On De Scene : I Must be in Carnival - SluCarnival goesHD

>> Friday, February 26, 2010

This past January www.slucarnival.com went HD in order to be more user friendly for its users. Last Carnival Shane Larcher the one behind this website bought St.Lucia Carnival to the worldwide web by providing users with music, band information, liming spots, and different tips on the beautiful island.

This year, the site has been up and running since the opening the year because I MUST BE IN CARNIVAL , so there is hardly any excuse to not be up to date on the upcoming Carnival Season. You may say it is a bit early but from the information I have received from Band Leaders , most bands will be launched earlier than expected which is heightening the anticipation that this year will be MAJOR!

So , if you interested save the dates JULY 19th and 20th , 2010 . It is to early to tell when the official opening of Carnival will be but stay in tuned with us here and also www.slucarnival.com who will keep you up to date on developments as the season comes.

Peace and Soca


The Rounds: Trini carnival highs and lows...

>> Monday, February 22, 2010

Originally aired on Flow 93.5 FM's Soca Therapy with Dr Jay de Soca Prince, Sunday, 21st February at 6:45 pm.

Good evening soca lovers, I’m Nurse Karen and these are Dr. Jay’s Rounds. We’re baaa-aack! I know Dr. Jay told you that I wouldn’t be in Trinidad for Carnival. But what can I say? Things change. The carnival bug ketch me and I found myself front and centre in the middle of the action.

If you’ve never been to carnival in the Caribbean, it’s definitely something you should try to make happen. If you want to see the artistry, camaraderie, ingenuity and style of our culture come alive, Carnival is one of the best ways to experience it. While in Trinidad, I hit a couple of fetes, checked out the Soca Monarch Finals...and naturally...I just had to hit the beach too. One of the first parties I got to take in was the PNM fete. The People’s National Movement is one of Trinidad’s major political parties...no pun intended! Each year, they sponsor a big soca show that is actually attended by T&T Prime Minister, Patrick Manning. Hear me...That would be kinda like, Steven Harper inviting the public wine and get on to the top bands at 24 Sussex Drive. Only in the West Indies, I tell yuh.

That night, it became pretty clear that two song written and produced by Machel’s musical director, Kernal Roberts were about to rule the Carnival. I’m talking about Palance by JW and Blaze, and Police in de Session by Shal Marshall and Screws.

Shal Marshall performing at Soca Monarch

 The next night I went to Eyes Wide Shut. If you haven’t heard already...Jamaican dancehall phenomenon Serani was booked as a guest act. I’m sure the promoters thought it was a great idea, but when all of the soca acts had left the stage for the night, the crowd was far from impressed that a dancehall act would be scheduled to close out a major carnival week fete, especially one who had publicly criticized the soca genre in the media early last year. The result? A resounding...BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Poor Serani only asked the ladies to Make Some Noise.... but both men and ladies joined forces to shame the man off stage. Score one for soca. Score zero for international relations. Heh!

As for Soca Monarch! What a night. Personally, that’s my favourite event on the T&T Carnival Calendar...and just so happens to be the most important night of the year for soca. I was so close to the stage. I could literally feel the fireworks burning my nose hairs. Sad to say, Fay Ann Lyons lost her titles in both categories and had to settle for second place behind Shurwayne Winchester in Groovy and ahead of Rikki Jai and Patrice Roberts.

In the Power Category poor Fay-Fay took a silver medal there too. In fourth was Tallpree with Wicked Jab. Shal and Screw placed 3rd....and in first were none of other than JW and Blaze with Palance.

Utter Madness you should have seen the crowd get on for those fellas. Honorable mention goes to Toronto’s own Kerwin Du Bois whose Groovy performance of “Pavement” with Farmer Nappy was the first to send the crowd into a frenzy. It was like a rock concert in there.
Farmer Nappy getting as close as possible to the crowd

So much to tell, but precious time in short....the winning streak continued to till carnival Tuesday for Palance. That’s the new T&T Roadmarch, beating out “True Lies” and “No Behaviour” with more than 400 plays at judging points. So we are talking about a roadmarch win by the widest margin in Trinidad Carnival History.

Before I go, I have to tell you one more thing. I’m sure you rememeber me telling you that Machel would not be performing anywhere during the carnival season. And of course Destra just had a baby...so she was missing in action too. Well, great news...the hiatus is over. On Thursday, Machel Montano gave a live performance in Port of Spain alongside visiting R&B star, Beyonce Knowles. During his set, he surprised the crowd by performing 2003 hit, “It’s Carnival” with Destra Garcia in her first post pregnancy appearance. And when Beyonce hit the stage, imagine the shock when she burst into her own rendition of the 2010 Roadmarch, “Palance”. By all accounts the concert was money well spent...and it makes me feel happy to see that Miss B, paid a lil respect to the local scene.

I’m Nurse Karen and those were Dr. Jay’s Rounds for more detail on everything mentioned today, Check me out online on the Nurse Karen Etc blog at Nurse dash Karen dot com....or follow me on Twitter. Now...back to de docta!


Booster Shot: JW and Blaze obliterate all competition for 2010 Trinidad Roadmarch

>> Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Let me waste no time.  I think the numbers speak for themselves. I feel sorry for the judges that had to listen to ONE song for the WHOLE day yesterday.  Congrats to JW and Blaze for totally dominating Carnival 2K10!

The numbers reflect how many times each song was played at the various judging points:

JW and Blaze

Faye Ann Lyons Alvarez
True Lies

Machel Montano
No Behavior

Love and Soca,

Nurse Karen


Booster Shot: And the winner is...JW and Blaze

>> Saturday, February 13, 2010

Power Soca Monarch
4. Tallpree 56 points
3. Shal and Screws 60pts
2. Fay Ann Lyons
1. JW and Blaze

Groovy Soca Monarch
4.Patrice Roberts
3.Rikki Jai 56 points
2. Fay Ann Lyons 57 points
1. Shurwayne

Congrats to all competitors!

Love and Soca,

Nurse Karen
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Booster Shot: Text to support your favourite artists at International Soca Monarch!

>> Friday, February 12, 2010

Tonight is the big night that I have been hyping up like a mad woman for who knows how long.  I am here in Trinidad, mostly for tonight's big show.  It is the biggest and best celebration of soca music on the calendar!

Must admit, I've lost a little bit of my hype seeing that I actually had to pay a hell of a lot of money for my media pass.  But I do this for you, so wha you go do?  Oh yeah, this time around I'm also doing it for The Caribbean Camera in Toronto, The Searchlight in St. Vincent, and possibly to other international publications I'm not able to disclose as yet.  Allyuh tink is nothing but fete, but is wuk  I here wukking.

If you want to play a part in supporting the artists tonight, I've provided the complete list of text codes.  All you have to do is choose any of the codes listed below and send them to the numbers provided.  The top vote getter will win title of "Peoples' Choice" which has the added benefit of a cash prize for the artist.  So what do you say?  Time to support!

The lines are open from 8 pm to 3 am, and you can text as often as you like.

Check the info below for details:

Bmobile Blackberry International Soca Monarch & Play Whe Groovy Soca Monarch Competitions 2010
Bmobile blackberry international soca monarch &
Play whe groovy soca monarch competitions 2010
Queen’s park oval
Friday, 12th february 2010

Soca fans in trinidad and tobago, st. Vincent, grenada, antigua and barbuda, dominica, barbados, the us and canada have a fantastic opportunity to vote for their preferred soca artiste via sms text messaging in the final stage of the bmobile blackberry international soca monarch competition and the play whe groovy soca monarch competition 2010.

The sms text messaging platforms would be as follows:
 Trinidad and tobago - tstt
 The caribbean – lime
 The us & canada – all major carriers

Soca fans can text the artistes key codes to:
 7622 (in trinidad and tobago and the caribbean)
 78247 (in the us & canada)
Artistes - Text Codes
1. Fayann LyonsFAY1. Fayann LyonsFAL
2. Blaze & JWBJW2. Kerwin Du BoisKDB
3. Farmer NappyFNP3. Shurwayne WinchesterSHW
4. BlaxxBLX4. Patrice RobertsPAR
5. TallpreeTPR5. ChuckyCKY
6. Shal Marshall and ScrewsSMS6. Rikki JaiRJI
7. Super Jigga TCJTC7. ZoelahZOE
8. KMC and Ronnie Mc IntoshKMI8. KMCKMC
9. Iwer GeorgeIWG9. Nnika FrancisNNF
10. Daddy Chess (Dominica)DAC10. Little BitsLBT
11. Tian WinterTIN11. Ainsley KingAIK
12. Skinny Fabulous (St. Vincent)SKF12. TC (Barbados)TC
13. Mr. Killa (Grenada)MRK13. Metro (Synergy Soca Star)MET

Love and Soca,

Nurse Karen

P.S. I know everybody and they bruddah looking for a free online stream to watch. Unfortunately, there is no official one I can give you. BUT...this is 2010. Do yourself a favour and check out sites like USTREAM.COM and JUSTIN.TV . I bet you the price of my press pass some local soca fan will be pointing a webcam at their tv and streaming de show for allyuh.

Not ideal, but still and idea. Have a great night!


Booster Shot: Has Dancehall Officially Invaded Carnival?

Tonight is the biggest night on the soca calendar hands down.  Around the world fans a hoping to catch a glimpse or read a little news about International Soca Monarch.  However, I can't help but notice that prior to today...dancehall has been taken centre stage at Trinidad Carnival.  Whether it be a radio add naming Serani, Jah Cure or whomever else as a headline act, or just the amount of remixes featuring the top names in the dancehall game, you can't deny that 2010 is a whole new playing field when it comes to the music.

Many are talking about it, but few really care.  The fetes are as packed as ever, and I'm sure the Arima Velodrome will still be teeming with big flags and rags to show love to the soca stars vying for the crowns.

But it is definitely food for thought....

Dancehall invasion for Carnival

By STEPHON NICHOLAS Saturday, February 6 2010
click on pic to zoom in
Vybz Kartel ...
Vybz Kartel ...

THE FURORE surrounding TSTT’s decision to bring mega superstar Beyonce to Trinidad for a concert right after Carnival seems to have died down but interestingly there has been no such controversy with Jamaican reggae singer Jah Cure’s participation in this year’s Carnival celebrations.
Jah Cure, born Siccature Alcock, was released from prison in 2007 on parole having served eight years from a 15-year sentence for rape, as well as gun and robbery charges.... 



Eye Unit: Bunji Garlin - Brave (Official Video)

>> Thursday, February 11, 2010

When last did Bunji come out with a video? I'll tell ya...


This one describes what would happen to carnival if everyone was afraid of crime and other social ills.


Bunji Garlin - BRAVE (Official Music Video) from ForceFed Blog on Vimeo.

Love and Soca,

Nurse Karen


Booster Shot: Panorama online pay-per-view

Pan Lovers!!!!

If you can't be hear to take on the action in the Oval, consider supporting the culture on February 13 by paying to view it online for $9.95 US

Here's some more info courtesy of the When Steel Talks blog

Trinidad and Tobago - If all goes according to plan, steelpan music lovers the world over should be able to opt for the Pay-per-view (PPV) option made available via CTNTWorld, part of the  state-owned CNMG (Caribbean New Media Group) - this, according to iMedia Caribbean marketing exec Ian John.  “From Monday (February 8) the Pay-Per-View will go live where they can actually make payments online,” John told When Steel Talks (WST).  This is part of an ongoing initiative as “Pan Trinbago and the state are trying to maximize revenue, to cover some of the costs incurred,” John explained.


Eye Unit: Terry Seales - Stalker (Official Video)

I'm happy to see how many artists made it a priority to put out their work visually this year. This one is from Terry Seales!


Love and Soca,

Nurse Karen


Booster Shot: Shurwayne Winchester cancels annual Children's Show in Tobago

Carnival is full of surprises and yester it was announced that Shurwayne won't be entertaining his usual crowd of youngsters in Tobago once Carnival is over.

Check out the info below:

Posted by Sade-Lea Smith
PRO, Shurwayne Winchester and Y.O.U
February 10 at 3:31pm

Shurwayne Winchester and YOU, having enjoyed a carnival 2010 season that has proven quite competitive and unpredictable, now looks forward to what lies beyond Carnival Tuesday. Regrettably, the annual children’s show for the youngsters of Shurwayne’s birthplace, Tobago, will not be held this year, due to time constraints, the short season that has seen the artiste and his one year old band make appearances at almost every major event in carnival, among other restrictions. The Children’s Show has in recent years, been hosted with the children of Tobago and their parents in mind and this year’s cancellation was indeed a harsh reality that Winchester simply had to face.

Nevertheless, with a promisary statement, the double road march winner says he will ensure that next year’s celebration is bigger and better than ever before, adding that Tobago will see him, in the weeks ahead when he travels for a bit of rest and family time.

With merely a few days away from the Groovy Soca Monarch on Fantastic Friday, Shurwayne’s now in competition mode as he prepares to give his supporters a true treat and a few surprises too!
For now though, Shurwayne extends his sincerest apologies and regrets to the kids of Tobago and sends love from Trinidad.

For more on Shurwayne and YOU, log on to www.shurwaynewinchester.com.

Love and Soca,

Nurse Karen


Booster Shot:Nadia Batson suffers tragic miscarriage

>> Wednesday, February 10, 2010

It saddens me to share news that is perhaps one of the most heart wrenching things a woman can endure.  The Nurse Karen Etc family wishes to  express condolences to Trinidadian soca songstress Nadia Batson on the miscarriage of what would have been her first child.

The news nearly tore my heart out when she informed me via instant messenger last night.  When I asked how she was doing.  She simple said, "I am strong".  This we already know, but hope she will also experience the love and support and loved ones as this festive season has become marred with her unfortunate loss.

Nadia is one of the sweetest people one could ever hope to meet in this business, and I wish her a restful time of healing and self examination as she works through this incredibly difficult time.

Love and Soca,

Nurse Karen

Please read below for the official press release, circulated earlier today:

This release serves to inform the media, and by extension, the general public that female soca sweetheart, Nadia Batson, who has continued to show her worth both on stage, and off, will not be performing at carnival events for the remainder of the 2010 Carnival season.

Batson’s 2010 repertoire which includes, “Heaven,” a super collaboration performed with fellow lead vocalist, Kees Deffeinthalla of Kes The Band, “ Dangerous” and Keep Wining” among others, will certainly be missed as revelers, promoters and soca music lovers, draw the curtains on the season of abandon. Batson’s decision was not an easy one, however her health being the main focus, leads to this unexpected and certainly, unplanned- decision.

Fans and supporters of the artiste, yearning to understand the severity of Batson’s condition at this time, can rest assured that she is now preparing to treat herself to some much needed rest, following an untimely miscarriage. Having conceived her first child sometime in the last few weeks, Batson’s hectic schedule led to the unfortunate circumstance and consequently her decision to exempt herself from the remainder of the seasonal activity.

In making this decision, Batson- concerned about her supporters and those who look forward to hearing her music, wished to thank everyone whose been instrumental in her 2010 carnival campaign and assures that she will be doing what is necessary to ensure that she’s back on stage for Carnivals across the Caribbean and Internationally.

Those wishing to keep abreast of Nadia’s activity, can certainly do so by following her on social networking site, Twitter.


Booster Shot: Order of Appearance Soca Monarch (Power)

Ok I got 'em. This is the order of appearance for Friday's main event!

1. Daddy Chess
2. Tian Winter
3. Super Jigga TC
4. Shal Marshall and Screwz
5. Skinny Fabulous
6. Mr. Killa
7. Tallpree
8. Farmer Nappy
9. Fay Ann Lyons
10. Iwer "d Boss"
11. JW and Blaze
11. Iwer "d Boss"
12. Blaxx
13. Ronnie MacIntosh

Love and Soca,

Nurse Karen
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Booster Shot: Young Documentary filmmaker exposes the heart of TT Carnival

I wasn't planning on coming to Carnival this year.  Blame it on the economy, the cut-throat nature of the business....or as Jamie Fox would say...the alcohol.  I really expected to spend my whole February buried under snow in Toronto.  But alas, I am here.  Carnival is a magic much deeper that the euphoric atmosphere of an overpriced all-inclusive fete.

Carnival is a spirit that takes over every part of the island and brings out the artistry and ingenuity of a people who seek to creat beauty in sights, sounds, scents and tastes.  There's no denying that touch is a sense that is heightened this time of year too.

Found a little article about a flim screening that celebrates the forgotted side of Carnival.  Check it out!

The other side of TT Carnival

By COREY CONNELLY Sunday, February 7 2010
click on pic to zoom in
FALLEN QUEEN: After falling during her presentation of the 'Morrocan Fan Dancer' at the King and Queen of Carnival last Thursday at the Queen's Park S...
FALLEN QUEEN: After falling during her presentation of the 'Morrocan Fan Dancer' at the King and Queen of Carnival last Thursday at the Queen's Park S...
It has long been hailed as the greatest show on earth, an annual celebration of our creativity and uniqueness as Trinbagonians.
But beneath the bikinis and beads, pulsating soca and wild abandon, citizens are expressing mixed views about Carnival and its relevance to life in Trinidad and Tobago. 



Love and Carnival,

Nurse Karen


Booster Shot: Performance order for Trinidad Groovy Soca Monarch 2010

>> Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Fantastic Friday is only 3 days away.  Today, positions were drawn for both the Groovy and Power categories, but sadly I was sorta sleeping on the job...at Maracas Beach!  So, I was lucky to get the order just for Groovy, but don't worry.  I'll fix you up soon...

1. Ainsley King
2. Nnika Francis
3. Metro
4. Rikki Jai
5. Patrice roberts
6. Chucky
7. Shurwayne Winchester
8. Fayann
9. Kerwin dubois
10. TC (Terrencia Coward)
11. KMC
12. Zoelah
13. Lil Bitts

And there you have it,

Love and soca!

Reporting live from Richard's Bake and Shark at Maracas Beach, Trinidad!
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>> Monday, February 8, 2010

Have you seen in yet? Here's the big song that got her a place in this year's Groovy Soca Monarch Final. Turns out she was the crowd favourite at semis too! ....the top vote getter that night by show of text support.

love and soca,

Nurse Karen

By the way....just landed in Trinidad and blogging from the customs line!
Follow my whole adventure on Twitter.


Eye Unit: JW & Blaze - 'Palance' Official Music Video

>> Sunday, February 7, 2010

Now you have it folks!!! JW and Blaze with the brand new video for their mega hit....Palance!

I'm getting set to Palance all the way to Trinidad. At the air port now, headed to NY and then T&T. Watch the video and say a little prayer for my safe travels to carnival central!

Love and Soca,

Nurse Karen


Booster Shot: Metro wins Soca Star season 5

The 6th season of Synergy TV's Soca Star has come to a close and a new winner has been crowned.  Congratulations go out to Machel "Metro" Pierre.

'Metro' wins Synergy TV Soca Star

BIG BREAK: Synergy Soca Star 5 winner, Machel "Metro" Pierre, is lifted in celebration of his victory on Thursday night at the annual competition, which was held at the Jean Pierre Complex, Wrightson Road, Port of Spain. -Photo: MICHEAL BRUCE

Hundreds of young patrons were stranded outside the Jean Pierre Complex on Thursday night as overcrowding brought chaos to the finals of the popular Synergy TV Soca Star competition.

Read the full article here!


On De Scene: Knycky and Rochie at Woodford Cafe with Shurwayne Winchester and Y.O. U.

>> Thursday, February 4, 2010

On De spot blogging:

Half past ten should be half past ten and not...
We reach, we waiting, we tired drink. Woodford Cafe Soca Tuesday. De doorman say de band going on stage 10:30pm. 11:12pm Shurwayne Winchester, Shawn "Mastamind" Noel, Preston, and de rest ah de guys from Y.O.U on stage. Nice start.

11:26pm de Soca session turn into Dub/Rock/Pop (for bout 4 mins), sad buh daiz when de crowd really geh into de ting. Ah guess you (Y.O.U) have tuh use oda genres tuh instigate ah vibe. Ah learning.

Ah cah lie doh, de back-n-time Soca session dat followed geh meh back on track. It was nice. Miguel REAl blow (ah talking bout one ah de horn man, now geh allyuh mind outta de gutter.)

Y.O.U had de crowd singing tuh Stalin's "Blackman". "Bump an wine" did just dat. We bump an wine. Hold yuh bam-bam didn't calm de party goers down at all. It just prepare dem tuh "swing dey engin. Whey!

Man in front de stage sweating ahready! Now Shurwayne trying tuh tell we how tuh swing we engine! As if.

Enrico-Y.O.U's guitarist real "move to the left". Ah feel ah enjoying dis back-n time session., wasn't just ah splice ah de songs yuh know, was whole song an ting.

Ah take ah break(so whahapen! Yuh girl cah take ah wine too?)

Man de session just getting better an better. No drop or dip at all! Shurwayne & Y.O.U just building! Dey making meh enjoy meh 1st session fuh de season as ah "party goer" instead ah performing on stage. This Soca music cud really sen yuh mad yuh know! Oh gosh allyuh wait! Y.O.U playing "look de band coming" Ah coming back..........Steups, was ah teaser we gone back tuh (in meh best vocalist voice)-"do you think you're better off alone"-pop. Steups...3 minuets later...Dats rite Shurwy...back tuh "dead or alive". ................................................................................................................................

Ah back with allyuh. Ah had tuh take a 10 minute wine (oooppps break) Allyuh! Rochelle (Noel) opening de gate!!! Papa!

7 minuets later shoot, dey finish ahready? Now ah need a (wash) rag. Is dis wat Carnival is? Den why was I always on a stage? when ah cuda be out on ah dance floor?
Next week is Image & Co. Hehehehehe. tomorrrow is Karaoke nite, Voices for Haiti. According tuh de regulars, de crowd was small, buh we...WE HAD AH BALL!

Speak soon.
Oceans may divide us but Music cud really bring we together.


On De Scene: "Chutney Bacchanal" is a song...2010

Winners row: Moses Charles 3rd, Rikki Jai 2nd and Ravi B 1st.

Neeshan D Hitman on stage at Chutney Soca Monarch 2010

De News:
Bacchanal Season?

Wherever it hav carnival competitions it bound to hav Bachannal. Wheese! Why boy?
Last Saturday was de NLCB’s Chutney Soca Monarch Competiton. Congratulations Ravi (Bissembhar) B, who was crowed the winner and is also the youngest (27 years) person to ever win the show, opps sorry competition.

The champ came on stage after 10 pm and according to the Newsday newspaper (T&T) was “carried on a sofa by members the bmobile Shiv Shakti Dance Company. He was accompanied during the performance, which was filled with dance and drama, by Barbadian soca star Allison Hinds and his sister, popular chutney singer Nisha Bissembhar.”

Ah sorry eh allyuh, buh ah had a lil gig the same time so ah really didn’t get to see the winning performance. Ah sure ah will ketch ah repeat soon.

Ravi B won TT$200.000.dollars plus a spot in the Bmobile Groovy Soca Monarch competition. He also said he and his band KARMA are booked to perform everyday till Carnival. (and allyuh know is 3 and 4 gigs per nite wit dem bands now rite). Sweet Ravi, SWEET…

Rikki Jai, came in 2nd earning himself TT$100,000 with his song “BARMAN”.

3rd place went to Moses Charles wit his song “Indrani.

Hmmm, like song on RUM, WOMAN an touched by producer Big Rich (Zaheer Khan) of de Pungalunks Factory RULE ….

Now dah seems clear enough, yun enter, yuh make it t the finals, yuh perform. We “The People” text fuh we favorite an tadaaah a winner. Bu NOOOO….

An ah tell allyuh it must have ah bacchanal. The following is a note written by Neeshan D Hitman (who was also a contestant in Saturday’s grand finale) on his facebook account.
Today (Febuary 1st) at 10:28am

I am too blessed to be stressed !
First of all let me congratulate RAVI B and RIKKI JAI on their well deserved first and second place !

I do feel cheated however by amount of complains i have recieved from numerous fans friends and family WHEN THEY TRIED TEXTING DURING THE ENTIRE COURSE OF THE NIGHT their votes were not going thru I have that evidence on my phone also , I am not in anyway upset that i did not win , I DID NOT NEED it as badly as others did , I am me and will continue to be me , with or without that crown , I dont need it to prove a point , I dont need it to pass on others and i certainly dont need it for you to love and support me .

Rikki Jai knows how I feel about him entering the competetion thats just my opinion because if I had won so many times I would have steped back and give a younger artiste that chance , but I am not always right and he really put out his all to earn his position , even though props , glitz and glamour should not be the winning points he works hard at giving us a great show.

Ravi B knew what he wanted and he did not hold back , from the many billboards to his massive presentation , he wanted the crown and he worked also very hard to get it . So I am very Happy for him and Congratulate him once again , i hope he bears in mind that he won the CHUTNEY SOCA CROWN and represents it to the max , not the film song crown or the reggae , dance hall crown etc but CHUTNEY SOCA CROWN.

All i am upset about is the fact that the real amount of VOTES were not reflected towards my Name !"

D Hitman also claimed Ravi B’s winner song was also offered to him first but he refused to sing it because he felt he had done too many rum songs during his career
Now D Hit man is meh boy eh. Since I met him and his family a few years ago ah always find dem to be real peeps (an allyuh know how ah feel bout keeping it real). An even though ah understand his concerns regarding de text fiasco, ah wondering if he shuda post his note so soon after. In my opinion, YES, address the issue, but maybe he cuda wait ah bit. Seek a meeting with the promoters. But I can’t blame some of the people that responded to he note by calling him a sour grape. Ah mean according to my research, dis is not de first year there have been complaints concerning the text set up. So address it before or address it in a proper manner. Buh daiz just my take on it eh. Hitman doh vex ,ah still love yuh.

What allyuh tink?
Genres may divide us but can understanding an acceptance bring us together?


Eye Unit: Might Sparrow and RemBunction - Digging Horrors

>> Monday, February 1, 2010

Happy Black History Month soca and calypso lovers!  Let's start our celebrations off right by looking back at our Caribbean musical past.

Digging Horrors 2010...  This video is a beautiful tribute to Calypso's most melodious voice, The Mighty Sparrow.  Just listen to that classic jazzy sound! ...and be sure to notice a cameo appearance by famous band leader Roy Cape on sax!

Love and Calypso,

Nurse Karen


The Rounds: Soca Monarch chief judge dies of heart stroke, etc...

The Rounds: Originally aired on Flow 93.5 FM's Soca Therapy with Dr. Jay De Soca Prince on Sunday, January 31, 2010

In this edition:
- RIP Roland Gordon (Trinidad)
- Results of Soca Monarch Semifinals (Trinidad)
- Ravi B is 2010 Chutney Soca Monarch (Trinidad)
- Dominica delays its soca monarch show by 3 months (Dominica)
- Ricardo Drue added to "The Orchestra" frontline (Trinidad)
- Happy Birthday Khiomal, Blood (Barbados), Maximus Dan (Trinidad)

Good Evening Soca Lovers, I'm Nurse Karen and these are Dr. Jay's Rounds. Last Sunday's soca monarch semifinals in Trinidad left a lot of people hanging for nearly 4 days. People all over the Caribbean were waiting to find out which acts would eventually get to compete for top honours at 2010 International Soca Monarch Competition. As it turns out results were delayed due to the emergency hospitalization of Roland Gordon. He was the chief judge last week, and also happens to be father of Groovy Soca finalist "Chucky". Two days after critiquing the performances of more than 80 competitors, Gordon suffered a life threatening stroke, and on Thursday, sadly he died. Our deepest condolences go out to all who are affected by his sudden and very tragic passing.

The list of finalists can be found on my blog, but I'll mention a few highlights. As you may have heard, you won't see Bunji or Benjai on the Soca Monarch stage this year. They had no interest in competing this time around. However, you will see JW and Blaze performing their smash hit "Palance". Tallpree will be playing a wikked jab on Fantastic Friday, but fellow Gutter Riddim rider Patch whose song "Pipe" is a phenomenon unto itself...didn't make the final cut. Neither did Toronto's own Slammer Cutter...but we've got some representation in Kerwin Du Bois, who will be making an appearance in the Groovy Category

Nurse Karen and Tallpree in Miami (Oct 2009)

In other Monarch news. Chutney Soca Monarch went down last night, and I've got your top three! in third place was Moses Charles with "Indrani". Veteran Rikki Jai placed second with "barman", and the 2010 Chutney Soca Monarch is cutie pie Karma front man Ravi B with "Ah Drinka"

Let's see, what else when down this week? Oh yeah, well Dominica announced that they won't be staging a soca monarch show for carnival 2010, which is happening over the next few weeks. Instead the event has been moved to the end of May. Reigning soca Monarch Daddy Chess, however, will be competing in Trinidad on February 12th.

Peter C. Lewis in Miami (Oct 2010)

Ricardo Drue has just been named frontline vocalist for Peter C. Lewis' band, the Orchestra. Lewis is ready to pass on the torch...and believes this bright upcoming star is the man for the gig.

Belated greetings go out to Khiomal of the big band Krosyfyah. He rang in a birthday on Thursday (28th). Trinidad's ultimate fighter, Maximus Dan celebrated his earthstrong on Saturday, January 30th, while bajan soca veteran Andy "Blood" Armstrong will celebrate tomorrow on February 1st.
Birthday Boy Khiomal in Miami (October 2009)

I'm Nurse Karen and those were Dr. Jay's Rounds. for more info on all ah dat and more, check me out online at Nurse dash Karen dot com, or why not follow me...Nurse Karen on Twitter. Now, back to de Docta!



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