The Rounds - July 23, 2006

>> Sunday, July 23, 2006

Good Evening Soca Lovers! I’m nurse Karen and these are Dr. Jay’s Rounds.
St. Lucia Carnival came to a close on Tuesday after a hectic season of competitions and two days of Mas. I want to big up all the Lucian posse on the outside…and beg you a special favour too. You see how I does always tell allyuh to send comments every week. Do me a favour and send me some comments nah man!
Last week I told the soca faithful that Trinidad doesn’t compete in the OECS soca monarch competition because it’s not an Eastern Caribbean State. Well, I’m sure you could imagine my surprise when I read the news on Monday only to find out that Trinidad’s Mista Vybe won the competition this year. Well, better late than never as they say. For 2006, the annual international soca monarch show was renamed “Caribbean Soca Monarch” to allow for entries from countries outside the OECS. My source (which shall remain nameless) listed Mista Vybe as a special guest…not a competitor. But he most certainly was! A delegate who was not competing as a the reigning soca champion in his home country managed to beat out a cast of international heroes. So, don’t be surprised if “Ting for de road” makes a special resurgence for Caribana…just remember you heard it here first.
R&B newcomer Ne-Yo had a big concert in Barbados this weekend. That may not seem like a big deal to most of you. But if you know anything about carnival in the Caribbean, you know that it’s pretty much a taboo for any music that falls outside the realm of soca, pan and calypso to be heard anywhere during festival time. Well, the promoters didn’t completely lose they sense. The opening acts ( Edwin, Satement, Hypasounds and Don Trent) are all homegrown bajans…singing soca – but of course.
West Indies Cricket Star Brian Lara has big plans for Cropover too. I hear the best looking man in white just leased himself an exclusive plantation in Barbados to host a Cropover party that will cost $200 a head to get in.
We’ve seen a break in the weather over the last few days. But don’t get ahead of yourself. We have by no means passed the hottest part of summer. Caribana is now officially upon us and the competition is on. Yesterday afternoon Marlon Singh’s Callaloo Mas camp brought home the first victory of the season. Jr. Callaloo’s presentation of Exotic Species won Band of the year at Kiddie Carnival for the third consecutive year.
Personally, I like to team up with winners myself …why else would I join the best international soca dj Dr. Jay de Soca Prince every Sunday to give you SWEET Soca Therapy? That being said…I took a long time to decide…but this year, your resident nurse Karen will be adding some of her own hot pepper to de Callaloo. Come Caribana Saturday look for Dr. Jay spinning tunes on the big truck…and you can find me jumping in de band. I think we could take it this year.
I’m nurse Karen and those are Dr. Jay’s Rounds. Puhlease…send me your comments at SOCA AT FLOW 9 3 5 DOT COM. Now back to de docta…



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