The Rounds - November 26, 2006

>> Sunday, November 26, 2006

Good Evening Soca Lovers,

I’m Nurse Karen and these are Dr. Jay’s Rounds.
As I prepared to come in today, I have to admit…I got a little bit confused. December begins in less than one week, but outside it’s looking like a boxing day picnic on Grande Anse Beach. So, I packed up some paper plates and some pelau and headed out to enjoy the balmy November temperatures.

Not far from the real Grand Anse beach in Grenada the entire Big Artiste Crew was trying a ting themselves. Thursday past was Michelle Sylvester’s birthday. She spent the evening singing her heart out at St. George’s University alongside all the regulars, plus Grenada’s own Mista Killa and Lavaman. Looks like Lava Man is now pon CAMPUS studying, rather than studying those gun and weed charges from the summertime. He and the other big artistes lent their big VOICES and big HEARTS to perform at a charity event at the beachside university.

The man who was deputy chairman of Trinidad’s national carnival commission is not lending his TIME to the planning process anymore. With Carnival just over two months away, the resignation of Ainsworth Mohammed came as a shock to the Trini media on Friday. Mohammed refuses to work with Culture Minister Joan Yulle-Williams and he’s not afraid to say it. For a while now she’s been at odds with the entire NCC board over how the festivities will be run in 2007. She’s got plans to tear down the Grand Stand staging area at Queen’s Park Savannah and replace it with a million dollar Carnival Centre. The board just wants everything to stay the way it is for one more year, since time is so short. Earlier this year the Chairman fled the board too, fed up as ever…so when the minister held a private meeting with the key carnival interest groups, excluding the NCC….Mohammed called it quits for good.

And you know what else is DONE? De big Digicel Rising Stars show. Is lucky ah have meh pelau , because otherwise I woulda have to eat my words. Last Sunday was the final showdown between Omar Rathurin of Antigua and SVG’s Kyron Baptiste. I told allyuh, I wanted to cast a vote for the Antiguan, but the Caribbean public held a different opinion and they phoned in en masse to prove it. St. Vincent and the Grenadines went on to win top prize for the second time in the two years the competition has been around. What can I say? Vincy sweet…sweet and nice!
The entire cast is all smiles though. While Kyron might be the only one leaving the show with a recording contract, all of them will get a taste of the Celebrity life on the Rising Stars holiday Album. Dr. Jay, you can gimme dat one fuh de Christmas. Tanks.

Down in St. Kitts, Alison Hinds is encouraging people to start their Christmas shopping at Courts. The new face of the “Get it Now” campaign has begun her regional tour, appearing in stores. In Basseterre, she didn’t perform, but she was there to witness a dance competition held in her honour. Independent ladies from all over were rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrolling it right to the check out line after getting autographs signed by the shining Bajan Star.

Toronto’s night sky was set afire last evening for the 40th annual cavalcade of lights, but we go blaze it up in de West End tonight for the Big People Parang Show and Dance. I hope somebody told Mr. Scrunter that Nurse Karen would like to hear him sing Anita (aye aye aye…don’t want no ham, don’t want no eggs...) oye oye oye. Whole day people been asking me about tickets and times and directions and WOY…why allyuh don’t you just go to That’s where to find out everything about everything. But if you just want to know if I go be there…you better believe it…just as soon as I hand back meh mic to Doctor Jay.

I’m Nurse Karen and those were doctor Jay’s rounds. Send me your comments at soca @ FLOW 935 DOT Com. Now back to de docta.


The Rounds - November 19, 2006

>> Sunday, November 19, 2006

Good Evening Soca Lovers,

I’m nurse Karen and these are Doctor Jay’s Rounds. Hear nah, we’ve now passed the half way point in November and everywhere you go…it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! Today, de people and dem done block of de whole of downtown so all the little children could gather to catch a quick glimpse of Santa. All now, I still didn’t see the man, but whenever he makes his official visit to the city of Toronto, I can’t help but look forward to the holidays.

Next weekend…it’s off to the Big People Parang Show and dance, for a helping of holiday music and fun -- Trinidadian style. Think about it… If Santa Claus doesn’t get you in that holiday kinda mood, then you probably need people like Marcia Miranda, Scrunter, Kenny J and Leon Coldero to do it for you. None of them would be riding in on a sleigh next Sunday…but de vibes and ting might send YOU riding home in a taxi.

Mista Vybe flew home from Toronto a couple of weeks ago and landed straight into the sound booth. After the amazing success of “Ting fuh de Road” this year, earning him the title of first ever Caribbean Soca Monarch, the pressure is on for Carnival 2007. But first, Vybe is working on some Parang he-self. It surprised me to learn that he wrote a soca parang for Hypa Hoppa…and took to the studio last week to add his high energy background vocals to the mix.
For those of you who don’t know…Hypa hoppa is what you would get if you took FLOW’s own Wayne Williams, Ian Andre Espinet and de one called SPEX, and threw dem into a blender. He’s the Program Director at Trinidad’s RED 96.7. He’s a top event promoter and the force behind the unrivaled Radio Active Sound System in TnT. Now that’s what I would call a one-man entertainment callaloo…who happens to have a degree in Mechanical Engineering too. So, just maybe he could actually design a blender big enough to fit all dem boys dey. All that being said, Ah can’t wait to tek a taste of de song, once it’s done.

You know what else I can’t wait for? I can’t wait for Canadian Cable companies to start broadcasting Caribbean TV shows. If you’re listening, Santa…I think that’s what I want you to bring me. Tonight, in just a few minutes….all the TV sets in the Eastern Caribbean States will be tuned in to the final showdown for the Digicel Rising Star Competition. The finalists have been widdled down to two. Only Antigua’s Omar Rathurin and St. Vincent’s Kyron Baptiste remain.
Now, it’s no secret that I wave my Vincy flag high and proud…but if I still had minutes on my digi-sim card, I’d be texting a vote for the Antiguan with the winning smile. He became my favourite after teenage soca songstress Danielle Veira left the show. Plus, I heard that tonight he’ll be singing “Hot and Groovy”…one of my all-time favourite songs.

Make no mistake….Rising Stars is an important competition. It’s the one that landed Barbados’ Kimberly Inniss smack dab in the middle of the soca limelight with last year’s second place finish. Down in Trinidad Synergy TV’s Soca Star is getting the same kind of attention…especially now that the winner for season two will receive a recording contract with hot boy producer Shawn Mastamind Noel. And if you ask me, dah is money in de bank. Which would sure come in handy for the holidays!

I’m Nurse Karen and those were Doctor Jay’s Rounds. Please send your comments to SOCA at FLOW 935 DOT COM. Now back to de docta!


The Rounds - November 12, 2006

>> Sunday, November 12, 2006

Good Evening Soca Lovers, you’re listening to Soca Therapy and these are Dr. Jay’s rounds for November 12th, 2006.

Bunji Garlin is taking his brand of soca music to a higher level. Last week the former Trinidadian soca monarch signed a production and distribution deal with VP Records. VP is known throughout the Caribbean as the most consistent local music label, producing reggae stars like Sizzla, Luciano, Beres Hammond and this year’s mega-success story Gyptian.

The artist has begun working on new music for this project, including an updated duet version of “Hot Hot Hot” with Arrow, a song with Freddie MacGregor and a pan song with Kernal Roberts.

Bunji’s new agreement guarantees worldwide distribution, ensuring that fans can purchase his upcoming soca album on the shelves of their favourite record stores everywhere.

Bajan Calypsonians are outraged at the lack of support for their music on local radio stations. With the 40th anniversary of Barbados’ independence on the horizon, the United Artistes of Barbados are making their voices heard. Association president and reigning Calypso Monarch David “Kid Site” Piggott tells the media he is disgusted that so little Bajan music can be heard on air during independence time.
A major concert in celebration of the Nation’s anniversary featured Damian Marley, Cocoa Tea and Baby Cham…all of whom are Jamaican artists with no direct linkage to the island of Barbados. The national radio station Voice of Barbados, claims that the UAB’s charges are completely unfounded. As of November 1st, bajan songs comprised 100% of the station’s music programming as they counted down to independence weekend. The rest of the year, Barbadian tunes account for 2 out of every three songs played.

Meanwhile in Trinidad, Pan Trinbago is celebrating the twin island republic’s indigenous instrument. On November 19th, the organization will be hosting an Awards ceremony called “Honouring the Panguard.” The celebration is a tribute to a group of people who introduced the sweet music of the steelpan to the world fifty-five years ago. The list of recipients is extensive, however, notable honorees include the Trinidad All Steel Percussion Orchestra, and the First National Steelband. The Honorable Joan Yuille-Williams, Minister of Community Development, Culture & Gender Affairs will be present representing the government.

You’re listening to Soca Therapy on Flow 935 and those have been doctor jay’s rounds. Please email your comments to soca (S-O-C-A) at FLOW 935 dot com. Now, back to Doctor Jay.


The Rounds - November 5, 2006

>> Sunday, November 5, 2006

Good Evening Soca Lovers,
I’m nurse Karen and these are Dr. Jay’s Rounds for the de day after de biggest day on de fall soca calendar. If anybody should dare to say dey ain’t know what ah talking about let me just hurry up and tell you. Because I don’t have patience for dotishness and you…well you don’t have de ears for my fury.
Last night was the biggest birthday party I’ve ever seen in all meh born days. 25 hundred people packed into de Koolhaus to celebrate de big man doctor jay and to party with other soca scorpios like Marxman, Sir Phillips and yours truly. 13 soca artistes, a surprise dancehall entertainer. Earl La Pierre junior tapping out sweet r&b melodies on his tenor pan…and gyul named buffy…who go be talk of de town fuh de next little while.
Soca or Die 5 was an outstanding success…with my personal highlight being a cheque for $25 hundred presented to the Caribbean Children’s Foundation. Proving that Dr. Jay isn’t just getting older…he’s getting better! And I’m real happy he keeps sharing his blessings with all who cross his path.
Speaking of getting better…Benjai…if you’re still in town. Hit me pon My space, nah man. I does usally go for de locks n’ ting, but ah find the new look is suiting you just fine. Rah rah rah…
Michelle Sylvester, Mista Vybe, Terry Seales, Ms Alysha and Nadia Batson appeared together internationally for the first time as the big artist crew. I watched closely, because I hear they does refer to Terry Seales as the Original Spicy Crispy Winerboy….Now, that is sounding like a flavour of fried chicken to me. Which wouldn’t surprise me, because Trinidad has chicken restaurants like how New York has liquor stores. 3 in the airport alone. I see de boy lick off one piece ah wine pon de stage…and ah hadda say…it was definitely original, and spicy and a little crispy too. Ah tink ah get it now.
The one peter ram says he needs a woman by his side. But ah just want to dispel any rumours before de commess starts flying. I am de woman by his side in several photos taken last night but is nuttin’.. really. De both of us just like to pose up with celebrities…orkay?
I hear allyuh murmurs through my headphones and I know what you’re thinking. One big fete doesn’t make this the biggest soca weekend on the fall soca calendar. You’re right…so maybe you’re not dotish after all.
Friday was the 28th anniversary of Dominica’s independence. Sakap Fete Creole Posse!
This weekend was also the COTT Music Awards. Remember I told you so de other week? Well, Shurwayne Winchester was the big winner walking away with three trophies. He won “Songwriter of the Year, “Song of the Year” and “Groovy Soca of the Year”and word is that he has his eyes on those prizes for next year too, with some big tunes ready for the 2007 carnival season.
I’m happy for him. 2006 has been a great year with the exception of that incident at Glow in St. Vincent when he jumped in the crowd and some fans stole his bangle and wallet during a performance. When I spoke to him afterward he was in good spirits anyway…which just goes to show...It’s not what you have, it’s what you know. And Mr. Winchester knows he’s got the recipe for success
Rikki Jai’s Mor Tor won Chutney of the Year.
Destra took home female songwriter of the year and Jadee won Gospel song of the year with baptize…I love that one. He calling out fire and brimstone on all the soca artists…and everybody dancing up same way.
Last night Isaac Blackman reminded us all to keep our eyes focused on the creator when he serenaded me…or the crowd rather with “To the ceiling”. And I tellyuh soca people, jokes aside. Without God’s blessings we wouldn’t have birthdays to celebrate and we wouldn’t have friends to celebrate them with.
Down in Virginia, dem boys at Article One productions were celebrating the 50th birthday of the legendary Hip Hop DJ Red Alert. If I wasn’t at soca or die, I might have liked to make that trip. Article One are those guys who keep putting out the hottest remixes of Hip hop and R&B songs on soca riddims. You remember the Mario…let me love you remix from Trinidad Carnival 2005? People credit Red Alert as the dj who popularized hip hop and dancehall on American mainstream radio. Kinda like how I credit Doctor Jay as the Canadian Ambassador of Soca. This weekend’s birthday tribute featured performances by the Jungle Brothers, Screechy Dan, Red Fox and Kevin Lyttle.
Last but not least, we head down to the Virgin Islands for the MTV Tempo Anniversary Party. The station celebrated its first birthday last night with the likes of Alison Hinds, Machel Montano, Denise Belfon and Morgan Heritage.
I feel when you add up all the excitement they had going on all-OVA!!! We not gonna see this kind of revelry again until Christmas time.
So, to de young man who was asking me for a piece of salt pork this morning after de fete…I didn’t change my mind, yuh still wouldn’t get it from me…But at least you’re in the right season. In my books, de parang now start. So once allyuh catch up on your sleep…and you’re looking for a next lime….Check for me at the Big people Parang show on November, 25th.
I’m nurse Karen and those were Doctor Jay’s Rounds. Send me your comments and birthday wishes at Soca at flow 935 dot com. Now back to de docta!



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