Nurse's Lounge: Jingle Jam 4 (video)

>> Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Living in Canada, it's nearly impossible to excape the harsh reality of the elements. Thankfully, promoters up here realize that party-goers require some extra inspiration to leave their humble abodes when the mercury drops below zero.

To the rescue was CVR Entertainment with its fourth edition of Jingle Jam. November 29, 2008 KoolHaus was the place to be if you were looking for live soca acts doing their thing. I decided to check it out.

Toronto's own Slammer Cutter opened the show with "Hang Over," a song that's now getting a lot of love. This artist has paid his dues and continues to. So it's nice to see the spotlght flashing his direction.

Next was Shurwayne. No one doubts that Mr. Winchester knows how to warm up a crowd in a c-c-cold city. However, between you and me, Shurwayne had something to prove. The die-hard fans aren't sure what to make of him without Traffik, and Saturday night was all about holding his own. But check the clip...he did more than fine!! (Now just to get Y.O.U. up here so I can give allyuh my official stamp of approval.

Skinny Fabulous is no stranger to (Nurse) Karen (Etc), mostly because he's no stranger to Toronto. Ever since Head Bad (On the Spot) clinched the SVG Soca Monarch crown in July, he has been a staple at the city's major fetes. Skinny didn't disappoint. Taking the holiday theme one step further, Skinny Fabulous helped Santa Claus cross a few names off the Toronto list. Running through his cache of older hits, he emptied out two great big bags of ridiculous gifts for his fans. Never know what to expect. Toronto has seen him grace the stage in a Star Wars mask, empty a whole bottle of Hennessy in the mouths of the crowd. We even saw him jump into the audience for a midnight surf. Click below for the gift exchange....

Ever since I started blogging, one of my favourite habits is checking to see what search terms (Nurse) Karen (Etc) readers are using to find content on the site. For the last month everyone is searching FAYE-ANN LYONS and PREGNANT as if there's nothing else that happens under the sun. (in case you're into stats like me, about 200 people have googled that to end up right here in the last 30 days)

Well...under the moon, Bunji Garlin and Faye-Ann Lyons gave an energetic stage show backed by TC, the King of Swag. Somebody tell me, that boy really always wears white pants? I have seen these two give a different show maybe ten times for the year. Maybe more if I really count. Faye-Ann was peforming pregnant in Miami at 3 months. Now at nearly six months, my girl is really turning heads. It's impossible to hide the bump protruding from her infamous rock hard torso. No doubt you'll enjoy seeing her mash up the stage, like it's just another day at the office!

I enjoyed the Jingle Jam lime. The crowd was about 1100, 400 shy of what the promoter hoped for. However, I think we can blame the weather for that. That was some kinda gaseous ice sumting in the air. Shivering just thinking about it! Would have loved to see KMC perform. "I'm not drunk" would have complimented Slammer Cutters "Hangover" very nicely. Guess I'll have to wait for T&T

Merry Christmas!

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