On De Scene: Reelest8. The beginning.

>> Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Hi guys. Is ah real long time ah eh report tuh allyuh, but allyuh know ah does only drop in when ah ha ting tuh talk bout rite.

Last Saturday, 10th July, ah had de pleasure of hosting de launch ah de newest band in Trinidad & Tobago, Reelest8. (Now allyuh cud play wit dah name all allyuh like buh I feeling it. After hearing dem ah cud honestly say ah feeling de 8 too. (See de name play start (((grins))).

Reelest8 consists of: Bandleader/Producer/Musical Director, Gordon Samuels; Drummer, Kareem Romain; Lead guitarist, Steve Smith; Bassist, Cornelious Francis; Keyboardist, Dale Dolly; Lead Vocalist, Heaven ‘Snakey’ Charles; Female Vocalist, Keisha Stewart; Vocalist, Kenneth 'Kenny' Richards; Sound Engineers, Alvin Dempster and Cerf Stewart.

According to their facebook page (which ah encourage allyuh to join): “Reelest8 is a blend of fresh faces and soca veterans. The foundation of the band is the eight core musicians from the band formerly known as Surface, which was a staple of the soca scene for the last decade. While Reelest8 has its sights set on the long-term, there are fetes they plan to accomplish in the short term. The band will officially launch at Caribana in Toronto, Canada, this July. The band also has bookings in Dubai, London, Miami and Trinidad”. Nice one wid de guys dey man, management: (Kenson King (1-868-462-4757), Keisha ALmorales (1-868-786-2671) and Karen Lowery (1-868-351-7108) can all be contacted to book the band), wukking!

DE BEGINNING: It was ah real nice intimate setting at La casa De Ibiza, with family, friends, fellow artistes and supporters. Now allyuh mus be wondering how dey ha supporters ahready if dey now launching. Stick wid meh nah, is veterans we dealing wid ah say. Some of them stamp dey name in bands like Atlantik, Karibbean Rage, Byron Lee, 3 Veni, even a rock band “5 miles to midnite”, and of course Surface.

Ah announced de band and came off stage to “gape”. Wen Heaven (who I know as Snakey) belted out de first bars of Jah Cure’s Unconditional love, how yuh does say it? He had meh at hello! Snakey has improved drastically, or maybe ah just never hear him wid dem kinda styles, buh he immediately had us ladies eating outa he han wid de emotions he conveyed. His cover of Unconditional love was by far de reelest (pun intended) ah hear so far. He take full control ah de stage and audience, without overdoing it. He set de pace.

Meh girl Keisha Stewart had one up on Rhianna cause ah never ever see Rhi-Rhi perform she own song Rude Boy like dat! Keisha had de right blend of sex appeal, class, and “diva-ish-ness”. She made some moves she must have picked up on one of her many trips abroad, (she has worked in places me eh even reach yet, Malaysia and ting yuh know), cause ah never see Keisha move so before! She looked great. Vocally, she was on POINT

Kenny (ah sorry buh allyuh know ah does keep it real)

Ah tink 2011 cud be de year ah de “underground" unappreciated, Soca artistes cause boy, de guest artistes!!! Well everybody know Terri Lyons, if yuh doh know she yet, 2011!!! All ah go say is if dey (re:de mafia) give Terri room, Terri bringing home even more dan she sister Fayanne bring home.

Buffy! Buffy! Buffy and she antics. She was a pleasant surprise. Whole Carnival ah hearing de tune “man wine up on anything, woman wine up on anything.” Ah really didn’t feel de song eh. My thought was, “wha ish is dat?”. After seeing her perform, my lorsh! I now rate it as one of de better tunes for de past season. An energetic, strong, FULL ON PERFORMANCE! I lovessss her!

Emm em *clears throat*. Ah cud now do de “Swappi”. In my introduction tuh de band, ah happen tuh mention dat ah wanted tuh learn Swappi’s dance. Who tell meh say so? During his performance, Swappi call meh out tuh learn his dance, which ah now realize is de Soca version ah one ah de late great MJ’s. Again, true artiste, rite dong tuh he Soca MJ all white kit (which included white sun glases).

Reelest8 repertoire was de rite mix ah songs, de rite length and come September when de have de official Trinbago launch, AH GO BE DEY! De nite was best!

So if yuh from TO, listen out fuh Reelest8 (soon tuh release 3 tracks). Go out & support dem, it go be best!

Only two tings spoil de nite. One is after all de pictures and videos ah take, ah still eh learn de upload from de BB tuh de blog yet. Steupes (@ mehself). Wat is de point of having de ting if ah cah (refuse tuh take time tuh) learn it? My apologies. De oda is meh girl Rochell K Noel wasn't dey fuh de experience, ah cuda well do wid meh wuk up partner. Buh all kicks aside, de lady ha she priorities straight so ah cah complain. AH STILL MISS YUH ROCHEEEY!

Yes guys, it's really been ah while buh, I is still yuh Keeping it real Trinibagonian.

So wha if some oceans divide us, ah still maintain MUSIC WILL UNITE US!

Blessings and miracles,


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knyx July 14, 2010 at 1:58 AM  

Don't know why meh thoughts on kenny Disappeared from meh blog. Again, my apologies. I;ll continue here:
Kenny (ah sorry buh allyuh know ah does keep it real)<my disclaimer. Kenny stylish too bad with his rock-ish kit (clothes) but ah still think he needs a bit more time to settle, to come into his own. Ah not knocking de man cause dis may have been his very first run in with Soca and R&B. All ah saying is ah see potential and with people like Gordon and dem guiding him, he go reach far. Just put in de wuk Kenny. Your job is half way done. *whispers* ah was watching de ladies watching yuh *wink-wink*. Yuh hah yuh fans ahready boy! WOI!-

knyx July 14, 2010 at 2:33 AM  
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jamaica Airport Taxi January 20, 2011 at 3:28 PM  

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