The Rounds: Lil Rick unleashes the "Under Dog"

>> Monday, May 26, 2008

Good Evening Soca Lovers, I'm Nurse Karen and these are Dr. Jay's rounds. This is one busy weekend on the carnival calendar, especially for our friends south of the border. The US is celebrating memorial day, which means many West Indian Americans are remembering their waistlines. Atlanta seems to be the hottest US ticket where entertainment is concerned. Tizzy, Iwer, Zoelah, Jamesy P and Problem Child all got to perform in the Carnival village yesterday. But Machel Montano was the guest of honour. Mr. High Definition received a groundbreaking Phoenix award from the City of Atlanta naming him Caribbean Music Ambassador. Today, Machel is among the reggae greats at the Best of the Best show in Miami.

Liming with Iwer George in Toronto

Just a few hours north on the i-95, the city of Orlando is celebrating the 25th anniversary of its Caribbean carnival. According to recent census figures there are 86 thousand Caribbean people living in that city. Most of them are at the parade which began at 11 this morning, and will end at the Orlando Sports Complex with live entertainment and activities straight until midnight.

On the West Coast, The bay area is jumping up for Carnaval San Francisco. With 85 different groups participating in the parade, it's a pretty impressive show of Latin American and Caribbean Culture.

Down in Barbados, Lil Rick the Hypa Dog had a special treat for onlookers at the Gail Hill Calvalcade on Friday night. He introduced a new artiste by the name of Under Dog who happens to be his very own son. The corn-rowed teen has perfected his daddy's every antic and dance move down to a T. So, I'll be keeping watch to see what's in store for Crop Over.

Lil Rick and Nurse Karen

If you love soca so much that you sing it in the shower, have I got the competition for you! GotRhythm Dot Com out of Barbados has launched an international E-Soca competition. They are inviting amateur soca artistes from around the globe to submit songs to their website. You can post your chune anytime between now and August 9th. The song that is downloaded most often by online visitors wins! And the artist takes home $5000 bajan bucks….that's about $25 hundred US or Canadian. It's that easy!

While I'm on the topic of competition, I would be amiss not to mention Caribana 2008. It's clear that the mas bands mean business with some of the most imaginative and beautiful costumes ever to don the lakeshore of our fair city. Special shout out to Curtis Eustace and the entire Carnival Nationz camp for a theatrical unveiling of their 2008 presentation of Pirates last night. There are eleven stunning sections depicting the Caribbean's lawless mythological past. The heat is on…and Ah Ready for de Road.

I'm Nurse Karen, and those were Dr. Jay's rounds. Please leave me a comment online at the Nurse Karen Etc blog at triple w dot mustard seeds dot net. And be sure to download the ROUNDs podcast. Now, back to de docta!


The Rounds: Homeless alcholic releases a popular soca track

>> Sunday, May 18, 2008

Good Evening Soca Lovers,

I’m Nurse Karen and this is your Victoria Day LONG weekend edition of Dr. Jay’s Rounds. Last night we finally got to cross Soca or Die 8, part one off our lists of things to do. And what can I say?..we dunned it one hundred po-cent! Check the lingo.

Maximus Dan with Nurse Karen

Kerwin Du Bois brought smooth vocals, and raw energy to the crowd at KoolHaus before Atlantik took to the stage for an action packed show featuring the ever-hypnotik Tizzy of El A Kru, a svelt version of my soca super-hero Maximus Dan and Miss Destra Garcia performing hit after hit in some awe-inspiring fish net stockings. Yes girl, I see you!

Destra Garcia with Nurse Karen

If you missed out, try and get your act together for tonight. It’s a showdown of epic proportions at Palazzo. Faye-Ann, Bunji, Nadia and Iwer are bringing they toppa top acts direct from Trinidad’s Power Soca Monarch Show. Be there or ...well Soca or DIE...this is not a joke thing!

Atlantik backstage at Soca or Die

One quick Big Up to Farm P as he wraps up production of the Sexy Chocolate Girls video today. The video was shot in Trinidad and Canada, directed by Royette of Caribbean Vibrations TV.

In other news....the summer carnivals are heating up nice and lovely. St. Lucy Parrish in Barbados hosted the 3rd NCF cavalcade of the Crop Over season last night. The evening featured free performances by some of BIM’s most respected music vets; Red Plastic Bag, Gabby and GRRRRrynner. Jabae was there too, and from all reports Barry’s diet is going real well. He go have he sexy back in time for August. This year the events are coordinated by Peter Boyce who most people know for his outspoken criticisms of the crop over festival in the past. Now he is sleeping with the enemy, trying to develop respect for the local music industry through the rural cavalcades.

Dr. Jay and Nurse Karen

St. Vincent’s Jamesy P cancelled all gigs over the past week to be close to the fam this weekend. Very fitting after the release of his new tune “We will survive,” which pays tribute to his wife for her tireless commitment to the man who got famous off a chune called Nookie! Today, he’s quietly ringing in his birthday in Tortola with his wife and son.
Tizzy with Nurse Karen

But the biggest news out of Vincy Mas is a song called “No More Long Talk” by Skinny Fabulous... and a guy called Blakey. Believe it or not Blakey is what you might call a vagrant. He now lives on the streets of Kingstown after a losing battle with alcoholism and cocaine robbed him of his earlier life as witty calypsonian and talented painter. Non-Fiction Recordings has embarked on what they’re calling “Project Blakey” to restore the man - artistically and physically - to his former glory.
Nadia Batson with Nurse Karen

I’m Nurse Karen and those were Dr. Jay’s Rounds. Catch me online at the (Nurse) Karen (Etc) blog at Mustard Seeds dot Net for more soca news, and as always download the podcast to get the rounds on the go. Now, back to de docta!


Booster Shot: Nurse Karen on Island Style TV

>> Monday, May 12, 2008

I didn't mention it on air last night, but we had some special guests in the Flow studios yesterday. I'm taking a quick sec to big up the crew of Island Style TV for coming in to interview me about my work as a writer, poet and radio personality. Look out for it on Roger's TV (in Canada) ...uh...some time in the future. It's a new magazine-style profile show looking at the Caribbean community in Toronto.

Much respect to Broken Dolly Productions and Producer, Mark was nice spending my Mother's Day with you all!

Looking forward to seeing it!


The Rounds: Kes the Band members debut on the small screen

>> Sunday, May 11, 2008

Good Evening Soca Lovers, I'm Nurse Karen and these are Dr. Jay's Rounds. First I want to wish a very happy mother's day to all the women out there influencing others to be their best. And to all the mommy's of the soca therapy family, we feel so blessed to have you in our lives.
Just one week to go until Soca or Die, and I know allyuh can't wait. All the soca crews are making sure to get plenty sleep this week, because next weekend is two nights of fete.
Sunday night headliners Bunji Garlin and Faye-Ann Lyons are in Germany this weekend for Berlin Carnival. There has been an active soca subculture in that city for years, but the 2006 World Cup of Football made true soca warriors out of everyone. Assylum Band is mashing up as I speak…next stop Toronto!
Nadia Batson is due to perform here next Sunday too, but she left Trinidad on Thursday with stops in New York and LA. It's a busy time for Nadia and her fellow band mates in Kees the Band. Digital sampling dude, Richard Balgobin is the new host of Synergy TV's Chutney Star. It just premiered on Thursday in T and T. Meanwhile Kees and Nadia are gearing up for the debut of The Reef. I first told you about it in February. These talented singers, will be showing off their acting chops in a brand new dramatic series to air on Channel Six in Trinidad.
Other Caribbean locales can take it in on MTV Tempo. And in the New York City Tristate area, look for it on CIN 73. Allyuh lucky! The rest of us will have to HOPE to eventually catch a glimpse on YouTube.
So the 27th annual International Reggae and World Music Awards went down last weekend at the Apollo. Machel was pretty popular that night, even though the show celebrates musical achievements in Reggae, Soca, Reggaeton, Soukous, Salsa and Compas. Machel won the coveted Bob Marley Entertainer of the year award plus two others, to make him the night's biggest winner.
Buju Banton won the award for Most Educational Entertainer last week. And Last NIGHT he had a sold out gig at Madison Square Garden with fellow reggae stars Super Cat and Barrington Levy. Upcoming groovy soca sweet boy Kevon Carter wooed the audience with the sweetest soca vibes. So, if you didn't know that name, you might want to get familiar. It won't be the last time.
I'm Nurse Karen and those were Dr. Jay's Rounds.
Check me out online at the Nurse Karen Etc blog at Mustard Seeds dot net. And get The Rounds to go, by downloading the podcast. Now, back to de docta.


The Rounds: Bring your Mas and come! Vincy Mas 2K8 is officially on!

>> Sunday, May 4, 2008

Good Evening Soca Lovers,
I'm Nurse Karen and these are Dr. Jay's Rounds. I'm finding new respect for the month of May! How can you not love a month that's going to be jam packed with amazing fetes, band launches, and carnival kick-offs? How can you not love a month that has all those things packed into one day?!
Saturday, May 3, marked the birthday of former Xtatik percussionist and vocalist Farmer Nappy. He's busy working on new releases for Barbados' Crop Over Festival.
Last night also marked the first ever Toronto edition of Shal Marshall's signature fete…Gyal Farm…and the girls came out in country and western costume, Daisy Dukes and all. Everybody knows where the ladies go, the gents will follow. So Callaloo mas camp can look forward to several masculine masqueraders in their hot new Gyal Farm section for Caribana 2K8. The section will be headed by Kerwin Du Bois and Shal Marshall, and was designed by Marlon Singh. It features peachy beads and feathers for the girls and straw hats in a matching motif for the boys.
Batabano Carnival wrapped up yesterday in Grand Caymen. Dexter Seusahai from Toronto's Tribal Knights Mas Band made the annual trip to see his beautiful designs hit the road with Swanky International. He'll be back in Toronto soon to launch his presentation of Deep Rising at Soca or Die. The Saturday night portion of the first-ever two-day long fete will feature performances by Destra and Atlantik, Tizzy, Maximus Dan and Kerwin Du Bois.
Yesterday was also the official launch of Vincy Mas. This year's theme is "Bring Yuh MAS And Come!" and all of Kingstown took it to heart. The crowd spilled out of the Chamber of Commerce Car Park for 6 hours as they were treated to all the elements of carnival; pan, calypso, mas and soca. Zoelah reigned supreme at the best new song competition for the second year in a row. She beat out Danielle Veira with her uptempo double entendre, Zoom In. Kevin Lyttle made a brief appearance to premiere his new ragga track "Come See Me" featuring Lexxus. Later, Shaunelle McKenzie brought the house down with her performance of Don't Let Go, a smooth one produced by Mark Cyrus and written by Luta. Dr. Jay gave it a spin last week. The night closed out with performances by Luta, Jalena, Tabia and Fireman Hooper, all backed by the Akcess Band. Don't you just love May?
I'm Nurse Karen and those were Dr. Jay's Rounds. Please leave your comments at the Nurse Karen Etc blog at triple W dot mustardseeds dot net. Now back to de docta!



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