and receive gifts, Dawg E Slaughter gave us (Nurse Karen Etc) a very special gift! Membership has its priveleges y'all!!!

Enjoy the brand new Xcaliber Good Life Mixtape - Birthday Boy Mix, produced in Miami by Mr. Slaughter himself. It's a reggae mix with a touch of Hip Hop. You'll love it!

You know I usually give you a track list, but I find de man slack off a little there!  
(it is his birthday afterall)

Happy Birthday Mr. Slaughter! 
Thanks for the music, energy and good vibes! 
 Stay Blessed

Love and Soca, 


Eye Unit: Happy Birthday Mr. Slaughter!! (Video)

What a nice time of year to be born! In these parts, at the end of May grass is green, flowers are popping out of the ground, and the trees actually have leaves again. Of course, none of that matters when you're born in a balmy locale like Trinidad. But as I toast Mr. Slaughter with a glass of Chardonnay, I am relishing the gorgeous springtime sun.

Some of you only know Slaughter for his popular soca tunes over the years like "Trample", "Tic Toc", "Pokey", and "Spread the Love"...but long before that...and long since. Mr. Derek Perreira has been travelling the planet as a favourite club DJ.

Dawg E is in Miami right now, touring as a DJ and waving the Excalibur International flag high.  Yesterday I asked him what he had planned for his 33rd earth day...

10:55 AM Nurse Karen: old friend...

11:07 AM Mr. Slaughter: hi luv
11:08 AM Nurse Karen: hi
  staying in Miami for your b-day?
11:09 AM Mr. Slaughter: ya
  den.....jersey and nyc
 Nurse Karen: sweet
11:10 AM doing anything fun, or just work?
11:11 AM Mr. Slaughter: all work
  dat doh stop
 Nurse Karen: i know :)
  but i would think you would do something to treat yourself
11:12 AM you deserve it you know!
 Mr. Slaughter: hahahahaha
  rest when u dead
  i really doh business
  i wanna wuk every f#$king day

11:21 AM Nurse Karen: lol...alright then. you getting all the gift you want!
 Mr. Slaughter: ari
  so busy
  not funny hun...

What?!?!!? All work?  I love what I do too....so I can't begrudge the man for wanting to work. But, since HE's not gonna party, I'm taking a little jump (and a wine....pun intended) on his behalf right here with my lap top.

Wanna join me? Check out Slaughter and X-caliber killing some sound bwoi's at a recent clash against Black Cat at Ambassador in Trinidad.

Love and Soca, 


DJ's View: LP on Carnival Explosion (Atlanta)

>> Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Soca PEOPLE!!!! Here's your last installment from LP of G13 Sound International. Gotta say thanks once again for working overtime to get (Nurse) Karen (Etc) exlusive reviews of the Atlanta Carnival action. I almost feel like I was there. (Almost y'all! But being there woulda been WAYYYYY better!)

From my point of view, of all the fetes, Carnival Explosion had the most hype leading into the weekend. I can wager a guess why. Check this line up: Destra and her Band, Fay Ann Lyons, Bunji Garlin, Benjai, Trini Jacobs and Ziggy Ranking!

Here's what LP had to say...

Saturday, May 23, 2009: Carnival Explosion

This fete was a bit further from downtown Atlanta than Memorial Drive, but the T&T posse as well as the soca faithful made the journey out to Decatur after a long day at the Festival Village. DJ Stan from St Lucia and DJ Soca Diva from Miami started the warm up nicely until Giselle De Wassi One took the control and brought out Ziggy Ranking and Trini Jacobs for live performances. Patch took the stage to his hit, "Rum & Roti," followed by Benjai who delivered his big tunes such as "Over & Over," "Drunk Again," and "By De Bar," which also led to a guest performance by Bunji Garlin.

Denise Belfon took the stage next, giving a big performance of her classics such as "Wine & Bend Over" as well as newer tunes like "Bicycle Wine" and "Licks".
The crowd was now hype for the current road march and soca monarch queen Fay Ann Lyons. Fay Ann took the stage and delivered hit after hit, keeping the crowd running the entire time, ultimately ending in the 2009 T&T Road March, "Meet Superblue".

The crowd then waited for about an hour before Destra Garcia and her band took the stage at roughly 5:30am. Always worth the wait, Destra proceeded to deliver hit after hit such as "Bacchanal," "Jumpin," "We Say So," "Max It Up," "Bonnie N' Clyde," and "Fly", until unfortunately the owners of the venue shut the party down at about 6am. All in, the crowd seemed to enjoy the jam and still weren't ready to go home! Big up DJ Tony Tempo for really holding the event together from start to finish.

I was able to get great video of the first three Destra songs and upload it to youtube, check it out!

Whoa LP! Too bad it took them so long to set up. I mean, you can't get vex with a venue for shutting down at 6 am. But, when the last act not starting till 5:30, I feel that's something the promoter could have organized a little better. Just saying....

Thanks again for fixing us up with your on the scene account of your weekend in Atlanta. Hope you had the best time!

If you missed LP's earlier rundowns of the soca climate in Atlanta, click them below!

ACCBA Parade of the Bands
J'Ouvert Party by Krushmore Entertainment

If you enjoyed getting 411 from ATL, hit up LP on MySpace. Be sure to tell him I sent you!

Love and Soca,

Nurse Karen


Eye Unit: Happy Birthday Superblue!!!

>> Monday, May 25, 2009

It is my sincere pleasure wish a happy 53rd birthday to Mr. Austin Lyons aka Blue Boy aka Superblue, Trinidad's true king of the Soca Monarch stage.

I could start listing his accolaides, but I believe you should feel shame to call yourself a soca fan, if you don't know what Superblue means to the genre. Research and get back to me! Lemme help ya!

So, I found an oldie but goodie worthy of a 53rd birthday celebration! Below is a video from Superblue's 1997 Soca Monarch performance of the song "Barbara" He went on to tied for 1st place that year with competitor, Ronnie McIntosh who sang "Ent".

Love and Soca (Everytime!!!)

Nurse Karen


DJ's View: ACCBA Atlanta Caribbean Carnival Parade of the Bands

Saturday, May 22, 2009

Soca Lovers!  Here's dose number two from LP.  We taking a jump.  Read on for action from de road, Atlanta style:

Hi Karen,
Of the three separate Caribbean events taking place over Memorial Day weekend in Atlanta, the Atlanta Caribbean Carnival Bandleaders Association (ACCBA) event is the original and it never disappoints. Masqueraders lined up on West Peachtree St, and just shortly after noontime began their mas through downtown Atlanta.
Compared to other Carnival bands in many diasporas, the bands are slightly smaller than that of an average Toronto Caribana or Brooklyn Labor Day band, but they still bring a lot of energy and island pride.  
  • In terms of energy, the Infusion t-shirt band was getting on bad all through downtown all the way to the festival village. 
  • In terms of presentation, We Kinda Ting had the best display of costume mas, with a few sections of revellers followed by a t-shirt band as well.
By the time the bands reached Auburn Ave, the festival village was full of eager people ready to have a good time. As soon as the bands crossed the stage, however, the Carnival Village experienced a slight show delay due to inclement weather. As soon as the rain cleared about 20 minutes later, the event picked right back up where it left off. Various sound systems playing classic soca jams, and bands such as Impack2 (Brooklyn, NY) and Caribbean Music Farm (Miami, FL) delivering covers of current soca hits.
Soon after, the small island heavy bands WCK and Nu-Vybes band set the crowd into a frenzy with their signature sounds. Burning Flames, as always took the stage next and had the crowd of thousands singing along to every song and putting everything in the air. The event then finished with a huge Trinidad & Tobago showcase, featuring Ziggy Ranking, Trini Jacobs, Denise Belfon, Patch and Destra Garcia.

Watch Caribbean People!

Looks like a great parade. I hope you enjoyed yourself LP! Whey de dirt man? You meet a smallie? Wine up yourself? I guess we'll never know!

Photos and review courtesy of LP of G13 International

Thanks again, Dahlin!

Nurse Karen

P.S.  If you missed LP's blog about the Carnival J'ouvert Party, check the post HERE.  Next dose,  LP's review from the showcase at the end of the parade! Stay tuned...


The Rounds: Memorial Day long weekend soca round up

In this Edition:
  • Memorial Day Long weekend soca events in the US- Rupee, Machel and Destra
  • Carnivals: San Franciso, Orlando, Atlanta
  • LIFELINE Concert for Sheldon Benjamin (Trinidad)
  • Happy Birthday Mr. Slaughter
Good Evening Soca Lovers, I’m Nurse Karen and these are Dr. Jay’s Rounds. With weather like this, don’t you just feel like jumping up? Well you’re not alone! A whole slew of Caribbean based soca acts made their way to the United States this weekend for endless soca action. Rupee and the Request Band got up close and person with fans in Manhattan with a big show at SOB’s on Thursday. Then it was off to Queens on Saturday for a fete at Mangoville. 

Today (Sunday), Machel is in California at the UCLA Jazz Reggae Festival, while Destra and her big band will be the only soca act amidst all the reggae riddims rocking Miami this evening for Best of the Best.

Machel and Nurse Karen (Miami 2008)

For the die hard soca massive in the US of A, there are a handful of great carnivals keeping the Caribbean spirit alive this weekend. So gotta big up Orlando, San Fran, and Atlanta! 

In 21 years of Atlanta Carnival, I’m told that one of its most unique characteristics is that you simple can not ignore the influence of some of the smaller islands. I hear that St. Kitts and Nevis, Dominica and the VI crew ruled J’ouvert hands down!!

Down in Trinidad, friends and loved one of music producer Sheldon Benjamin are hard at work preparing a benefit concert for the ailing musician. A few weeks ago I mentioned that Sheldon is depending on YOUR good vibes to recover from cancer (Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma). Since my first report, I’m told that his spirits are up. He’s also been blessed to be visited in hospital by several of his closest friends in the soca business. The one thing about tough times is that they bring good people together. So, here’s the latest...an All-star fundraiser called LIFELINE has been planned to raise money for Sheldon’s mounting medical costs. 

The event will feature performances by Alison Hinds, Destra, Machel and more at Trinidad’s Zen Nightclub on June 7th. If you want to donate cash, but can’t make it to the big event, an account has been set up to accept donations. For more information check out the Nurse Karen Etc blog, or join the Sheldon Benjamin Facebook Group. We can fight this together!

Mr. Slaughter and Nurse Karen (Trinidad 2008)

Before I go, I must send a send Happy Birthday Big UP to Mr. Derek Perreira aka Dawg E Slaughter. He will be celebrating 33 years on earth this Thursday!

I’m Nurse Karen and those were Dr. Jay’s Rounds. For more information on these items, and anything else that matter in the world of soca. Check out the Nurse Karen Etc blog at Nurse dash Karen dot com. Now, back to de docta!


Booster Shot: Donate towards Sheldon Benjamin's medical costs

>> Sunday, May 24, 2009

Positive results require positive action! That's why a group of positive family members, friends and artistes are teaming up to help soca super-producer Sheldon Benjamin beat cancer for good.

As you should already know, there's gonna be a huge benefit concert at Zen on June 7th. It's called LIFELINE. I'm talking about Machel, Alison,Destra, Saucy and H20 Phlo all performing at the same show! If you're reading this from Trinidad, you'd better reach!!!

LIFELINE tickets are $150TT ($25 US) General Admission, $300TT ($50 US) VIP
call the ZEN box office or one of these organizer people for tix!

783-6542; 741-9529; 715-4106; 332-5323; 689-9348; 689-9470; 747-6548; 487-0890and 320-7045. (i seeing TSTT land line, bMobile and Digicel in there, so no excuses for de cheapskates)

Now, if for some reason you can't make it, OR you live somewhere foreign (like me), you can still show your support. There's a bank account set up to receive YOUR generous donations. THink about it. All these years, you probably been tiefing from the man, downloading all his big tunes off the net. So this is WAY better than adding to an enviable car collection. Why not give money to save a life? Here's what ya gotta know...

Account # 250-022-596-231
Republic Bank
Tunapuna East

Account #250-022-596-231
Bank Code (RBNKTTPX)
Go to your bank and tell them you want to make an overseas transfer. It may cost ya a few dollars. But do it. It's good for your heart! De Nurse seh so...

Love and Soca,

Nurse Karen


DJ's View: G13's LP on the 5th Annual Atlanta Carnival J'ouvert Party

Denise "Saucy Wow" Belfon at the J'Ouvert Party

Special treat soca freaks!  So, you know your girl was REAL looking forward to going to Atlanta for carnival this year.  It didn't work out.  Which happens to me A LITTLE TOO OFTEN for my liking!  What can I say?!!? News must share.  So, I pulled a few strings to get an on-the-ground account of the action from DJ LP from New York's G13 Sound System.  If your memory is short, you know him as the sound boy who gave you that too sweet Free Download Mad Decent Power Soca Mix earlier this year.  If you didn't get it before, handle that!  Yuh stickin'....

So, back to the point.  Atlanta Carnival is now.  LP is there - feting like a fiend.  Enjoying his long weekend!...and I here in Toronto doing my regular Sunday Soca Therapy thang!  So, you wanna know the vibes in ATL, right?  Who better to tell ya than a DJ who LOVEs soca?  He's on de scene... ( I hear de man link up to snap pics for Toronto-Lime too, busy guy!)

The man is a boss.  He gave me updates and pics from several events.  So, like a good nurse, lemme give you in small doses.  One today, another tomorrow.  Following? First up....J'OUVERT!!!!

LP, tell the people....

Friday, May 22, 2009

Hi Karen,

Hope all is well in TO.  Here's my rundown...

Although there were a few Wednesday and Thursday fetes, this is well known as the official launch for the weekend.  I reached Atrium on Memorial Drive around midnight. I was still early, but the vibes were flowing nicely as they do at Krushmore Entertainment events.  The soca room started to fill up around 12:30 a.m. and the crowd was treated to a very good mix of new and old classics from various islands care of Optimisque from Dominica, DJ Hottness from Atlanta by way of Guyana, DJ Kevy Kev from Orlando by way of St Kitts & Nevis, and ATL's #1 soca DJ Tony Tempo.  

Tony Tempo and Giselle De Wassi One

Atlanta is very well known for its small island massive, and of course the VI, SKN, and Dominica massive were front and center the entire night, supporting a lot of new USVI and SKN soca from bands such as UMB Soldiers, WCK, Small Axe Band, and Nu-Vybes band, selected by DJ Kevy Kev 

After the small island session, DJ Tony Tempo and Giselle Di Wassi One took full control for the rest of the night with 100% soca, including performances from Ziggy Ranking and Denise Belfon.  By the time the party was over, there were only a few hours until masqueraders were to line up along West Peachtree Street for the parade.

Ziggy Ranking at J'ouvert Party

Sounds like a nice session!!  Thanks for the review LP!  Next up : The Atlanta Caribbean Carnival Bandleaders Association Parade of the Bands.  Check for the post in the morning!

Love and Soca, 


Booster Shot: Grenada Spice Mas 2009, Calendar of Events

Die hard carnival babies always complain about how difficult it is to get information on Caribbean festivals from official sources. I have to congratulate my Grenada posse for stepping up their game in 2009 with the launch of a beautiful, user-friendly website on May 15th, 2009.

Organization goes a long way. So, if you think you'd like to take a jump in the Spice Isle this August, I've posted some info below to help you plan that trip.

Dates and events courtesy of www.SpiceMasGrenada.com

June 2                    Carnival Press Conference

June 5                   Carnival Launch

July 9                    Soca Monarch quarter finals

July 10                  Soca Monarch quarter finals

July 11                  Soca Monarch quarter finals

July 12                 Soca Monarch quarter finals

Fri Jul 10-
Sun Jul 19           Calypso Prelims

July 24                Soca Monarch Semis

July 26                Calypso Semis

July 31                Calypso Intercol

August 1             Children's Carnival Frolick

August 3             Traditional Mas Competition

August 6             National Queen Show

August 7             Soca Monarch Final

August 8             Panorama

August 9             Dimanche Gras

August 10          Jouvert

August 10         Pageant

August 10         Monday Night Mas

August 11          Parade of the Bands


On De Scene: Brewsters Road Crew Lime #2

>> Saturday, May 23, 2009

Oye Nurse Karen,

I was in Brewsters Road last night on location in Pelican Village.
Brewsters Road Crew parties are the hot cakes in Barbados right now. All of their parties do very very well, especially over the last year. They currently have a series of Friday night parties during Crop Over along with a Pre-Carnival Fete and a Christmas Night event.

 As of last year, Brewsters Road Crew parties became the place to be.  Now of course for several years the Baje International Band fetes was the staple Friday night lime. Now its clearly Brewsters Road Crew time.  Their parties are 100 % soca and they go on almost till mid day the next Saturday, each and every Friday during Crop Over.  We are talking about from 10 pm every Friday night until almost 12 pm Saturday morning. The unspoken party rule in Barbados is that even if you go to another party on Friday nite,  at 4 am all roads lead to the Brewsters Road Event.

Brewsters Road is all about the authentic Bajan vibe and for real soca heads. Last night the soca heads were out in full force and really enjoying it. The second free Pre Crop Over lime and they were people, and more people! Remember this was just a lime but it seemed like many people didn't care their intention was to party and wuk-up like they don't care. Now for me, with the reduced volume of the music, I took the opportunity to  talk and catch up with people I haven't seen in a while and network with people in the industry. You know in the busy season you don't get much time to have any extended conversations.

Quite a few artistes came out to the lime - Khiomal, Katalyst, Mikey, Blood and I am sure they are more who I might have missed. Lots of the behind the scenes persons were out and out artiste managers, dancers, promoters etc and of course the people were out. I actually saw a Basketball Team still in their gear walk into the lime and go straight  for the rum. That bottle of rum went from hand to hand.  Something like NBA playoffs - It was shot, shot pass.

I have to commend the DJs on the night for keeping the soca flavor spicy and flowing.  Saga Boy did well playing a set with several yesteryear hits which the crowd loved.

Mr Soca Superman aka DJ Alvin Toppin took the set and bigged up the artiste in the place and touched some of the newer releases for the season. I think the crowd is still getting familiar with the new music, Blood's tune created a little buzz, but that is not too much of a surprise, Blood is consistent energy year after year. 

Oh before I go I had a little chat with two of the directors of Brewsters Road, Trevor and Tremayne.  They are excited about the season. They strongly believe that the Brewsters Road Product is affordable. They are aware of the current economic climate and they are making sure that their patrons can have a good time without having to over-spend.  After all, they are doing free limes before they launch their official events on June 19. 

Karen between me and you ... and your readers - I feel they have something up their sleeves though.   They too tight slipped about the season. I mean after all their events are hot, they should be doing something to step up their game in 2k-wine. 

I can feel the summer heat. I mean it! The sun is sooooooo hot right now. I think its time for the beach. Ah gone.

Corey Graham 2.0


Eye Unit: Bunji and Fay Ann give first performance after childbirth, with Benjai (video)

>> Friday, May 22, 2009

Yo!! Wassup everybody.  You have no idea how busy this week was for the entire Nurse Karen Etc team.  No worries!  We still fixed you up with some great sights, sounds and info from the soca world! Here's one really worth checking out.

You all know the story.  Fay Ann Lyons entered the height of Trinidad's 2K9 carnival season 8 months pregnant.  She ripped up every fete with her big belly, then went on to win all the competitive soca categoried in carnival.  She man, sweet sweet Bunji, did his thing too.  He tied for second with Iwer George at International Soca Monarch for spite.  LOL. They had a great year.  Then, just couple days after the season done, baby Syri came along, one month early on February 28, 2009. 

Well...there's the recap. ....and here's now:  Trinidad's hottest celebrity couple has risen out of their 2.5 month performance hiatus!  They hit the ground running for what promises to be a very busy year following an historic carnival season.

That first show happened on Saturday.  It was right here in my hometown, Toronto.  Respect to Dr. Jay for bringing up Fay Ann, Bunji, baby Syri, Benjai and he Asylum Band to bring the energy of Carnival 2k9 to the KoolHaus.  

Sorry to say, a lot of people missed out on what to me was an outstanding show.  But now, you don't have to. Here are a few poorly lit clips I captured just for you from the side of the stage.

I'm sure you noticed Benjai getting his drink on during the show.  Pure comedy!  Oh Lawd, Drunk Again!  Special shout to Soca Dread from IslandMix.com for snapping this shot of Benjai and moi just 2mins before showtime!

If you missed earlier posts about this pretty-dayum-amazing show, check them below:

Love and Soca, 

Nurse Karen

 By the way, if you want to be alerted of updates to (Nurse) Karen (Etc) as they're posted...do yourself a favour and follow me on twitter!!


On De Scene: Crop Over Warm Up Vibes with Monstapiece, Brewster's Road and Rebel Vibes

Kaaaaren Nurse Karen, I sorry, I know I was to update the crew on the past weekend in Barbados.  Ah telling ya, Crop Over has started and the people are ready! Onstan?

I know I am late but I am telling you, I had to recover from the weekend! -  "I'm not drunk, I'm not drunk you can say way you want!"

I passed through the Monstapiece studios, and the guys in there are hard at work! Girl they might have a pretty good follow up year. I will tell you more soon. I promise.

Brewsters Road began their limes last Friday. Once I hit there and I got my rum and coke I was already feeling the vibe. All the usual "get on bad" suspects were out in force! After my rum - I had to speak with my uncle Johnnie. Yesss, Johnnie Walker is my uncle.

I had me a blast getting a few minutes to relax and listening to what the people were saying about the coming season after they tongues were loosened by the spirits. Girl, sounds like the people are ready.
I left a bit early, but apparently more and more people kept coming until Pelican was full. I am pleased to report that the people are stressed and ready for Crop Over. Brewsters Road looks like they are going to be hot. Come June 19, two thousand wine Brewsters Road will be singing oh goshhhhhhhhh Crop Over come again....

Next nite was the 1st anniversary party of the ever popular
Taboo Saturday Nights.
Taboo's Location on Google Maps: http://maps.google.ca/maps?q=My+Location@13.093211%2C-59.612575

I have to congratulate to The Rebel and Clint Gregory  for being able to lock down the  Saturday nights in Taboo (formerly the boatyard) as the premiere clubbing spot on the Island. Rebel decided this year to put a band on the road, The Rebel Vibes Band -Psychomachia is the name and the website coming to - www.rebelvibes.comThey really got some hot and confident models to go on stage and strut their stuff, its something I believe that more band leaders should pay attention to. 

Check out the photos in this post. I am out - one more weekend closer to Crop Over!




DJ's View: Ms DJ Revz on Toronto Revellers Launch 2009

>> Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Soca business is tough on females. The story is the same whether you are an artiste, promoter, or media person like me. I dunno if it's that West Indian men have a hard time believing that we come out to WORK just as hard as they do, or if it's that our natural hottie-hott mystique coaxes out their inner idiots, but one thing is for sure...we have to hold ourselves to an incredibly high standard in order to earn a little respect.

One female DJ, in Toronto raised her stock considerably when she signed on to be one of the official DJ's on the road for NBA player, Jamaal Magloire's oh-so-popular Toronto Revellers mas band. The band that swept Caribana Band of the Year in both 2007 and 2008, boasts 1200 revellers, and now a hot Guyanese-Canadian DJ named Ms DJ REVz!

She attended the 2009 presentation launch of "Brazil, Bacchanal in Rio." Read below to see what she thought of it!

At first thought, it was hard to see how the Toronto Revellers, “The People’s Band” would pull off a 2009 mas that could top their back to back wins as Band of the Year in both 2007 and 2008. Both “Viva Las Vegas” for their 2007 theme and “Alkebu’lan” for 2008 were very extravagant with unique, vibrant and sexy sections that generated quite a following and the ultimate recognition. Knowing that the “Revellers” put on some great shows and come up with some fabulous costumes, I was eagerly waiting for the launch of their 2009 theme. Their website proudly states “Brazil – Bacchanal in Rio will be a shimmering celebration of the colour and vibrance that is Rio Carnaval.” With Caribana just a few months away, soca fetes every weekend and mas camps in full swing, I was practically running out of the car when we got there. I was excited to see the band I would be working with for Soca Summer 2009 and I was in awe of the presentation, of the mas, and of the people that put such a great show together.

The Toronto Revellers band launching was held at “Events and Catering on the Park” at Leslie and Eglinton. When you walk into the huge event room the first thing that jumps out at you is the 50 foot, 2 metre high catwalk that juts out from the enormous stage area. That catwalk was the best thing I set my eyes on all evening and I’m not saying that because I wanted to go up there and walk it myself, even though the thought did come across my mind more than once. The catwalk was a great way of broadcasting the mas to the people. The fact that it was so long and so high gave the masqueraders the opportunity to be more creative in their movements and how they showed off the costumes. We were treated to a Capoeira Brazilian martial-arts dance group and Brazilian Samba dancers at the start of the event.

There are a total of 10 sections and in no particular order, they are “Dingolay”, “El Dorado”, “Pink Pleasure”, “Rio Tempo”, “Samba Dancer”, “Scandalous”, “Aye-Ya-Yaye”, “Heat in de Place”, “Moonlight over Copacabana” and “Soca in Rio”. You can just tell that a lot of work and creativity went into this mas from the bright neon pinks in “Pink Pleasure” to the fiery colours that make up “Heat in de Place”. My personal favourite was “Scandalous”, a costume that is on the slightly skimpy side and has blue and yellow as its main colours. Looking at the mas, you can not help but feel the energy of the masqueraders and of the people who are so hard at work trying to secure that 2009 title.

Soca is in my blood, and this is my second year as an official dj with the “Toronto Revellers”. I was at the mas camp in 2008 every Sunday giving them some soca music while they worked on the mas – and they worked very hard. There was always a friendly smile, always a small chat, and I am honoured and excited to be apart of the 2009 Toronto Revellers presentation. Not only am I working with people who have a passion for what they do, I am working amongst those that are committed to seeing “Bacchanal in Rio” receive the Band of the Year title for three years in a row. Good Luck Revellers! I will be seeing you in the mas camp and on the road!

Ms DJ Revz!

For more pictures and information visit:

DJs on the road:
Ms DJ Revz
Soca Monarchs
DJ Remedy
TNT Sounds
Eternal Vibes

Congrats on the new gig Revz. See you on the road!

Love and Soca,

(Nurse) Karen


Eye Unit: Happy B-Day Skinny Fabulous! (video)

>> Wednesday, May 20, 2009

St. Vincent's reigning Soca Monarch turns 26 today.  Last year at this time, I bet he had no idea of all the things life would have in store for him.  The born Vincy who is known for his command of the microphone is known among friends as a bit of genious.  Not too many people would be able to balance the busiest year of their music career with the final year of a univerity degree program.  But that's Skinny for you.  He may be mawga (as the J'cans say), but he's fabulous.  Whether he likes it or not, Skinny is an amazing role model for youth in St. Vincent him voice as an on air personality on NBC radio, as a popular entertainer and as a government scholarship recipient. 

Well me boy,  as for 25, you 'dunned it a hundred po-cent'!  Wishing you a spectacular birthday and a successful carnival season.

Enjoy this clip of The Fabulous One being interviewed on the BoomTribe radio show last November in Barbados.


Booster Shot: Miami and Broward Carnivals reunite in 2009!

I think this is excellent news.  In 2009, Miami carnival is preparing to celebrate 25 years of Caribbean carnival in South Florida.  For the past few years, two separate groups have help competiting events on the same day in the area.  Guess what!?!? Caribbean people are coming togoether....

Source: TropicalFete.com

Miami-Broward One Carnival Host Committee, Inc. to Celebrate the 25th Anniversary Celebration of Miami Carnival on Sunday, October 11, 2009

Embracing the Notions of Change-Two Major Teams Join Forces

Miami, FL-May 2009-The Miami-Broward One Carnival Host Committee will celebrate the 25th Anniversary of Miami Carnival on Sunday, October 11, 2009 at Bicentennial Park in Miami, Fl. After six years of having two Caribbean Carnivals on the same day in South Florida, both Miami Carnival Inc. (MCI) and Broward Caribbean Carnival Inc. (BCCI) have signed an agreement to implement the One Carnival Host Committee Initiative. This spirited collaboration serves as the foundation of a united Carnival celebration in South Florida. This agreement was signed on May 11, 2009 by Ruthven William (Chairman/Founding Member of MCI) and Mario Zamora (Director/Founding Member of BCCI).

In past years, both Miami and Broward Caribbean Carnivals have had a significant impact...
To read the rest of this release click here


The Rounds: Bajan songwriter to open for Beyonce

>> Sunday, May 17, 2009

In this edition:
  • Bunji and Fay-Ann give frist concert following the birth of baby Syri
  • Happy Birthday Super Jigga TC
  • Happy Birthday Skinny Fabulous
  • Carnivals; Atlanta, Orlando, San Francisco
  • Shontelle Layne to open for Beyonce's UK tour
  • Synnnah signs a recording deal

Good Evening Soca Lovers, I’m Nurse Karen and these are Dr. Jay’s Rounds. Where were you when Benjai, Bunji Garlin and Fay Ann Lyons gave their first full length soca concert following a historic 2009 Trinidad Carnival season? Me? I-WAS-THERE at I LOVE SOCA...Watching every glorious moment of the much anticipated event. ...As Benjai did his funky dance moves. ....As Bunji literally bounced with jitters to get back on stage as the band 
struck the opening chords. I was there when Fay-Ann made us “Focus” on her fit body, that just 10 weeks ago was fat-and-round-and-pregnant! That show was full of highlights. Big up Dr. Jay for consistently coming through for Toronto with top rate entertainment!

Birthday Boy TC and Moi! (Toronto, 2009)

Yesterday, Trinidad’s Super Jigga TC was marking an historic occasion yesterday too! It was his 32nd birthday! So b-day shouts go south to the DJ, radio and TV personality, host of Synergy Soca star, songwriter and soca artiste! Hope it was wonderful. Speaking of birthdays, St. Vincent’s Skinny Fabulous is revving up for his 26th birthday this Wednesday. He recently wrapped up his penultimate semester at the University of the West Indies in Jamaica, just in time to kick it at home for Vincy Mas! First stop, Atlanta Carnival.

Skinny will be a joining a cast that includes Iwer George, Red Hot Flames, Superblue, and more at Atlanta’s Festival Village next Saturday and Sunday. But, America’s biggest city in the sSuth will be teeming with activity as 3 ( count em) THREE different festival committees host separate Caribbean carnivals over Memorial Day weekend.

The Nurse and the Skinny, (New York, 2008)

A few hours down the I-75, the city of Orlando will be jumping up for carnival too. San Francisco also traditionally celebrates Carnival this time of year. The party continues in 2009, with a decidedly latin feel. So, if you’re looking for soca ...you’re better off on the East Coast.

Bajan singer songwriter, Shontelle Layne will be on a completely different coast from now until at least June 9th. The award-winning soca songwriter, who is turning heads as she launches her career as an R&B diva, will be the opening act for all 15 date of her UK tour. Congrats girl! Knock ‘em dead.

The Grenadian artist who brought us "10 Commandments of a Jab Jab" recently signed with a small US label to make his music available to international audiences. Synnnah will be working with Sam Michaels and Dan Matthews of Klubjumpers. That duo are grammy winners who have worked with the likes of Mariah Carey and Lil Wayne in the past. Synnnah’s new sound will evolve into something more clubby than usual, but he hopes that eventually he will be able to introduce the US market to that real deal type of soca.

I'm Nurse Karen and those were Dr. Jay’s Rounds. For more information, you already know to check me out at Nurse dash Karen dot com. Or follow me – Nurse Karen on Twitter. Now, back to de docta!


Eye Unit: Happy B-Day TC!! (video)

>> Saturday, May 16, 2009

Sending gobbs of birthday love to Trinidad and Tobago to wish a happy day to TC!  If you're a Trini, or a Brooklynite you've known him as a DJ for a long while.   The younger crowd may know him as the host of Synergy TV's Soca Star.  For carnival 2k9 he dropped chunes like "Frontline", "Just Wine" and "Again."  He's co-wrote Fireball's big hit "What I Want."

 Maybe you know him as TC, Super Jigga, White Pants Tight or the King of Swag.  Maybe you don't know him at all. But based on all I just said, don't you think you should?

A birthday is a good time to share a laugh.  Enjoy this clip of TC on Synergy's Wayward Wednesdays as "Insane" Bolt.  

I dunno about his Jamaican accent...but today, lehwe give him a bligh.!

Happy B-Day TC!


Free Download: Great Zeee's Soft Tune Riddim

>> Friday, May 15, 2009

Alright music fiends, I can see you salivating from here. Nasty! The Great Zee is back in 2009 with some seeeeeeeeeerious music. The Vincy posse would know him as the producer behind Hysyanz Productions, and the artist who gave you singles like "Fill You With My Love" and "The Ring".   For the rest of ya, you'd know him best from that really left-field riddim from 2008 'Juk Up Juk Up, with tunes from Slaughter, Problem, Mr. Evil, Bud Ramsey, Skinny, etc.

The Great Zeee is what you would call a renaissance man. (BTW, He will be releasing his power soca "Renaissance Riddim" later this season) He produces, sings, models, draws, and he's a pretty dope photographer too! He studied Graphical Design in London several years ago, and spends much of his time designing websites and flyers. Oh yeah, did I mention he's part of a team called "Prep Camp" that throws some jiggy club events in Brooklyn, NY? Can you say HUSTLER? Right....

No doubt, Zowi "The Great Zeee" Stapleton knows a thing or two about being creative. So today, it's all about the "Soft Chune Riddim". In Vincentian parlance (maybe other places too) a 'soft tune' refers to what others might call a 'slow jam' or 'baby-making music'. I think you get my drift. So, this one is groovy/ragga tempo. You have some more explicit tracks from
 Problem Child and Skinny Fabulous, with the real lovely dovey tings coming from Jamaican newcomer Tara and the Great Zeee himself. There is also a final track, still to come, from Trinidad's Mista Vybe.

I'm into this.  Loving the humor in Skinny's track, Problem's 'Bang Bang' hook is infectious, Tara's vocals, clean and nice, and The Great Zeee, definitely full of surprises.  

Download it for yourself!

Written By: Shertz James (Problem Child)
Produced By: Z Stapleton (Great Zeee)
HYSYANZ Publishing Co. BMI
Copyright 2009
Recorded, Mixed and Mastered BY: Z Stapleton (Great Zeee)

Written By: G Doyle (Skinny Fabulous)
Produced By: Z Stapleton (Great Zeee)
HYSYANZ Publishing Co. BMI
Copyright 2009 COTT
Recorded, Mixed and Mastered BY: Z Stapleton (Great Zeee)

Written By: Z Stapleton (Great Zeee)
Recorded and Mixed by: Z Stapleton (Great Zeee)
Produced By: Z Stapleton (Great Zeee)
HYSYANZ Publishing Co. BMI
Copyright 2009
Recorded Fryktion
Recorded Mixed and Mastered BY: Z Stapleton (Great Zeee)

Song: TARA
Written By: TARA
Produced By: Z Stapleton (Great Zeee)
HYSYANZ Publishing Co. BMI
Copyright 2009 
Recorded by Fryktion
Mixed and Mastered BY: Z Stapleton (Great Zeee)



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