On De Scene: Cricketers show off their soca stylings in Australia

>> Thursday, December 31, 2009

Do you follow Cricket?  West Indies Cricketers, Dwayne Bravo, Chris Gayle and Sulieman Benn aren't just talented on the field.  Seems they have ambitions to be on the big stage as well.

I telling you I am sad I was not there - I telling you.

Listen out for the pull on the Up in Har Belly !!!!!

We need them to bring these vibes back to the cricket for real!

Corey Graham 2.0


Eye Unit: Ms Alysha on Rango Radio

>> Wednesday, December 30, 2009

At the end of the November, I let you know that Ms. Alysha was going to meet Ms. Whitney Williams for her first interview on Rango Radio. She discusses her releases for Carnival 2K10, her new website, Christmas, and playing mas! Did you get to see it?

If not, here it is! Boy.........I dunno how well I would do talking to a heap of cloth. Congrats Alysha! You're better than me!

Love and Soca,

Nurse Karen


Eye Unit: Nadia Batson on Rango Radio

>> Tuesday, December 29, 2009

I'm a big fan of Gayelle TV's  Rango Radio program.  If you haven't seen it.  Real entertainers pop in for interviews with a muppet...well something so. Whitney Williams is at it again!  This time it's Nadia Batson's turn.  I'll post a few of these all week, to bring you up to speed!


Love and Soca,

Nurse Karen


Eye Unit: SW Storm ft Ravi B - Hammer

I trust you had a wonderful Christmastime with family and friends.  Everybody knows in Trinidad, after Christmas comes Carnival!  So, let's get the ball rolling with a little Soca Chutney from SW Storm and Ravi B.

If you like it, SW Storm has a new album dropping in January called "Carnival"


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Love and Soca,

Nurse Karen


Eye Unit: Marcia Miranda - Thiefing Parang Band

>> Friday, December 25, 2009

At this point of the day, I wouldn't be surprised if a few long armed neighbours and relatives have dropped in on you to eat you out of house and home. Ahhh, the holidays!

I trust you're having a fun-filled Christmas. It wouldn't be complete without some festive parang music and the trifling fellas that usually come around to play it!

Enjoy this one from Trinidad's Parang princess, Marcia Miranda!

Merry Christmas!

Love and Soca,

Nurse Karen


On de Scene: Christmas Message From Corey Graham 2.0

Happy Holidays!

May your days be merry and bright!

My message to you, is to be a bit selfish this Christmas....read on »

Corey Graham 2.0



Eye Unit: Merry Christmas from Nurse Karen (video)

It's Christmas Morning...and I want to wish you and more all the love, joy and peace this season has to offer! I've been busy preparing for Christmas all week, so if you've missed getting soca news, I'm so sorry!

Your continued support in the growth and development of the Nurse Karen Etc blog are appreciated! 2009 has brought blessings in the form of a sleek new format, and a cast of talented contributors who keep you up-to-date with authentic on the ground soca news.

I feel so lucky to have had the opportunity to work with; St. Lucia's Rochelle Noel, Barbados' Corey Graham 2.0, Trinidad's Knycky Cordner, St. Vincent's Kahlil Cato, and Antigua's Aziza Lake.

Friends, the world is your oyster, so don't be afraid to show off those pearls. You've worked hard for them!

As a Christmas gift to you, I have attached a video of "Questions for Mary". It's a holiday poem I wrote and performed for an award-winning television Christmas special here in Canada.

Love in Christ,

Nurse Karen

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The Rounds: Olatunji's mother found dead. RIP Mairoon Ali

>> Monday, December 21, 2009

Originally aired on Flow 93.5 FM's Soca Therapy with Dr. Jay de Soca Prince. (Sunday, December 20, 2009, 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm)

Good Evening Soca Lovers,
I’m Nurse Karen and these are Dr. Jay’s Rounds. With Christmas just one week away, I decided to do something special just for you. I went into the trenches to ask a few soca artists what they’ve got planned for the holidays. Here’s what I found out.

Skinny Fabulous just wrapped up his university exams last week. Fans who went to Dr. Jay’s appreciation party last night can attest that the Fabulous One was in an extra festive mood, giving Toronto a memorably wild performance of hits, freestyles and new releases.

But before Skinny returns to St. Vincent to celebrate Christmas with family and friends, he’ll be shooting a music video for “De Beast Leggo” with director Jay Will, tomorrow in Jamaica.

But in his home country Christmas time is traditionally celebrated with a festival called Nine Mornings. Luta says he’s already been spending his time performing at school Christmas concerts around the island. Yesterday, he and the Soca Dans performed on the road in Chateaubelair for their Nine Mornings jump up. Then Tuesday he will be a guest artist at the National Carolling competition.

Nurse Karen and Luta in Toronto (September 2009)

Edwin Yearwood and a host of other artists will be working through the holidays in the Virgin Islands..and boy do they love HIM down there. This will be his 5th year in a row spending Christmas in the VI. But then again everybody loves Edwin! On Friday, a fan at a show in Antigua demonstrated it the best way she knew how, by holding onto his legs and kissing his feet while he was on stage performing! I bet I know what she asked Santa to bring her for Christmas!!!

Nurse Karen and Edwin Yearwood in Toronto (November 2009)

Dominica’s Mr. Benji from the Triple K Band will be travelling to St. Croix for the Cruzian Christmas Festival. Problem Child will be performing there too.
Antigua’s Tizzy will be spending Christmas Eve at another Carnival in Montserrat, and on Boxing Day she will join her band and El A Kru in St. Thomas. But she’s reserving Christmas Day just for the family.

Nurse Karen and Tizzy in Miami (October 2009)

Closer to home, Toronto’s Slammer Cutter is hard at work preparing for Trinidad Carnival amidst his festive time with family and friends. Then when the calendar switches to 2010, he’s headed straight to Trinidad to shoot the video for Hangover 2 (aka Bad Weather)

Unfortunately, the hoIidays can be a difficult time for many people. And this year, It’s going to be a very hard Christmas for one of the lead vocalists of Roy Cape All-Stars. One of Trinidad and Tobago’s best loved entertainers passed away mysteriously about 8 hours ago.Actress, comedienne and radio personality  Mairoon Ali, the Mother of Soca singer Olatunji Yearwood was found dead in her bathroom early this afternoon by her son. She was not known to be ill. Mairoon Ali was 51.

Super Jigga TC is also quite shaken as a result. He tells me that he saw her just last night in fine form. She was in the front row cheering him on during the episode taping of Synergy Soca Star. Our heartfelt condolences go out to Olatunji, his family and friends at this very painful time.

Olatunji Yearwood and Nurse Karen in St. Vincent (June 2009)

The holiday season is full of all sorts of emotions. So no matter what you happen to be going through at this time, please accept my gift of joy, peace and love... I’m Nurse Karen, and those were Dr. Jay’s Rounds. For more information about anything you’ve heard here, feel free to connect with me online at Nurse dash Karen dot com...or follow my Christmas activities on Twitter . Twitter dot com slash “NurseKaren”.   Now back to de docta!


Booster Shot: Bunji to release "I AM" album

>> Thursday, December 17, 2009

If you check it, seems like Bunji Garlin has his mind set on fire lyrics for 2010.  We've heard social commentary in "Who You Rather", and there's already been a so many songs released: "Do Go In Dey", "De Live Song", "Mad Carnival", "No Borrow", "Not Me", "Step In Ya" and even a playful collaboration with his wife on "Call Meh". It's pretty clear that somebody means business, because Christmas hasn't even arrived as yet.

Fans will be happy to hear that Trinidad's "Fire Man" is working on a 10 track-album called "I AM", full of new material.

The Trinidad's Guardian's Aba A. Luke is doing a great job going in depth with the artists this season.  Check out her latest feature for more:

Love and Soca,

Nurse Karen


Free Download: Kamau - We Luv Tussy

First things first, what on earth is a "tussy"?  I mean I wasn't born yesterday.  But you know the saying, when you assume you make and @$$ out of U and ME.  So I wanted to be sure.  The new track from BVI's Boston-based all-round music man shows of the artist's fondness of the double entendre.

Maybe you remember songs like "Network", "Threesome," and "Peter Piper".  It's obvious this guy has a lot of  "Tussy" on his mind!

When I asked Kamau exactly what it means.  He let his unmistakeable hearty laugh and said, "It's just a provocative spelling of Too See.

So, I dug a little further and look what I found out!!!!  Please don`t shoot the messenger.  Remember, I'm only trying to educate you.  On second thought, I`m going to make you CLICK HERE for the Urban Dictionary's definition of the word.

Well now that you know what you're getting into, you have graduated to the next step.  Kamaus has been generous enough to make his new track available for FREE DOWNLOAD.


Get "We Luv Tussy (We Love To See)  RIGHT HERE!

Love and Soca,

Nurse Karen

Photo:  Nurse Karen and Kamau (Miami - October 2009)


Q&A: Who is the Great Zeee? (Happy B-day!)

>> Tuesday, December 15, 2009

 When I realized that the Great Zeee's birthday was coming up, I had an idea.  About 18 months ago, I had to interview him for a magazine article that never got printed for reasons beyond my control.  In my line of work, that happens from time to time.  Editors simply say sorry, and sadly I'm left feeling the wrath of an unhappy artist who was looking forward to some good publicity.  So...I had an audio recording of the raw phone interview that I conducted with The Great Zeee in 2008 just before Vincy Mas.

We spoke about his roles as an artiste, producer, and as the originator of Power Soca (the genre, not just fast tempo soca, as some tend to believe).

My apologies for not being able to pump this out on time for his 33rd birthday yesterday.  None-the-less, I'm sure you will enjoy listening to the best clips of our in depth interview about his production style, "Power Soca", and his ambitions as an artist. All backed by a soundtrack of his own excellent music featuring; Skinny Fabulous, Problem Child and Bud Ramesy: Enjoy!

Happy (Belated) Birthday Great Zeee!

Love and Soca,

Nurse Karen


The Rounds: Buju Banton dreaming of a White Christmas

riginally aired on Flow 93.5 FM's Soca Therapy on Sunday, December 13, 2009.

In this edition:
- CP to perform at Miss Caribbean Teen Pageant (Antigua /St. Kitts)
- All-Rounder changes his name for 2010 (Trinidad)
- DJ Jester releases Soca Certified Smash Mixtape (Canada)
- Dr Jay collects canned food for charity (Canada)
- International premiere of "Fetting" by Skinny Fabulous ft. Machel Montano (Canada)
- Birthdays: The Great Zeee (St. Vincent) Teddyson John (St. Lucia)
- Drug rumour about Bunji Garlin (Trinidad)
- Buju Banton jailed on drug charges (USA/Jamaica

Good Evening Soca Lovers, I’m Nurse Karen and these are Dr. Jay’s Rounds. It’s a busy week. So...lewwe go!

The St. Kitts and Nevis Miss Caribbean Teen Pageant will be celebrating 30 years this season, and to celebrate, Antigua’s multiple-time Party Monarch Queen Claudette Peters has just been confirmed as the headline artist. That’ll teach those beauty queens a little something about style!

In Trinidad, one of the country’s most creative musical minds in the Calypso genre has decided to change his name. The artist formerly known as All-Rounder will from now on be called, “Dive”. You didn’t ask me, but that doesn’t sound like a man who plans to win any titles...but he’s back for another season of Humorous Calypso with the Klassic Russo Calypso Tent on January 15th.

This past week, Flow’s own mix show DJ Jester released the Soca Certified Smash Mixtape hosted by Mr. Vybe. You can download it for yourself on the Nurse Karen Etc blog, at Nurse dash Karen dot com.

The holiday season is all about peace on Earth and goodwill toward all. So what are you doing to help others? Next Saturday, join Dr. Jay for his annual appreciation fete, featuring visiting acts Fadda Fox and Skinny Fabulous! All you have to do is walk with 5 or more non-perishable food items for the less fortunate, and you will get in for only ten dollars!

Before then, Skinny Fabulous has a big bomb to drop for Trinidad Carnival this week. Dunno if you’ve heard about it. But the two-time Vincy Soca Monarch, has a brand new collaboration with Soca King Machel Montano ready to hit the airways everywhere this Wednesday.

But because you are a loyal Soca Therapy fans, you may as well start counting your blessings now. Tonight. Right here on Soca Therapy. Dr. Jay de Soca Prince will bring you the world premiere of “Fetting On” in the 8 o’clock hour. So stay tuned!!

This week Soca Therapy would like to extend warm and fuzzy birthday love to Vincentian artiste and producer, The Great Zeee on Monday the 14th, and to St. Lucian blues man and groovy artist, Teddyson John on Thursday the 17th.

Teddyson John and Superman HD aka Mr. Pringles in St. Lucia (July 2009)

The rumour mill in Trinidad and Tobago has been working overtime this weekend. Talk on the street was that Soca artist, Bunji Garlin is locked up in Miami for drugs. But hold your tongues people until you get the real story! Bunji Garlin isn’t even in Miami today....but you know who is? BUJU! Yep...Buju Banton is the one facing drug charges, related to...get this... “Conspiracy of possession with intent to distribute more than 5 kilos of cocaine!” Looks like somebody was trying to have a white Christmas. Ho Ho Ho....

I’m Nurse Karen, and those were Dr. Jay’s Rounds. For more information on anything you heard here, please check me online at Nurse dash Karen dot com or follow me “nursekaren” on Twitter. Now back to de docta!


Booster Shot: Soca reach! Unauthorized version of new Machel and Skinny Fabulous tune leaked online...

>> Sunday, December 13, 2009

I can't imagine why anyone who understands how hard it is to make a buck singing soca would leak a song for illegal download, but alas...it happened. None the less, the real deal premieres tonight in Toronto with Dr. Jay de Soca Prince on "Soca Therapy". And of course yours truly will tell you more about it in The Rounds.

Love and Soca,

Nurse Karen

FETTING ON:  Skinny Fabulous and Machel Montano TEASER...3 Days Till Official Release!

The buzz around this song is growing daily, so much so that an unauthorized version of the new collabo has been circulating online this weekend!  We got all your anxious emails demanding copies of  the official version of Fetting On right away! But unfortunately, we can't do that!

We can, however, tell you a little more about the collaboration everyone is talking about.

Skinny Fabulous
and Machel Montano present: 

“Fetting On”, a euphoric adrenaline rush for
the 2010 Trinidad Carnival season and beyond. 

Produced by Alex "Kubiyashi" Barnwell of Non-Fiction Recordings, the beat-maker who gave us "Head Bad (On The Spot),  "Fetting On" pays homage to all the reasons we love carnival, and does so in
true HD and Fabulous style.  It
promises you bass and brass, and an infectious hook that stays
with you from the first listen. But don’t be
surprised, you wouldn’t expect anything less when you combine the playful lyrical
creativity of Skinny Fabulous with the charismatic in-studio energy of Machel

No doubt, you're ready for a taste!  Click the image below for your chance to sample the bomb that is set to drop on December 16th
This much anticipated first ever collaboration between
two-time St. Vincent and the Grenadines Soca Monarch, and the world's biggest soca star hits the airwaves everywhere:

December 16, 2009

...It’s coming!


Eye Unit: Happy Birthday Blackroots

>> Saturday, December 12, 2009

Sending out some birthday greetings to St. Vincent's Blackroots.  This former artist manager and songwriter made his debut as an artist for Vincy Mas 2009 with "Don't Be Afraid".  The stripped down production and basic melody provided just enough to cause listeners to hold a crner and find their groove whenever it played.

Take a listen for yourself!

I'm told that Blackroots is hard at work preparing for  bigger Vincy Mas season in 2010.  Join me in wishing hims success then..and a Happy Birthday now!  See more at www.myspace.com/blackrootsmusic

Love and Soca,

Nurse Karen


Eye Unit: Happy Birthday Sedale!

Nurse Karen and Sedale in New York

Today is Sedale's Birthday!!!!  If you haven't heard the name, this artist is a hard working St. Lucian chap currently pursuing a Bachelor's degree at Medgar Evers College in Brooklyn, New York.  He affiliates himself with a vast network of Caribbean hustlers in the entertainment world including Infrared Sound (New York), Jam Crew Productions (St. Kitts) and budding songwriter and producer, Hitty (St. Lucia).

He's a humble guy who is eager to learn the soca business and do all that's necessary to make an impact.  I spoke to Sedale very early this morning, and he told me that the one thing that would make his birthday complete is a phone call from Skinny Fabulous.  Skinny, you dey?  Let's hope he gets it!

Can't control that one, but I can definitely send my own greetings!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SEDALE! Don't forget to send your own greetings at twitter.com/sedalemusic

Check out this promo bit for his big tune from Lucian Carnival 2009 "Mentally Ill"

Love and Soca,

Nurse Karen


Q & A : "Go Down" with Ricardo Drue

>> Friday, December 11, 2009

For any new artist, the biggest factor for getting people to respect you and believe in you is confidence. You have to know what you're able to achieve, and go for it full on with an unwavering resolve. That's exactly why when I met Ricardo Drue two months ago in Miami, my attitude changed from my usual curious indifference to a genuine fan. I had heard his tune "Pelt it Back" both here in Toronto and in Barbados over the summer. Took a lil small wine and never gave it much thought.

But now I know the guy, I've seen the talent and  I know how much he wants to succeed.  I've seen firsthand how hard he's working to achieve exactly that. With Trinidad Carnival 2K10 just around the corner, Ricardo Drue has already turned heads with "Nah Leaving" featuring Patrice Roberts, and a humorous double entendre called "Car Key". The repertoire is growing, which is a good thing considering he will be performing alongside the HD Family all season. Today he releases a new track called "Go Down". Chances are you haven't heard it yet...but I promise you, you most definitely will.

Well, you know me...I'm not one to wait for the hype to start. So, I interviewed him a couple weeks ago. Today, enjoy your exclusive opportunity to get to know this promising new artist....

Nurse Karen: Who is Ricardo Drue?

Ricardo Drue

I am a son of the Caribbean, bridging the cultural gap between the United States and the Caribbean with music and dance.

NK: I first heard about you as a member of a group called Crossovah. What's Crossovah, and what's your role in the group?

Ricardo Drue
I am 1/4 of the group Crossovah, there are two singers and two rappers. I am a vocalist. Crossovah came about in 2003 we all went to TimberCreek High Scool in Orlando. Through various competitions and different events we just finally realized we could each do more good if we were to come together and unite as opposed to stayin' as rivals. So Crossovah was formed.

NK: What are your hoping to achieve with your music career?

Ricardo Drue
My goals are to take care of my family, to take soca music to a global level, and for my music to reach people of all different races.

NK: What is your musical background?

Ricardo Drue
I was involved heavily in choirs and that started from a very young age, so that's where most of my musical training and backround came from. I taught myself how to play the piano, I have always had an ear for music.

NK: How would you describe your sound?

Ricardo Drue
Hmmm! If u were to take Boyz II Men, Usher, a little of Ne-Yo, and put them in a pot with Ronnie McIntosh, Machel Montano, Shaggy and Red Rat an boil it you would end up with my sound, lol.. wierd but that's
how I feel.

NK: When did you first get into the music business?

Ricardo Drue
I got into the music business 7 years ago you do the math, lol. How ever I have been singin since the age of 5 yrs old.

NK: I know you're fairly new to soca, but you've been working hard. Who are some of the people you've collaborated with?

Ricardo Drue
Dawg E Slaughter aka Mr. Slaughter on a song called. " Follow Me", Red Rat song called " Caribbean Girls", Patrice Roberts song called "Nah Leaving"

Producers: Jus Bus - "Caribbean Girl" and "Hey Lady" , Mastamind Productions - "Legacy of the West Indies" , Peter Coppin - "Test D Foundation" (Coconut Tree Riddim) and Car Key (Patti Cake Riddim), Dwaingerous - "Pelt it Back" and "Nah Leaving"

NK: It's obvious you've been hard at work this year. So, what do you do for fun?

Ricardo Drue:
I love to have fun when I have the time... Love to dance and write. Love the movies.. I love to play.. Just a fun guy...

NK: What makes you different?

Ricardo Drue
Ricardo Drue is not just another name or another person here today, gone tomorrow. I am a brand! I am an entertainer, and I hope soon tol be a household name.

If you want to know more....follow us both on twitter:




>> Wednesday, December 9, 2009

It's mixtape season! ...and boy do I have something for you to get excited about.  Here is a brand new all soca mixtape featuring, 53 downloadable tracks for your listening pleasure.   Mixed by Toronto's own mix masterJester of the Smash Squad DJ's, X-caliber Entourage and FLOW 93.5 FM, "Soca Certified Smash" is hosted by one of Trinidad's most hard working and versatile soca acts, Mista Vybe.  Get ready for an international smörgåsbord of top quality contemporary soca anthems and rare carnival grooves!

Wanna hear for yourself?  That would be my pleasure.  Be among the first to download your very own copy, right here!

If you like it, let them know on Twitter:

...and of course, you can follow me too, so you never miss gems like this one!

Love and Soca,

Nurse Karen


Booster Shot: Happy Birthday Nadia Batson

>> Monday, December 7, 2009

Nadia Batson and Nurse Karen in Trinidad (February 2009)

It's a happy happy birthday today for Miss Nadia Batson!  With 3 hot new tunes blazing the Trinidad airwaves for carnival 2K10.  She is definitely alive and kicking :)

Sending a little b-day love of my own out to the talented vocalist who has been paying her dues for the last ten years, and always ready to give fans a little more than expected ever since she got her bligh.  Nads, wishing you a very special day, full of love, laughter and music!

As for the rest of us, here's Nadia's latest offering "Yuh Really Wanna" on the Lavway Riddim. I happen to love this riddim and the song on it! Has that high energy 1990's dancehall vibe. Makes me wanna take a ride in an overcrowded minibus...*sigh*

Yuh Really Wanna (2010 Trinidad)(Lavway Riddim) Http://www.myspace.com/nadiabatson - Nadia Batson

So, if you love the song, or you just love Nadia, pay her a visit online at www.twitter.com/nadieb and send her your greetings directly.  She's a down to earth sister girl, so I'm certain she will appreciate it!

Love and Soca,

Nurse Karen


The Rounds: Naki is "Always On Time", etc

Originally aired on FLOW 93.5 FM's "Soca Therapy" with Dr. Jay de Soca Prince,on Sunday, December 6th, 2009. Tune in every Sundays from 6 to 9 pm.

In this edition:
- Rate Kes the Band for the Independent Music Awards (Trinidad and Tobago / USA)
- First TEMPEST CD is released! ( St. Lucia)
- Naki transitions to soca (Trinidad and Tobago / Canada)
- FREE Iphone / Ipod Touch Steel Drum App (England)
- Birthdays:  Nadia Batson (Trinidad and Tobago), Black Roots (St. Vincent and the Grenadines), Sedale (St. Lucia)

Good Evening Soca Lovers,

I’m Nurse Karen and these are Dr. Jay’s Rounds. Trinidad’s Kes the Band is waiting with baited breath to find out if they will be the 2009 Winners in the World Beat Category of the Independent Music awards. A panel of industry professionals is in the process of choosing a winner right now, but the public can still play a part in helping them to possibly win Peoples’ Choice. They’re up against four other acts. Just surf over to Musicians Atlas dot com, and do your part to support soca.

A couple of St. Lucians who have been working tirelessly to support the development of music on their island, have just launched a brand new compilation CD showing off some of the hottest up and coming talent on the island in various genres including soca. Francis "Leebo" De Lima and Christopher Hunte  are behind a project called "The best of TEMPEST Volume One". Tempest is an acronym that stands for “Televised Event Marketing and Promoting Emerging Sound Talent”. The organization has promoted four live concerts in St. Lucia since 2006, and also participated in the internationally known , St. Lucia Jazz Festival.

On the home front, one of Toronto’s own female Calypsonians, Naki Tuitt has made the transition into singing soca for Trinidad Carnival 2k10. If you’re not sure where you’ve heard the name before, Naki was the 1995 Junior Calypso Monarch in South Trinidad. Years later she moved here to Toronto where she has been competing in the Caribana Calypso Monarch for the last three years. Now, she’s got a groovy soca tune out called "Always on Time", produced by Jimmy Nutron...the same guy who did "Ramajay" for Machel Montano. If you’d like to support your hometown girl. You can grab copies of A Caribbean Soul Christmas and A Mastamind Christmas 4, where you can hear her take on soul music and and soca parang too!

For all the Iphone and Ipod touch users out there, I found an app that you can use to play along with your favourite soca tunes. Carnival Village UK released a free download called “Carnival Steel Drum”, which...no lie...is and electronic tenor pan that you play with your finger tips. Just tap different parts of the screen, and you can rehearse for pan alive! Surf on into the itunes App Store and download it for FREE!

This weeks birthday greetings go out to Trinidad’s Nadia Batson on Monday. St. Vincent’s Black Roots and St. Lucia’s Sedale on Saturday! I’m Nurse Karen and those were Dr. Jay’s Rounds. For more up to date information on everything to do with soca, check me out online at triple w dot nurse dash Karen dot com, or follow me “Nurse Karen” on Twitter. Now back to de Docta!


Booster Shot: Krosfyah announces 20th Anniversary plans

>> Friday, December 4, 2009

Ok this is just a quickie!  When Edwin Yearwood was in Toronto for Soca or Die last month, he informed the fans that his band back home (Krosfyah) would be celebrating a landmark anniversary at the end of the year.   Krosfyah is turning 20!  If that's no big deal to you.  Think about it.  What were YOU doing 20 years ago?  Were you even alive?  Did you have the same friends?  Interests? Clothes? LOL....probably not.

Some of the names and faces have changed, but the soca world can thank Krosfyah for 20 years of sweet music backing up the melodious voice of Edwin Yearwood.  Always quality music and an entertaining show....how's that for consistency?

Yesterday Krosfyah held a press conference in Barbados with the Prime Minister to announce the bands plans to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the noteworthy party band on December 31st, 2009.

I've been promised more info to keep you up to date.  So, stay tuned!

Love and Soca,


Eye Unit: Kiprich - Tun You Roll

>> Thursday, December 3, 2009

So...Remember Kiprich?  I do, and this one made my head spin round and go....errrrrrrrrrkks!  He's a Jamaican dancehall artist who is part of The Alliance.  He wrote the lyrics for Elephant Man's "Jook Gyal", but rose to popularity performing his own track, "Telephone Ting".

So...imagine my surprise finding this video.  Which is more like soca than dancehall...but also has influences of folk, country and even soca chutney.  Cuss me if I'm lying! Sounds like an identity crisis. LOL...but I admire experimentation, so more power.

Thought you might enjoy checking it out for yourself.


Love and Soca,

Nurse Karen


Booster Shot: Guardian article praises Nadie B as a Glamazon!

It seems like Nadia Batson has come of age.  I mean her career sillies, because she's a grown @$$ woman!  As the vocally muscular soca artist and entrepreneur prepares to celebrate her 33rd birthday in just a few days, it seems the local Trini media is taking notice of a talent that was overlooked for far too long. She discusses Carnival 2K10, her upcoming album "Miss B", and her new take on fashion.

Take a look and see just what I mean...

Source: Trinidad Guardian

Glamour’s the go for Nadia in 2010

Published: 3 Dec 2009

It took a long time for Nadia Batson to love
herself and her music. Now she truly does and
she is about to glam it up in 2010.
At the peak of her musical career, Nadia Batson feels glamorous. Her mood is reflected in the music she’s already produced for Carnival 2010—Keep Wining, Dangerous and Yuh Really Wanna—all tracks that have penetrated the airwaves here in T&T and abroad.
Batson says her career is about to go places beyond the expectations of even her fans.    To read the rest of the article....CLICK HERE


Free Download: Free Steelpan App brings Caribbean Culture to the iPhone

I downloaded what I think is a pretty nifty app for my iPod Touch a few weeks ago, and I have been dying to tell you about it ever since! Carnival Steel Drum by Carnival Village, brings a basic introduction to the tenor pan to your fingertips (Quite literally.) Not only do you get a pretty realistic sense of how to play pan by tapping around on the screen. They also offer a simplistic play along game a la Guitar Hero  where the player must repeated tap their finger on lit sections of the pan in order to gain points. The soundtrack is Alison Hinds` "Roll".

The sound is a melodious steelpan synth that's pretty fun to play around with, and not a shabby distraction if you've got little ones who like to play with your gadgets.  Not to mention, it makes Caribbean culture cool and accessible by blending Trinidad and Tobago's national instrument with state-of-the-art popular technology.

You know I'm all for culture!  Kudos goes out to CarnivalVillage.org.uk for the foresight and the resources spent on being the first to bring pan to the iPhone.  What's next?  A Wii game?  If allyuh do dah one, I hope I get a lil piece of the action ($$$ - in case I was being too vague)

So the best news about Carnival Steel Drum is that it's free!!! Tell your friends on Facebook, Myspace and Twitter.  Call your little cousin, and that boy from your Philosophy class! I would be ecstatic to see download shoot through the roof.  Let's show the iTunes App Store that Caribbean people are proud to support their own!

More Technical Details
iPhone/iPod Rank:
8947 of 13403

(Link will open iTunes on your computer, if installed. Alternatively Search "Carnival Steel Drum" in the App Store on your iPhone or Ipod Touch.)

Love and Culture,

Nurse Karen


Eye Unit: Terri Lyons ft. Ataklan - "Smile"

>> Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Wow!  Does anyone else love this song?  Pardon the schupidity of the following comment, but it makes me..."Smile!"  This is a groovy soca love song.  Yes, love.  Not tabanca, not horning, not "raise yuh han' if yuh single". LOVE!  **sigh**

Terri looks fabulous. Directed and produced by Walt Lovelace, the video may as well be an ad for Lyons' dentist. Between them teeth and dimples, you couldn't have found a better girl to sing a song called "Smile". Ataklan's laid back vocals are lyrically heart-warming, and gentle on the ear.
Just thought you ought to be exposed to this ditty, in case you've been ignoring the fact that it's been soaring up the Toronto-Lime charts and receiving favourable airplay in T&T.

Feeling smiley?  Come join me...

Love and Soca,

Nurse Karen


Eye Unit: Something's Happening with RPB at Dainjamental's Studio

Here's a short in-studio video from Dainjamental's studio in Brooklyn New York.

Bajan "Pic-o-de-Crop" Winner Red Plastic bag is recording a dub plate of his hot Calypso tune "Something's Happening".

I've been a big RPB fan since I was in grade school, making up soca dances with my girlfriends. Check out the master at work!

Love and Soca,

Nurse Karen


Booster Shot: Calypso Tents kicks off for St. Kitts Carnival

Carnival never stops and this time of the year, is a pretty busy one in several Caribbean islands.  St. Kitts Carnival is starting to heat up, a good indication of which is the opening of the Proud Sounds Calypso Tent

Source: The Democrat Newspaper


Tent kicks off’

I-Soursop -In Time you gon answer
I-Soursop -In Time you gon answer

THE CALYPSO COURTS are now open; audiences are being called to order; and Calypsonians, who have witnessed the events of the past year, are imparting their interpretations, making their appeals, and passing judgement on politicians - some with predictions for the future.
“Time you gon answer..” sang I-Soursop; “Same old Slaves,”chanted Jungle Lion while Lala crooned “You got to have Love if you want to make it in this world.”



Eye Unit: Kes the Band - Till the Morning

>> Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Here's the latest video from Kes the Band.  They dropped this one Michael Jackson style with an official release date, time and location last weekend.  Ironic that they're taking cues from the King of Pop, considering that KES has their eyes and heart set on pop exposure in 2010.  I was brought up to speed about this very fact by management the last time I was in Trinidad (The very same evening the MJ sadly passed away).  We wish them luck!

Anyway....back to the video.  Check out "Till The Morning" from the amazing album, On In 5.

No fireworks or crazy concepts here, but most definitely a little something for both the ladies and the men!


Love and Soca,

Nurse Karen



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