Nurse's Lounge: Adele at Massey Hall

>> Thursday, April 30, 2009

Quick one. I love soca. If you haven't realized that by now, you're probably illiterate. Moreover, I love good music. ALL kinds. This being the case, I was thrilled to receive a last minute phone call this evening inviting me to check out 2009 British-Best-New-Artist-Grammy-Award-Winning-Singer-Songwriter performing live at Toronto's legendary Massey Hall.

This amazing concert theatre shares the back alley with Flow 93.5 FM, so I know it well. Lemme correct that. I know the rats that live outside. The inside of Massey Hall, however, doesn't see me too often.

Tonight, it was a treat to get a complimentary orchestra level seat courtesy of a very talented Toronto-based singer/songwriter called Sage. She's a long time buddy who happens to be a friend of Adele's organ dude, Selan.

Beautiful show. The acoustics were crystal clear. Adele's voice is captivating, with a haunting elegance that defies the relaxed levity of her onstage persona. Her a cappella renditions vibrated to the rafters, and personally shook me deep. It was just enough to cause me to zone out for a while an think about my life, present and future...just how beautiful it is, when you work at it.

Because of my roles in the entertainment world, both as a soca music observer and spoken word performer, seeing live shows is a pretty regular thang. That's why it's so important to step out of the everyday settings and genres for a change. It helps me remember exactly why I enjoy what I do.

Art (music) is meaningful. Songs encourage thought, celebration, movement and action. Lyrics can inspire, uplift and even empathize when no one else is around.

Thanks Jeddiah, Sage, Selan...and Adele. I loved it!

If you want to take a musical journey into the world of Adele, sample her music here:


On De Scene : Just For Fun Carnival Band Launch

>> Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Saturday April 25th, 2009 , Just for Fun Carnival Band opened the gate for Carnival as they were the first band to launch their costumes to their loyal and potential revelers. The atmosphere was everything carnival as the DJ kept the crowd waistlines moving to soca all night. The band models came on to debut their theme SCENTSATION “The Aroma of Life”. Party goers were in whispers as each of the seven sections made their way on stage.

I had the humble opportunity of getting the photo shoot photos which appears on their website to give you a little idea of what Just for Fun is portraying this year, courtesy Veil Tobbierre (band leader).

Here is a peak of three out of the seven sections ready to hit the road for Carnival 2009


Euphoria CKBE

Last Year Just for Fun hit the road with approximately 1000 revelers and were sold out within weeks of their Launch and the anticipation of them doing a repeat of a sold out band is there!
They have catered to you whether you near or far with their online payment (via their website)so, you aint got any excuse for not securing a costume in time.

Now it is your turn to log onto to see the handful of costumes and if this band has enticed you to experience their version of Carnival, then ah suggest you pay your costume now before you miss this SCENTSATION!

Peace and Soca

P.S. men doh threat yuh know it aint an all female band, I just posted de female costumes because ah know women are more particular about what they wearing . According to Bunji in his Plenty Gyal track " what de sense of going to a dance if de dance it ain't got no ladies " now yuh understand!


Booster Shot: I AM NOT DEAD, a Message from Farmer Nappy

>> Tuesday, April 28, 2009

As promised, see below from a special message from Farmer Nappy in response the rumours of his passing  last weekend: 

"I am not dead"

As per the tragic death of a Trinidadian by the name of 'Farmer', I wish to inform my friends, fans and supporters that I am alive and well. Thank you for your concern. My condolences go out to the family and friends of Akim Farmer. My prayers are with them as they mourn their loss.

After a month of constant work in my studio in Trinidad, I have decided to take a couple days break to recoup. I am currently is Barbados chilling and relaxing. Once again, thank you for your concern and love. It is appreciated.
Love Always,
Farmer Nappy

There you have it.

Talk done!

love and soca,

(Nurse) Karen

P.S. this is a shot of Farmer Nappy and me at University Fete Miami, October 2008


Booster Shot: Apologetic Alison Hinds explains Montreal cancellation

Dudes, I hate when this happens, but it happens way too often in this music scene.  Promoters make a set of promises to the artists, and fail to deliver.

Soca Queen Alison Hinds found herself in precisely one of these BS situations this weekend in Montreal.  She was booked to perform in FESTIRAAM 2009 at Montreal's infamous Metropolis concert hall, but the show did not go on as planned.   On her Myspace, Alison posted:

Montreal, QC (April 26, 2009) - Alison Hinds Cancels Performance FESTIRAAM 2009 The soca singer cancelled her performance scheduled for last night, citing “ breach of contract.” In a pre-concert conversation, Ms.Hinds said she had complied with the promoters guidelines and feels sadden that she now has disappointed her fans. Ms. Hinds would like her fans to know she was in fact in Montreal and was awaiting to perform. “I’d like thank all my fans who attended the show and I am sincerely sorry.” She hopes her fans would understand her decision and plans on performing in Montreal very soon

According to her management, when Alison arrived in Montreal with the band, due monies were continuously promised, but never produced. Shame shame shame promoter! You mustn't mess with an artist's food, nor your patrons' money. 

By the way...Alison started her own blog today.  You can check it out HERE

Love and soca,

(Nurse) Karen


Nurse's Lounge: Tribal Knights 2009 Band Launch - Birds of Paradise

For the last couple Caribana's I've been shaking my tail feathers with Tribal Knights mas band on the road.  In 2009, the theme is gonna be Birds of Paradise, which means I may have actual tail feathers to shake...if I play my cards right.  

The launch was on Saturday at the Wyndham hotel on Yorkland Boulevard (is that in  Scarborough?)  Being that I adore Dexter and Gail Seusahai aka Mr. and Mrs. Tribal Knights.  I knew I had to support.  I wrote up the section descriptions, and was excited to hear what they sounded like all jazzed up in studio, booming over a loud speaker as the models paraded out.  However, I wasn't sure I'd be able to make it since I had Jesse's B-Day Bash first.

So I get a call while I was stuffing my mouth full of some sweet macaroni pie.  Twas Ian Andre Espinet. He's one of Toronto's top Urban club promoters and  happens to also be a new section leader for the band).  He was at the hotel  trying to pull things together for the launch.  Most of the T's were crossed and I's were dotted, all except for one - my I - a.k.a. ME.

A change in plans last week resulted in those little section descriptions I wrote NOT getting recorded.  All was good, except the MC who was hired for the gig was about 4 hours out of town and wouldn't make it back in time.

'Gulp!' There went the last of the macaroni pie. The band needed an emcee.  No more sweet food for me. I skipped to the car in the rain and raced across town for the big debut. 

This year, the new band on the block seems to have scored a few more cool point with Toronto's in-crowd of mas. Tribal Knights gobbled up popular section leaders from Toronto Revellers, including Ian and Brian Espinet, as well as Royette Baptiste and Alain Arthur, from Caribbean Vibrations TV.  Having big promoters in the band like CVR and IAE, plus a partnership with Tamla Matthew's Caribbean Dance Theatre means the public was definitely in the know this time around.

The crowd was steady.  Enforcas, Jester, Jason Chambers handled the music.  Other popular mas bands sent their spies!  The costumes were stunning, and I think the presentation was well received.

If you were there, maybe you can fill me in on the lil drama between the couple ah loud mouths with no behaviour after it was over.  I heard ting about smallies shouting, man flat on floor, and some shark and bake on the wall. 

If you weren't there, never mind THAT!  Doesn't make sense to me either. 

Dunno which bird I am as yet, but I have to share kudos to all who made Saturday night a success. Tribal Knights, you've raised the bar for 2009.  So, naturally a few new people gonna limbp under it.  The more the merrier! 


Nurse's Lounge: Tribute to the Pan Poet

>> Monday, April 27, 2009

Saturday night was a big birthday celebration for a very special friend and colleague of mine, Mr. Jesse Andrews.  In the poetry world, he's known as the pan poet.  As a pannist, his love for Trinidad's national instrument led to him to writing and publish a collection of poems that magic drum, and the land of his birth, entitled "Port of Pan". 

 Jesse's fam was ringing in his 60th birthday at a sweet soca bashment in Mississauga, complete with a live band (called Whatever!...bless up guys, pleasure meeting you all), full out Caribbean buffet, open bar, and of course...a DJ!  So I went.  Got snazzed up for it too.  Pressed the hair, donned a pretty dress and some good shoes.  Didn't want to miss it. 

I admire this man more than he probably knows.  To me he is an outstanding example for our community.  He loves God, his wife and children, his craft and his work with Correctional Services.  I just think he's an amazing guy.  To be honest, I was really just humbled to be invited to celebrate with his family.

We met several years ago when I used to host a weekly performance event downtown Toronto called La Parole.  He attended whenever he could make it.  He would share his poems, and on a couple occasions he brought his tenor pan along to play renditions of his favourite spiritual music.  It was great to have his support as I ventured out as a young no-name poet.  His presense in those memorable sessions upstairs at Flava was to me like a stamp of approval from a generation of Caribbean artists who I deeply respect and still hope to learn from. 

I ended up co-editing an anthology of Black writers living in Toronto called T-Dot Griots in 2004.  Should you ever get your hands on it, be sure to read Jesse's poem,  'From "Steal" Drum to Steel Drum'. 

Unfortunately, duty called before I could really party it up with the Andrews family.  It's a pity I didn't get to see Jesse and the Mrs. rent-a-tile to some back in times tunes.  I don't doubt he put some of the youngins to shame for the new songs too.  

A little behind the scenes issue at the Tribal Knights band launch pulled me back into Nursekarendom for the night.  After I filled my belly.  I had to say goodbye.  Jesse introduced me to Oscar nominated film director John Singleton.  He was a guest too.  I'm sure there's a great story there, but it's completely irrelevant to the story at hand.  

Jesse P. Andrews, Happy 60th Birthday!  I struggled to figure out what to offer you as a gift.  I believe you have given me so much.  For that, I will always be thankful.   Here's to at least 60 more great years of pan, poetry...and great memories!


The Rounds: Tragic crash claims the life of Trini songwriter

>> Sunday, April 26, 2009

In this edition:
- RIM and to sponsor Caribana 2009
- Disgruntled artiste makes a scene at Sint Maarten soca competition
- Akim Ahjahmoo Farmer dies in tragic car trash
- Farmer Nappy confusion
- Mavado rides a soca riddim
- Destra's returns to NY

Good Evening Soca Lovers,

I’m Nurse Karen and these are Dr. Jay’s Rounds. Lots of news this week around the soca world, so buckle up and get ready for the ride.

On Tuesday, I zipped over to the Scotia Bank Caribana press conference at the Royal Ontario Museum. Those of you out there who love your crackberry almost as much as you love soca, will be happy to hear that Research in Motion has signed on as an official sponsor of the has, so you can look forward to some great coverage online!

Before carnival heats up in Toronto, there are plenty of Caribbean festivals happening right now. Both St. Thomas carnival, and Cayman Batabano come to a climax next weekend. This week there was some pretty dramatic action in Sint Maarten, after the Senior Soca Competition. This year marks 40 years of carnival in the Dutch territory, but the first year that a sore loser decided to tell off the judges once the results were announced. First, lemme congratulate King T-Mo for winning the competition, since Ricky the Phox stole a little bit of the spotlight by grabbing a mic to sound off about his frustrations. Tisk tisk! Police rushed the stage to restrain him, but he removed himself after announcing that he won’t be participating in carnival in the years to come. It’s reported that he was disqualified for breaking the rules.

The music community in Trinidad and Tobago is mourning the loss of one of it’s bright young talents. Yesterday afternoon Karim Ahjahmoo Farmer died tragically in a car collision in La Romaine. The 28 year-old singer / songwriter has collaborated with the likes of Machel Montano (Won't Stop), Len Boogsie Sharpe and Collie Budz on various projects. His friends say that he never drank or smoked.

A rumour was circulating that Farmer Nappy was the victim of the crash, but let me set the record straight. I contacted Farmer’s manager this morning. She assured me that he’s fine. In fact, he’s currently in Barbados, hanging out for a while. Our condolences go out to the friends and family of Akim Farmer, may he rest in peace.

A couple of producers in St. Lucia are patting themselves on the back for being the first to get dancehall star Mavado to sing on a Soca Riddim. The tune is called My Life. It’s a collabo with a new artist called Baby Blue. But if you expect the gangsta for life to blow a whistle, jump up and wave tune, let’s be realistic. Mavado sounds just like... mavado. He brought his signature sing-songy dancehall vibe to Courtney Louis and Francis De Lima’s boom boom riddim, and compared to the other tracks on it, the sound is more hybrid that soca.

When it comes to people who been singing soca for a minute, people the world over know the name Destra. Ms. Garcia did her first show in New York city after about a 2 year absence. She launched the HOTT album at Manhattan’s SOBs, to a crowd that enjoyed every minute of it.

I’m Nurse Karen and those were Dr. Jay’s rounds. Check out Nure Karen Etc, now at Nurse dash Karen dot com, for more information on all the stories you heard today, including an official statement from Farmer Nappy.(coming soon) Now, back to de docta!


Booster Shot: Mavado releases his first soca collaboration

>> Thursday, April 23, 2009

So this past weekend in St.Lucia, Courtney aka "Curty" Louis and co-producer Francis "Leebo" released their much anticipated "Boom Boom" riddim for Carnival 2kwine! 

Nurse Karen in St. Lucia with co-producer, Leebo

Perhaps much of the aniticpation was the result of this: one of dancehall's brightest young stars made his soca debut on it! Jamaica's self-described "Gangsta for Life", lends his voice to the caribbean's happiest genre, soca! I'll be the first to tell you, on the track "My Life", Mavado sounds just like his signature style...bringing a dancehall flavour to a riddim that is otherwise authentic groovy soca.

"After creating the riddim, I wrote lyrics for the song, "My Life,"...with Mavado in mind offcourse. I then sent the riddim and lyrics to Mavado and his team by email, who then sent me the vocals for his part of the song. Right after I contacted Baby Blue and he and I worked on his parts, and the rest is history..",

Three songs premeried on MC Scady's program on Radio Caribbean on Saturday afternoon.

- Whole Day (Wuk) - Qpid (St. Lucia)
- Boom Boom Boom - Tabia (St. Vincent)
- My Life - Baby Blue (St. Lucia) and Mavado (Jamaica)

Nurse Karen with artiste, Qpid

A few more titles entered St. Lucian circulation on Tuesday of this week:

- Hot Gal List - Boone Chatta (Germany), one half of the internationally acclaimed Soca Twins sound crew.
- Who are You - Zionomi (St. Lucia) ft. Bobby Bling (Jamaica)

In Toronto with Soca Twins (Boone is the cutie on the left)

I always try to give a little shine to the producers. So it's time to big up the puppetmaster behind this peculiar assembly of talent - the one Courtney Louis. He's a St. Lucian who is well known and respected in Trinidad's music community, especially since he helped to slap together the track that would earn Machel Montano a roadmarch win for Jumbie. In 2007, he shared the accolaides for Soca of the Year and Song of the Year. However, it was the Song Writer of the Year Award that really turned heads.

In fact, the Boom Boom riddim was so named after the title track, which was written by Louis and performed by Tabia. Songwriting is definitely his strong suit, having either written or co-written all of the tunes on the riddim.

In St. Vincent with artiste, Tabia

Curty says he's got a lot more surprises this carnival: " The season hasn’t even started yet. We have at least two other riddims working on that will include power and groovy vibes. I have plans to work with a number of Saint Lucian and regional artistes. A few to mention are, Mr Killa ( Grenada ), KMC ( Trinidad ), Beenie Man ( Jamaica ), and Marie Anne ( St. Lucia )."

That's all folks!

Love and soca,

(Nurse) Karen


Booster Shot: Wanna be Damian Marley's personal assistant?

>> Wednesday, April 22, 2009

ALERT ALERT ALERT!!!  Listen up...I'll only say this once.  

Jr. Gong, the son of Bob Marley and former Miss World, Cindy Breakspeare is looking to hire some extra help!  Times may be tough around the world, but the international reggae artist needs someone cool to accompany him on tours,  work with him daily...and take over his twitter.  Yeah,of course he's on! (@damianmarley)

Applicants must be:
  • Male
  • Age 21 - 35
  • Willing to relocate
  • Moderately fluent in French and / or Spanish

Do you qualify?  
I certainly thought I did until Damian corrected his freudian slip.  At first he said female...but this is one for the homies!  @#$*#$&!!!!!!

It's OK, I would have just distracted him from his work anyhow.  You know, by being clingy, affectionate and jealous!

OK's he goods:

Send a photo and resume to
I can't believe you're still reading this.  Go!!!!

Just remember, tell de bwoy is Nurse Karen who ah send yo!


Booster Shot: St.Lucia Carnival Season Dates announced by CDF

So ya been hearing plenty talk about the bands and maybe you heard a few tracks coming out of St.Lucia. However the dates to look out for are here!

Cultural Development Foundation annouced the offical dates for the different events set to take place for 2kwine !

Calender of Events for Carnival 2009

May 24th
  • Opening of Carnival

June 1st
  • Lucian Line Jam

July 1st
  • Groovy Soca Monarch

July 4th
  • Carnival Queen Show

July 5th
  • Calypso Semi Finals

July 11th
  • Soca Monarch Finals
July 12th
  • National Junior Carnival

July 12th-18th
  • Carnival Art Exhibition

July 13th-18th
  • Mas on the Square

July 14th
  • Inter Commerical House Calypso Competition

July 17th
  • Panorama

July 18th
  • Calypso Monarch Finals

July 19th
  • King&Queen of the Bands/ Caribbean Soca Monarc

July 20th
  • J'ouvert

July 20th & 21st
  • Parade of the Bands

August 19th
  • Prize Giving Ceremony
*Dates and events are subject to change

Now you have de dates for the cultural events now if you looking for de hot fetes and shows , no worries , has that for you. Wha you waiting for , PLAN ya lime !

Peace and Soca



Booster Shot: St. Maarten sore loser tells off soca judges

Authorities struggle with angry soca artiste
(image courtesy of

In 40 years of St. Maarten Carnival, Tuesday night was a Senior Soca Competition like no other in beautiful Philipsburg.  Carnival Village played host to some serious bacchanal when Ricky de Phox realized he wouldn't be in the top three.

Here's how the judges saw it:

1st - King T-mo (Winner of the 2009 Senior Soca Competition)
2nd - (it was reported as) King Tempo - 382 points 
(however, to my knowledge there was no such person in the competition, possibly King Jacko)
3rd - King Stunky - 377 points 

(Out of the Ten finalists in the competition, 4 have the title King in their sobriquet) is reporting that de Phox was disqualified for breaking competition rules, however, at the time of posting (4:00 am), I have not been able to confirm exactly which rule(s) he may have broken.

Just after the results were announced, Ricky de Phox got real vex. He stormed onto the stage, snatched a microphone from the head judge and expressed his "disappointment" to the crowd. More than one hundred people were at the show to witness the spectacle.

If you don't know the name Ricky de Phox, don't be too surprised if you never hear it again! In his fit of anger he announced that he will no longer be involving himself in Carnival.

That sucks...cuz with chutzpah like that, I think I'd quite enjoy writing about him again.

What can I say, people? Axes to grind...just one more reason to love Carnival!

Love and Soca,

(Nurse) Karen


Eye Unit: Nurse Karen on the Caribana Press Conference

>> Tuesday, April 21, 2009

This morning, I attended the press launch for Caribana 2009. As usual, there is a lot in store at the festival that brings one million visitors to Toronto every year.

I promise to keep you abreast of more festival details as they become available. For now, you can enjoy this archived video clip from the Live Nurse Karen TV broadcast taht ensued.

We do this now and then. Lots of artists, djs, producers and music fans join the chat to hear the news, and link up. Don't miss the next one...

here are two ways to stay in the know...

1. follow me on twitter (how many times have you heard THAT lately?)

2. bookmark the Nurse Karen TV page


Booster Shot: Destra to release HOTT album in NY

T&T Carnival has been over for nearly two months, but the spirit lives on through the music. 

Soca Survivor Destra Garcia had a successful year, with a collection of songs that reminded her fans...she's still here, and HOTT as ever!

This Saturday night, Destra will be launching her latest album HOTT internationally at SOB's in New York City.  

Destra and Nurse Karen, Toronto 2008

For more posts where Destra is mentioned, CLICK HERE


Booster Shot: Berbice in negotiations for movie soundtrack

Berbice and Nurse Karen, Trinidad 2009

It's the gift the keeps on giving.  When Grenada's New York-based soca ambassador stepped into the booth to record Traffic for Spice Mas 2007, he had no idea that it would remain a favourite for so long. 

He won Spice Mas road march in '07.  It impressed the crowds at Notting Hill and Brooklyn Carnivals that year too. I should know, I jumped up with de jab jab posse to it on both sides of the pond.  It wasn't until Summer 2008 that Traffic began to have a major impact on Toronto and Miami, and then boom, Trinidad and Tobago sealed the deal.  The aggressive road anthem decorated the airwaves for month leading up to Carnival 2009.  

There, Berbice would be the only non-Trinidadian to make it past the semi-finals in the International Soca Monarch (Power) competition.  The other region artists all made it there as winner's of their own Island Soca Monarch competition.  Berbice has never won that crown, whether home or abroad, but he's beginning to see benchmarks of success that many title-holders have yet to reach. 

For starters, the song Traffic has been licensed to be used by the Universoul Circus in this season's presentation.   But an even bigger opportunity is in the works that place Traffic on the soundtrack of a feature film.  I don't wanna jinx anything.  So, that's all for now.  Hoping to let you know the good news soon!

For more posts that mention Berbice....CLICK HERE


Free Download: The Jester X-Perience 2009 Groovy Soca Mix

>> Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Nurse Karen and Jester in Trinidad, 2008

What can I say about Jester?  Since I was in high school, I developed a deep appreciation for this sound man's ability to identify hot tunes in many genres of music.  He loves the stuff; Hip Hop, R&B, Reggae, Danchehall, Soca...Jester knows the past, present and future.  So here, my soca babies, is yet another compilation of goodies from Trinidad C2K9.  However, this one is restricted to the groovy stuff (that's ragga for all you Bajans and Vincys).

You'll notice several tunes that weren't getting a crazy amount of airplayin Triniland...but knowing Jester, these are his favourites...and that's all that matters.  

Get it here.



Love and Soca, 

(Nurse) Karen

P.S. I'm excited that Verse made the cut.  I met the USVI youth down in Miami, and I'm still waiting for him to call.  Dunno if I'm the girl he's looking for, but I'm definitely trying to find him!!! Call me, yo!


Booster Shot: Iwer George retiring as a soca artiste?

>> Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Warning: This one is debatable.  Even so, you heard it here first!

Last Saturday, the big event in Toronto was CVR Fire Fete.  The evening featured performances by: Scrappy, Kenneth Salick, Ricky T, Zoelah, Edwin Yearwood, Super Jigga TC, Skinny Fabulous, Blaxx, KMC and Red White and Black.  Geez, that was a mouthful.  A bunch of other artists were advertized, but those are the ones who actually performed.

Here's the big news.  Iwer George made a couple of big announcements during his performance backed by Red, White and Black.

Lemme sum it up.
  • 2009 will be his last year releasing music as an artiste
  • He wants to be the next President of Trinidad and Tobago
  • He's going back to school to get his Master's

No doubt, the man said every word. 2000 patrons heard it too. Still, it appears I have a few items to confirm, before President George Maxwell Richards should start shaking in his boots.     I know how it goes when a room full of people jumping to your songs, that Carnival Jumbie starts to wine up with the Hennessy Jumbie...and your mouth could be possessed.

Stay tuned!

Love and Soca, 

(Nurse) Karen

Read more...'s Carnival 360° video crew to cover Bacchanal Jamaica this week

>> Monday, April 13, 2009

If you're looking for some great online entertainment this week, check out's Bacchanal Jamaica coverage this week.  Going to Trinidad and St. Vincent with the crew wast a blast.  Maybe it would be me donning the green paint next time around *hint hint*


Bacchanal J'Ouvert 2008
Revellers covered in paint at Bacchanal J’Ouvert 2008 at the Mas Camp – Kingston, Jamaica

Kingston, Jamaica - Sunday April 12th, 2009: Still hot off covering Trinidad Carnival 2K9, the Carnival 360° team will touch down in Jamaica this week to shoot video coverage of Kingston’s Bacchanal Jamaica Carnival. Events are to include “Soca at the Sandbar”, “Bacchanal J’Ouvert”, “Wet Republic”, “Bacchanal Roadmarch” and more.

Only in its second season, Carnival 360° has already become a household name amongst avid Carnival followers. Tens of thousands of daily visitors to the multiple award-winning website focus in on the video blog section during every major worldwide Carnival to get a taste of the current festivities.'s Carnival 360° video series is arguable one of the most popular internet video blogs to showcase Caribbean Carnival content. The series was launched in February 2008 and focuses mainly on Carnival events, but also extends various segments of the show to display the beauty and culture of the hosting island or city. Carnival 360° has since aired coverage of Trinidad Carnival, Bacchanal Jamaica, Cayman Batabano, Vincy Mas, SLU Carnival, Toronto CARIBANA and Miami Carnival. To view the 360° video blog visit Coverage of Bacchanal Jamaica begins April 17th.

Bacchanal Jamaica 360° is made possible by Bacchanal Jamaica (, Air Jamaica (, the Jamaica Tourist Board ( and Soca Bookings Inc (

About Inc.
The very first website of its kind, was founded in 1996 and has grown into the most popular Caribbean entertainment portal on the web; now attracting over 100,000 'unique' visitors and generating more than 8,000,000 hits daily. In 2004 the website was nominated for 'Best Urban Website' by UMAC and was also named 'Website of The Year' at the Canadian Caribbean Awards. For the past three consecutive years (2006, 2007 & 2008), was honoured with the 'Favourite Soca Website' award by the SAO International Soca Awards. The site is not only currently ranked the number one Caribbean website, but is also ranked amongst the top 5,000 websites globally, according to market researchers.

About Bacchanal Jamaica
It has typically been the perception that carnival was brought to Jamaica in 1990; however it was the previous year that saw over 300 revellers hitting the streets of Kingston to partake in the very first carnival parade by the Oakridge Boys. Unable to get their yearly T&T carnival “fix”, the resourceful posse decided to bring the fun to them. Thus it was a bright Sunday morning in 1989 on which Jamaica was treated to the first Mas parade, “Paradise” by the Oakridge Boys, Carnival in Jamaica was born!

Throughout the years, Jamaica has seen the emergence of inventive Mas Bands whom have imprinted their special touch to making Carnival in Jamaica unlike any other. When the group Revellers introduced their Pretty Mas costumes, Kingston was treated to striking designs in rich and vibrant colors rivalling those of any other island. Many of their costumes were and still are designed and manufactured right here in Jamaica. Another group who has shaped Carnival in Jamaica is the Midnight Raider’s Crew. Pioneering J'ouvert in Jamaica; some 13 years later the sight of thousands of paint covered masqueraders dancing through the streets of Kingston at 3am in the morning during the Bacchanal J'ouvert road march still amazes many.

The year 2001 marked another milestone for carnival in the island as these three top bands, Oakridge, Revellers and Raiders, merged into the dynamic entity now known as Bacchanal Jamaica. Now the leading Mas Band in the island with signature events, Bacchanal Jamaica still strives to continuously improve upon the carnival experience. Boasting an all-inclusive band, live entertainment on the road, and impeccable security Bacchanal Jamaica promises to deliver more fun, more fetes and even more Bacchanal.


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Booster Shot: Victim of nude pic ordeal identified

>> Sunday, April 12, 2009

I know I've kept you waiting on this info for a little while...but I could be kinda weird, there are some news items I would rather not be the first to post.  When the word "porn" made it's debut appearance on (Nurse) Karen (Etc) a couple weeks ago, I had no idea how many hits this blog would receive, both from soca fans and the general public alike.  Imagine, all the world's information at your fingertips, and that's what allyuh does use the internet for?!  This is not the first time an artist's personal bedroom flex has made its way to the internet, and prolly won't be the last. (Shaking my head...) Though, I sincerely hope somebody out there will learn from this!

Do remember that this is an open case, and real people are involved.  So, I've decided to post very limited detail about this to squash a few rumours...quite literally to protect the innocent!  First things first, Destra is  not the subject of the photos.  Considering the fact that Destra won't even publicly wine on stage with her male fans anymore, and that she eh have time for no radio man ( I know it's a lot of DJs shedding tears now), she's a terrible guess.  But anyhoo...nice try.  

The woman portrayed in Davy Murray's indecent photos was Vanessa Thomas, an artiste who is known as  Precious.  Yes, you DO know her.  Remember this BIG tune "Ridin It" from 2000? 

Soca 2000 Precious - Ridin it - 

Even for those who don't recall her biggest soca tune, Trinidadians would probably know her as the co-host of the Jigga and Precious Show on Soca919 (alongside new artiste/host of Synergy Soca Star, Super Jigga TC)

It seems that the pics were posted online out of revenge after the singer ended her 18 month relationship with the accused.  According to, the cops are saying that an email containing the photos was sent to other members of he entertainment community, including soca stars, DJs, and TV and Radio personalities. 

Precious is the one who went to the police to report the incident as the posting of pornography of any sort is in breech of Facebook's Terms of Service.  Murray remains out of jail on TT $50,000 bail.  The magistrate has adjourned court proceeding until May 19.

To follow this story from the start, check out the following links.

The Rounds - Porn distributor resigns from radio

Booster Shot - Porn charges send Boom Champion to court

Love and Soca, 

(Nurse) Karen


The Rounds: Porn distributor resigns from radio

In this edition: 

  • Curtis Eustace leaves Carnival Nationz
  • Jamaica Carnival 2009 cancelled
  • Davy Murray resigns from Boom Champions 94.1
  • Red Hot Flames about to hire a new female lead vocalist

Good Evening Soca Lovers, I'm Nurse Karen and these are Dr. Jay's Rounds. Happy Easter! This is the time of year we tend think about cute fluffy bunnies and little chicks being born.  But that stuff just reminds ME of all the little mas bands in Toronto hatching their big ideas for Caribana 2009.  It's band launch season kiddies!  Which means carnival come back again! This year, Dr. Jay has joined forces with veteran title-winning bandleader Louis Saldenah to bring his own section called Crave.  Marxman has signed on again with Tribal Knights, who's portraying the theme, Birds of Paradise.  Jamaal MaGloire's Toronto Revellers invites you to Brazil this year.   And Carnival Nationz?  Well, for the time being, they are saying goodbye to former Bandleader Curtis Eustace.  He's cooked up a brand new band called All Spice.  Check your favourite caribbean websites for details.
      Earlier this week, the daughter of Byron Lee dropped a bomb on the Jamaican media when she announced that Jamaica Carnival would be cancelled this year.  2009 was to be the 20th anniversary of the street jump up founded by her famous dad in the 80's.  She points the finger at the recession for the cancellation, saying 80 per cent of the carnival events do not earn revenue, and a carnival was not viable with waning corporate support.
       To avoid confusion, I want to point out that there are two carnivals in Jamaica.  Bacchanal Jamaica, the more popular offshoot of the original carnival will continue as planned, complete with all the bells and whistles I've been telling you about: the Mas camp concerts, Beach J'ouvert and of course, the parade of the bands!
        This recession ting not easy, yuh know.  But, lucky for you, I know a few places hiring if you happen to be out of work.  Trinidad and Tobago's Boom Champions radio station received a letter of resignation on Thursday from a long time news presenter called Davy Murray.  He's in some serious legal hot water right now after appearing in court Monday on porn charges.  Crazy, yes? Murray is charged with using the internet to distribute naked photos of a female soca artist who used to be pretty popular in Trinidad.  And NO, I'm not telling you who.
       If presenting news isn't your thing, perhaps you'll consider becoming the new lead singer of Antigua's Red Hot Flames!  The popular soca band from the island with a beach for every day of the year is looking for someone to replace Esther Dyer who *cough cough* left the band back in August.  The field has been narrowed to two.  Oungku tells me he's having the hardest time choosing between Florida-based Saffire and Trini-based soca fans have known over the years as Lil Bitts.  He hopes to announce the new leading lady by the end of the month after both candidates get one last chance to come and gig with the band.
      So, that's the kind of week it's been in soca.  One last thing.  Fay Ann finally got paid on Tuesday.  So, I guess the recession missing THAT family.

          I’m Nurse Karen and those were Dr. Jay’s Rounds.  Satisfy your curiosity about all these News Stories online at the Nurse Karen Etc blog at triple w dot mustard seeds dot net.  Or just follow NurseKaren on twitter to get up to the minute info as it happens.  Now, back to de Docta!


On de Scene: Tabia on de "Boom Boom" Riddim

>> Saturday, April 11, 2009

Last Weekend, I caught up with Vincy artist Tabia inside the Club as she came into St.Lucia to record another of her 2009 Carnival tracks with two of St. Lucia's finest producers. Many may recall Tabia last year with her notable track "Feeling It" featuring Luta from the Lime Vincy Soca Dans (which she is also part of).

Tabia and I, back in February inside International Soca Monarch 2009

Tabia's single entilted "Boom Boom Boom" is produced by power team Courtney “Curty” Lewis and Francis “Leebo” De Lima on their "Boom Boom" riddim set to release in Mid April.

Tabia and Curty before hitting the Studio.

As she states, " My involvement in St Lucia, doesn't stop here as I am planning on making a return for the carnival; so keep posted to know when I'll be touching the stage in St. Lucia."

Photo Up of Courtney "Curty" Lewis and Francis "Leebo" De Lima

This riddim will feature a host of local and regional artists such as Q-pid with her track entitled "Whole Day Wuk" . Newcomer to the St.Lucia Soca arena Baby Blue will voice the riddim with an explosive duo featuring Jamacian artist Mavado. Yes, Mavado!

Now that's enough , keep ya ears open on who else rides de "Boom Boom" riddim and the others set to release!

Peace & Soca,


Booster Shot: How to find the best Caribbean Entertainment Resources Online

>> Friday, April 10, 2009

Ever since I started doing the Rounds on Soca Therapy, people inside and outside of the Caribbean music industry have been asking where do I get my information. The answer is easy, I work for it. I shake a lot of hands. I make a lot of phone calls. I read everything. And. I. Search.

So if you like to troll the internet for Caribbean Entertainment info, here's a handy search engine filled with best online resources when it comes to 'we ting'. Use it. Never know what you're going to find.

Special thanks to Corey Graham 2.0, for this uber cool innovation.

Love and Soca,

(Nurse) Karen

P.S. If you're a webmaster with a hot site that deserves to be in the search, email your url to


Booster Shot: Jamaica Carnival cancelled?

>> Thursday, April 9, 2009

Whoa.... I'm thinking the same thing! According to, Jamaica carnival is on the back burner until the recession turns around. 

They're saying that the event is being called off due to lack of funding.  Julianne Lee Samuels, President of Carnival explains the other reasons at the link posted above.

It's important to note that this announcement really shouldn't affect various events  at the Bacchanal Mas Camp, or the big Beach J'ouvert those are under the umbrella of Bacchanal Jamaica, which is a separate entity, with a different schedule and parade route all together..

This is a pretty terrible blow considering the fact that the event's founder, Byron Lee just passed away in November.  To me it's sad that his predecessors have already dropped the ball on a very important element of his legacy in Jamaica.   

Hope they come real good next year!

Love and Soca, 

(Nurse) Karen

Credit where credit is due...I first got wind of this at


Booster Shot: Red Hot Flames to hire a new lead vocalist

Ever since Esther Dyer left Antigua's Red Hot Flames back in August, bandleader Oungku has been faced with a big dilemma:  "Who will take on the role of female lead vocalist?"

Well fans, it's between two very worthy opponents.  Both ladies are attractive, experienced and like the leads who preceeded them -- Trini!

Who, you may ask? 

Well, there's Saffire.  She's a Trini raised in the Virgin Islands, now residing in Florida.  She's a model with the kind of sex appeal a lot of women would kill for.

However, most of you would be familiar with Bitts.  That's right! She's that peppy petite vocalist who gave us tunes like "Bump," and this year a real sweet one in "Hold Meh".

Nurse Karen and Bitts in Trinidad, 2008
(she's so small eh! i'm a  5'7, size 5 GIANT)

Oungku is really torn as he consider both artistes to be friends.  It's still anybody's game.  Saffire will be performing with Red Hot Flames at a gig on Easter Sunday.  Bitts is booked for one at the end of April.  

Ladies, all the best! No matter who ends up with the sweet gig in Antigua, stay positive, and don't stop giving us sweet soca music!

Love and Soca, 

(Nurse) Karen


Digest: Amazing April

>> Wednesday, April 8, 2009

(Nurse) Karen (Digest): Amazing April!

Happy Easter! Wishing you and yours all the blessings of this exciting time of year, pluse all the great food that goes along with it!

Random Newness: This month Florida’s DJ Crown Prince makes his debut as a Soca Artist. His first song “The Anthem” featuring Skinny Fabulous was recorded on “The Nurse Karen Riddim”, produced by Afterdark. Get it Free & all your fave hits from Trini Carnival on Supa Soca Vol 12:

Journalism: Nurse Karen is psyched about finally meeting a few industry peeps she’s been watching for a while now. This month, she’ll be interviewing Montreal electro DJ Ghislain Poirier whose revolutionary mixes are bringing soca music to the mainstream dance scene. She’s also looking forward to sitting down with Grenada’s Brother B about his plans for Spice Mas 2009. If you follow her on twitter, you’ll be notified as soon as the articles are posted!

Travel: As we mentioned last month, Karen’s taking care of business at home for a little while. However, she’s coordinating arrangements to cover Atlanta Carnival in May. If you’re looking for an affordable cultural getaway, why not come along?

Poetry: Good news and bad news. Good news first! Karen will be performing a spoken word set at the album launch of “Pleasure in Pain by Devon “The Split” Jones, on April 27th in Toronto. Wanna reach?

Bad news... After performing poetry locally and internationally for half of her life, Karen finally applied for a government grant to record her own spoken word album, featuring original music by some of the Caribbean’s top soca producers. Sad to say, she didn’t get the money! There will be an album though. Stay tuned! Learn more about Karen’s work as a writer in this clip from her interview on Island Style TV:

Community: Thanks to Corey Graham 2.0 in Barbados, there’s an easier way to tell MySpace why you think they need a soca category. All you have to do is visit the link below, fill out the form and click send. Do it now!


Booster Shot: Fay Ann finally collects her prize money

>> Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Literally just in....Fay-Ann Lyons' dispute with the CPF came to an end today. The new mom is $1 million richer, after a long fought battle to collect her prize money from the International Soca Monarch and Groovy Soca Monarch competition held on February 20, 2009.

I'm still working on collecting the details,so sit tight. I will add to this post as more information becomes available.

In the meantime, check out earlier posts on the Soca Monarch Money Saga:


Booster Shot: Porn charges send a Boom Champion to court

Perhaps you've heard the rumours, a Trini new presener found himself in hot water over the weekend for allegedly distributing naked photos of a once popular female soca artiste on facebook.

The man at the heart of the scandal is one David "Davy" Murray of Laventille. He reads the news on Boom Champions 94.1 FM. Yesterday morning, he appeared before a magistrate in Port of Spain on charges of distributing pornographic material. The incident allegedly took place between March 30th and April 3, 2009.

His sense of decency has got him in trouble before, just not with the law. In October 2008, he and fellow news man Kevin Baker caught the attention of Prime Minister Patrick Manning for making improper comments in a news broadcast. The PM lodged an official complaint with the station, leading to a two-week suspension for both Murray and Baker.

Davy Murray heads back to court on May 19th. Until then, he's out on bail.

I know you're curious to know who the precious victim is. Well, if you've heard the rumours, you don't need me to tell you. I will tell you this though, it's not my business to publicize happy googling!

You feel I ain't see how allyuh nasty? Log-off Facebook! No clues dey neida.

Love and Soca,

(Nurse) Karen


On De Scene: Updates on Upcoming St.Lucia Carnival Season

>> Monday, April 6, 2009

April has begun and the race to 2kwine is on in St.Lucia as most bands are set to launch within the next four weeks ahead of the official opening of Carnival. As to which band offers the best package that is something I will leave for you to judge, here I will give the links to the bands who are already LIVE. There you can view pictures and videos from their prior years and see what band suits you!

So here you go :
(When the other bands websites launch I will ensure you get all de links)

Over the weekend Nurse Karen paid respect to Shane Larcher for giving his web audience a direct link to this blog. So I will in return tell you a little about his website and what he hopes to accomplish with it.

Years ago, searching for news on St.Lucia carnival would be an almost impossible task which ultimately affected our Mas significantly. Shane Larcher decided to launch his website to give persons a direct link to what happening in St.Lucia for carnival : from de limes , de fetes , de events , de MUSIC and of course de Mas. This website has combined forces with most Band owners and promoters to give everyone near and far a clear idea of SLU Carnival 2009.

As de season heats up, be sure to keep in the know about what music making a real bachannal in St.Lucia with Nurse Karen.

P.S. Seem like everyone on Twitter now, so if you want to follow me add me at or if ya wanna chat more on St.Lucia Carnival and Music add me

Till next time guys


Free Download: G13's Mad Decent Power Soca Mix

Got another special mega mix for all the soca heads.

This one comes to you courtesy of G13 Sound Internation out of New York.  I've secretly been fans of these guys for a while without knowing.  They love soca music from everywhere...  And I don't care if most DJs say it, they're lying. G13 actually does. Most DJs need to hear someone else run a "small island" tune five times before they feel safe playing it too. 

When I say, I didn't know I was a fan, I mean this:  I get a lot of music in my inbox DAILY.  Sometimes it's accompanied by personal messages, or bios...other times - nada.  I love music, so once I receive something with the words "soca" + "mix" eventually I'm gonna download and test it out on the treadmill.

Thanks to G13, my legs were in fine wining condition all winter long.

Here's the latest one, a Trinidad Carnival wrap up that highilights Double L and LP very international personal musical tastes.  Care to sample?

Download it HERE 


1. bunji garlin- clear d’ road (TnT)
2. fayann lyons- meet super blue (TnT)
3. machel montano hd- won’t stop (TnT)
4. patrice roberts f/ machel montano hd- simply everything (TnT)
5. patrice roberts- sway in d’ mas (TnT)
6. machel montano hd- ravin’ (TnT)
7. machel montano hd- wild antz (precision road mix) (TnT)
8. taxik f/ claudette peters- bring it on (ANU)
9. destra garcia- bacchanal (TnT)
10. skinny fabulous- head bad (SVG)
11. nnika francis f/ fayann lyons- gettin’ on wild (GND/TnT)
12. roy cape all stars f/ blaxx- tusty (TnT)
13. ricky t- wheel and come again (SLU)
14. shurwayne winchester & y.o.u.- you (energy) (TnT)
15. kes the band- we own (TnT)
16. krosfyah f/ edwin yearwood- we on d’ way (handle yuh bizness) (BIM)
17. roy cape all stars f/ olatunji yearwood- wajang (TnT)
18. d’landlord- find me dey (dijital road mix) (SVG)
19. triple kay band- colours (Dominica)
20. kmc- i will (TnT)
21. nu vybes band- everybody lose it (SKN)
22. ricky t- ole (up in d’ air) (SLU)
23. skinny fabulous- get on bad (SVG)
24. machel montano hd f/ pitbull & lil jon- floor on fire (TnT/USA)

Like what you see?  
Check them out for yourself at

Love and Soca

(Nurse) Karen


The Rounds: Crop Over is coming, producer preview...

>> Sunday, April 5, 2009

In this edition:

  • Private 6 turns 20.
  • Shurwayne Winchester releases a new album
  • Bacchanal Jamaica Midnight in Paris
  • Crop Over music preview
  • Alison Hinds nominated for 2009 IRAWMAs

Good Evening Soca Lovers!

I'm Nurse Karen and these are Dr. Jay's Rounds.  While April may be the rainiest month of the year in these parts, there's no reason to assume that means spirits are low.  There's lots to celebrate all over the soca world, as we take on Spring with a bang.

   Last week Thursday, up and coming St. Lucian soca artist, Private 6 turned 20. If you don't recall the name, he brought us a song called Kalina on the Soca Blutooth Riddim in 2007 with an artist called Orion, and last year he had a cheeky diddy called "For Cable", that made a bit of a splash at home and abroad.

      Shurwayne Winchester and YOU is celebrating the release of their first studio album together, simply called YOU.  The CDs were pressed last week, and lucky fans in Trinidad will be the first to be able to grab their copies starting Thursday - just in time for Easter.

      There's no doubt that Easter is one of the holiest days on the Christian calendar.  For me, its a quiet weekend spent in church, and with close family and friends.  In Jamaica, Easter weekend is all about Bacchanal Jamaica Beach J'ouvert, featuring Machel Montano and Patrice Roberts.  On Friday night, the Bacchanal Mas camp was already hot with action for Midnight in Paris with Destra Garcia and Denise "Saucy Wow" Belfon.  
Denise Belfon and Nurse Karen backstage at UWI Splash, Trinidad - February 2009.

 Jamaica has serious soca fans, making it Destra's favourite place to perform.   I heard great reports from the performers, but off stage, Tortola's soca songbird Jalena wasn't having such a great night after being robbed in Kingston.  That’s gotta suck!  Had a similar experience in Trinidad, but LET’s not talk about me...

          Over in Barbados, preparations for Crop Over are underway at all the studios.  Red Boyz are saying they won’t be doing soca this year. Peter Coppin is pumping out what he hope will be the 2009 version of the coconut tree riddim.  And Xtreme Platter/ Jammas…other wise known as Big Red, King Bubba and Foreigner Frank are working on an compilation album that will feature themselves plus Lil Rick, Jana, Peter Ram, Rashida AND  Don Trent.

Biggie Irie is spending this weekend recording two tracks with Dwaingerous…so there’s plenty of great new music just around the corner. 

Before I go, let me say congratulations to Alison Hinds on her International Reggae and World Music Awards nominations last week. Ally made the cut in two catergories, Best Female Vocalist and Best Calypso/Soca Entertainer.  I'm still waiting on the complete list of nominees, but I'll keep you up to date.  I'm Nurse Karen and those were Dr. Jay's Rounds.  Stay in the know by reading the Nurse Karen Etc blog at triple w dot mustard seeds dot net.  Or get up to the minute updates by following me on twitter:  That's twitter dot com slash nurse karen.

(Nurse) Karen


Eye Unit: Happy Birthday Private 6! (Video)

>> Saturday, April 4, 2009

Nurse Karen and Private 6 in St. Lucia, July 2008

Lucian Posse!

I have to send you a great big goofy HELLO from Toronto!  Just found out that there's a direct link to (Nurse) Karen (Etc) from the St. Lucia Carnival website, and that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.  

I'm real glad to have you following me for the carnival season.  So I thought I would celebrate by recognizing the born day of one of your native sons.  Thursday, March 26 marked the 20th birthday of Private 6!  He's a spirited fella who's been strengthening his performance chops with the help of Slaughter Arts.  Some of you may know him from a collaboration with Orion on the Soca Bluetooth Riddim in 2007 called Kalina.  But he had a pretty big tune last carnival with "For Cable".  <--- If you're not a Lucian, think about it... 
I was on the island to see de man perform the chune, and I figure this would be a great time to share.  Private 6, all the best for carnival 2009...and HAPPY BIRTHDAY rudebwoy!

These are random clips from SLU Soca Monarch 2008, so you'll see Mantius, Platinum George, Ilah Man, and Nicole David too!  Enjoy...

Love and Soca, 

(Nurse) Karen


Booster Shot: New Album on the way from Shurwayne Winchester and Y.O.U.

>> Thursday, April 2, 2009

Get ready Shurwayne fans! 

Mr. Smooth Voice has a new CD coming out called "You".  There will be 11 tracks, including his duets Maxi Priest and Serani.  For now, fans in T&T will be able to grab it at the regular outlets on the island starting Thursday, April 9, 2009.

It's the first offering from the Shurwayne Winchester and Y.O.U..  So the entire band is pretty stoked to have an album under their belts after only 6 months in existence.

Congrats to all involved....just make sure the rest of us can get it legally sometime soon!

Love and soca, 

(Nurse) Karen

P.S.  Mr. Winchester and MOI.  here in Toronto, November, 2008


Free Download: Crown Prince Supa Soca Vol 12 "Rock Your Body"

>> Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Soca Lovers!!! Here's a speshy from Florida's DJ Crown Prince! This compilation features his personal favourites from Trinidad Carnival 2k9...and beyond!

It's yours to download: HERE

Listen out for a few tracks you probably won't find on other mixes.  Prince included Farmer Nappy's "Go Brave", an underrated tune that didn't even make the cut for his own band's nightly stage show. Check out the Zouk track from California-based Christopher Neil.  You'll also hear 3 tracks from Florida's own Crossovah Band among the list of favourites.  I think you'll enjoy this one!  Make sure you visit his podcast page, so you never miss one of his mixes again!

01-Patrice Roberts-Intro 
02-Sizwe C-Fyah 
03-Zan-Slip Away 
04-Farmer Nappy-Go Brave 
05-Machel Montano_Busy Signal-Push Bumpers 
06-Patrice Roberts-Looking Hot 
07-Skinny Fabulous-SS drop 
08-Skinny Fabulous-Head Bad 
09-Alison Hinds-Drop It 
10-Peter Ram-Tight 
11-Crown Prince Mix Break 
12-Crossovah-Test Di Foundation 
13-Iwer George_Ziggy Rankin-Whine 
14-Barrie Hype SS Drop 
15-MastaMind_Patch-Rum n Roti 
17-Crossovah-Outta Control 
18-Jamsey P-Soca Daggering 
19-Barrie Hype-SS Drop 
20-Zoelah-Wine up on me 
21-Tizzy_Richard Trumpet-Wuk Meh 
22-Destra_Denise Belfon_Alison Hinds-Obessive Winers 
23-Fay Ann-Heavy T 
24-Fay Ann_Beenie Man-Wine 
25-Benjai_Scar-Tanti Sey 
26-Bunji Garlin-We Done Deh 
27-Sergio Mendez-Magalena 
28-Busy Signal-Up In Her Belly 
29-Teddyson John-SS Drop 
30-Crown Prince Mix Break 
31-Kes the Band-Thunder 
32-Zan-Hold You Down 
33-Crossovah-SS Drop 
35-Shurwayne Winchester_Serani-All I Need 
36-Patrice Roberts-Bubbling Gal 
37-Nadia Batson-Bumpers Rule 
38-Bunji Garlin_Beenie Man-Plenty Gyal 
39-Barrie Hype-SS Drop 
40-Skinny Fabulous_Blakey-Tek Off D'Panty 
41-Crossovah-SS Drop 
42-Crossovah-Rock Your Body 
43-Skinny Fabulous-SS Drop 
44-Skinny Fabulous_Crown Prince-The Anthem 
45-Barrie Hype-SS Drop 
47-Ricky T-Too Much Rum 
48-Benjai-Whole Day 
49-Christopher Neil-Unkown Zouk 
50-Crown Prince Mix Break 
52-Stabby-Go Stabby 
53-Skinny Fabulous-Head Bad 
54-Crown Prince Mix Break 
55-Mr Slaughter-Staggering 
56-Isla Man-SS Drop 
57-Faye Ann-Meet Super Blue 
59-Machel Montano-We Won't Stop 
60-Iwer George-Ready 
61-Machel Montano_Lil John_Pitbull-Floor on Fire 
62-Ricky T-'Ole 
63-Skinny Fabulous-Get On Bad 
64-Patrice Roberts-Sway In Di Mas 
65-Machel Montano-Ravin 
66-Skinny Fabulous_Patrice Roberts_Barrie Hype-Outro

Prince, thanks again!    

Love and Soca, 

(Nurse) Karen

P.S.  Follow (Nurse) Karen (Etc) for some VERY exciting news about DJ Crown Prince coming soon!  In the meantime, here's me and Crown Prince partying it up in Miami, October 2008.



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