The Rounds - November 25, 2007

>> Sunday, November 25, 2007

Good Evening Soca Lovers,
I’m Nurse Karen and these are Dr. Jay’s Rounds.
There will be a grande parade in Tobago this Friday to usher in the 2008 carnival season. With 21 mas bands registered for the main event in that island, organizers are expecting this to be one of the best years yet.
If it’s gonna be the best across the board, there hah be some planned improvements right? Well in Trinidad, the preliminary round of the national schools soca monarch competition was held yesterday in Port of Spain. Soca in the School Bag 9 , as they call it, now has two separate categories for primary and secondary school students…so finally, some the small children have a fair shot at winning the prizes.
Here in Toronto, we recently fell victim to a cruel reality of Winter: SNOW! Well, today IS the 25th November , 2007…and that means just thirty more sleeps until Chist-mus Day. If that don’t put the fear of God in you, then let ME remind you that a true soca Christmas is not complete without Black Cake and Sorrel, Punch a crème and de Ham.. ...and the king of Soca Parang hesself….None other than Scrrrunter.
He’s in town tonight for a fast growing Toronto Holiday Tradition, the Big People Parang Show and Dance. The action is is at Ella’s Banquet Hall, and the show begins in just a few minutes. So bundle up and start de car.
If any of you out there need help getting your CREATIVE wheels turning, you can borrow a page out the book of Shawn Mastamind Noel. HE and Patch looked no further than Facebook to get the idea for their latest chune. “De Tail Gone” was inspired by a facebook group called “Save a Horse”. Yuh catch it yet? It’s dedicated to the thousands of women out there exaggerating dey heads with weave.
Seems like everyone’s full of New Ideas! Allyuh remember Peter C. Lewis? He used to share the stage with Machel Montano in de big band, Xtatik. Over the last few weeks, Dr. Jay has been treating your ears to his new song OVER AND OVER. Well I liked the song so much, I had to reach out and gih de man a virtual handshake. It’s been YEARS since Peter released a track, Afterall…de man real busy as CEO of Trinidad’s - Synergy TV station. Ever the business man, Lewis hit me back in record time to let me know that it doesn’t stop there. He’s got a brand new band, and your nurse will be the first to tell you all about it in the weeks to come.
I’M nurse Karen and those were Dr. Jay’s Rounds. Please text your comments to 9-35-9-3-5. And let me be the first to say Season’s Greetings. Now, back to de Docta!


The Rounds - November 18, 2007

>> Sunday, November 18, 2007

Good Evening Soca Lovers, I’m Nurse Karen and these are Dr. Jay’s Rounds. Here at Soca Therapy, we’ve put three birthdays behind us over the last couple of weeks, but we’re still in the mood to celebrate. I missed the opportunity to wish Destra a happy birthday last week. She rang in the big 3-0, performing here in Toronto, up at Palazzo…and from what I hear, age eh go slow her down at all.
Toronto’s Santa Claus Parade went down this afternoon, and I guess it’s safe to say, Christmas is just around the corner. If you’re getting that feeling too, you just might want to join Dr. Jay and Scrunter at Ella’s Banquet Hall next Sunday for the annual Big People Parang Show and Dance. Whether you’re looking forward to the holiday season or the carnival season, it’s definitely the right season for fun.
On Thursday night, one artist was having some fun at the expense of a radio DJ at Trinidad’s 96.1 FM. For reasons of confidentiality, I can’t tell you the names, but the story goes like this. An artist was frustrated over his lack of airplay on the popular station. He and a certain DJ have been criticizing each other verbally for a long time now, but it finally came to a head. The Artiste in question took matters into his own hands by vandalizing the offending DJ’s car with an ice pick, causing $15, 000 TT damage to the 2007 Suzuki Grand Vitara. Police were called, and the soca singing hooligan offered to pay the bill…but ah I don’t think he earned himself ANY more air play.
It seems like DJ’s in Toronto have finally given Kevin Lyttle’s Turn Me On a break on the airwaves. The 2001 ragga chune emerged out of Vincy Mas and eventually took the world by storm….for like four years. But, It appears that Lyttle is still turning on fans in East Africa. This week it was announced that Kevin will be headlining a two night “Turn Me On” concert in Kampala, Uganda on December 7th and 9th, following a tour in neighbouring Tanzania. The show will also feature Spragga Benz and a cast of East African recording artists.
This week Alison Hinds took a short break from promoting her new album to type up an email to the Montreal Gazette. A little girl in Quebec was hit by a speeding car on the front lawn of her daycare on Halloween. Little Bianca’s favourite song was “Roll It Gal”. When Alison heard this, she said she was moved to tears. Hinds has a 3 year old daughter, and wrote the letter to send her condolences to the grieving family.
I’m nurse Karen and those were Dr. Jay’s Rounds. Please text your comments to 9-3-5-9-3-5, now back to de Doctor.


(Nurse) Karen (Etc): The Rounds - November 4, 2007

>> Monday, November 5, 2007

(Nurse) Karen (Etc): The Rounds - November 4, 2007

Scenes from November 4th in studio...and Soca or Die 7


The Rounds - November 4, 2007

>> Sunday, November 4, 2007

Good Evening Soca Lovers,
I’m Nurse Karen and these are Dr. Jay’s rounds. So, in case yuh just late, Last night was the biggest fete on Toronto’s Fall Soca Calendar. Soca or Die 7, rocked the Kool Haus until early this morning showcasing the explosive talents of Tizzy, Ricky T, Nadia Batson and Problem Child. Krosfyah blessed the party, bringing their signature sound to the performances of Edwin Yearwood, Khiomal, Adrian Dutchin, Mr. Dale and Little Rick. Can you say PRESSURE?
Dr. Jay’s annual birthday party proved, that he’s not getting older…just better. And by the way, same goes for me!
Speaking of Birthdays…Nookie Man Jamesy P now has some evidence that he knows a little something about the subject matter of his songs. He’s the proud father of bouncing baby boy. Treshawn Morgan is the youngest soca scorpio, just born to Jamesy P and his wife last week in Tortola.
On the Carnival Circuit, the Caymen Islands are celebrating “Pirates Week” November 8th to 18th. It’s the national festival of that Caribbean
Territory, although dey big masquerade thing is called Batabano Carnival. That happens each year in May. St. Kitts and Nevis is getting geared up to launch Carnival as well. But that action really heats up over the Christmas Holidays. On Tuesday, Digicel Inferno Carnival launched their new presentation “ The People Who Came,” paying tribute to the ethno-cultural history of SKN.

Thursday night was the annual Copyright Organization of Trinidad and Tobago Awards. COTT governs music publishing in the twin island republic. Machel was a big winner, taking home three major awards. The newly crowned Songwriter of the Year, also took home song of the year, and soca of the year for his road march win “Jumbie”, which was created collaboratively with Kernal Roberts, and Courtney Lewis, who is St. Lucian.
The event was held at Queen’s Hall in Port of Spain, and featured a gold carpet for arriving music celebrities. There were special performances from Calypso veteran Lord Nelson and Trinidad’s Own Grammy Award Winner. Billy Ocean lent his voice to the Grand Finale – A rendition of his smash hit Caribbean Queen, performed by three ladies worthy of that title; Sanell Dempster, Nadia Batson and Destra Garcia.
COTT is currently looking into a complaint from Blazer, regarding a portion of his groovy hit “Be Mine to Night” that was illegally used by the UNC political party in their election campaign ads. The singer believes that he was dropped from the bill of 3 upcoming shows, because of what appears to be his public political affiliation. However, he claims that he is not directly connected to ANY party, and dem boys didn’t even have his permission to use the song.
I’m nurse Karen and those were Dr. Jay’s Rounds. Please text me your comments at 9-3-5-9-3-5. Now, back to de docta.

Check out scenes from Soca or Die 7 and this day in studio. Login, and leave me a comment!



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