Eye Unit: Peter Ram - Tattoo Farm / Blackberry

>> Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Well what can I say? Who new that Peter Ram and Biggie Irie were such great actors? Check out Peter's latest video for Tattoo Farm. This was shot in place of domicile for Peter Ram, Biggie Irie and Skinny Fabulous for the 2010 Trinidad Carnival season. I happened to pass by the spot the day after the video. The guys were still tatted up! Later that night we met up to play J'ouvert with Nasty Devils...

Take a look and let me know what you think!

Love and Soca,

Nurse Karen


The Rounds: Shaunelle McKenzie is a Mommy!

>> Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Originally aired on Sunday, March 28, 2010 on Soca Therapy with Dr. Jay de Soca Prince (Flow 93.5 FM Toronto)

In this edition:
- Trelawny Carnival this weekend (Jamaica)
- Bacchanal Blocko 2010 Cancelled (Jamaica)
- Fadda Fox, Skinny Fabulous and Monstapiece rock UWI Carnival (Jamaica)
- Rupee remixes "Frenzy"
- Bomani plans new Vincy Mas fete (St. Vincent)
- Shaunelle McKenzie gives birth (St. Vincent)

Good Evening Soca Lovers,
I’m Nurse Karen, and these are Dr. Jay’s Rounds.  Easter is just one week away, which means just a few days till Jamaica Carnival for Soca fans in Trelawny. ...Three days of revelry to the sounds of Byron Lee’s Dragonaires led by Oscar B.  Other events include a soca / reggae party on Good Friday, Family Fun and oldies disco day on Saturday, and a sport bike show on the Sunday.  It’s definitely not your traditional expression of Carnival other Easter for that matter.  But then again Jamaica has always been on the forefront of cultural innovations!
            Jamaica’s other carnival,  Bacchanal Jamaica, just announced the cancellation one of it’s signature events this season.  Sad to say, the Bacchanal Blocko is off for 2010.   Organizers cite unforeseen circumstances.
Nurse Karen and Skinny Fabulous in Toronto (2008)
Students in Jamaica celebrated UWI Carnival last night.  They lucked out on a hot show  from Fadda Fox, Skinny Fabulous.  In a just a few minutes the action will continue on The Plumbers Boatride.  With the weather we’ve been having over here, doesn’t a boatride in sunny Jamaica sound perrrrrfect?
Meanwhile , Barbados’ soca sweet boy Rupee  is back home after one month of touring in Europe.   Toronto Hip Hop fans will be excited to hear that he’s got a remix of the song FRENZY on the way.  It feature’s T-Dot rude bwoy Kardinall Offishall, so keep your ears to the ground for that.
Nurse Karen and Kardinal Offishall in Toronto (2008)
Toronto fete-goers had a couple of great indoor options for entertainment over the weekend.  One fete featured Bomani from St. Vincent.  If you missed him, he tells me  he’s hard at work organizing his first ever concept show for Vincy Mas 2K10.  It’s called Soca in de Dark.   The dimly lit, intimate night of groovy and raga vibe is set for the Month of May and will feature a cast of SVG artists as well as a guest appearance from Krosfyah!
Bomani and Nurse Karen in New York (2008)
           If you know the Vincy scene, you would know that Bomani sings in a band called HS Phaktor with a talented female vocalist by the name of Shaunelle Mckenzie.  Last Saturday, Shaunelle became a new mom, giving birth to a bouncing baby girl named Sade.  She weighed in at 6 pounds 13 ounzes, and from all accounts, she’s happy, healthy and verrrry hungry! 

Shaunelle McKenzie and Nurse Karen in St. Vincent (2008)
            I’m Nurse Karen and those were Dr. Jay’s Rounds.  For more info on everything you heard.  Check me out online at Nurse dash Karen dot com, or Follow me...”Nurse Karen” on Twitter.  Now, back to de Docta!


The Rounds: Fay Ann is a no-show at Soca Monarch prize giving

>> Friday, March 26, 2010

Originally aired on Sunday, March 21, 2010 on Soca Therapy with Dr. Jay de Soca Prince (Flow 93.5 FM Toronto)

In this edition:
- International Reggae and World Music Awards Soca Nominees (USA)
- Tizzy goes to France (France / Antigua)
- International Soca Monarch prizes distributed (Trinidad)
- Shal Marshall rocks Mas Camp (Jamaica)
- Birthdays: Private 6 (St. Lucia) Harella (Dominica)

Good evening soca lovers. I’m Nurse Karen, and these are Dr. Jay’s Rounds.

The International Reggae and World Music Award nominations are out. 2010 makes it 29 years, and this time around several soca artists are among the nominees in six different categories. But the biggest award for the genre would “Best Calypso/Soca Entertainer which pits the likes of Alison Hinds, Machel Montano, Skinny Fabulous, Edwin Yearwood and Fay Ann Lyons against each other. No matter who wins, you can certainly count on great performances from Machel and Alison at the IRAWMA’s in Queens New York for May 2nd. Vote online at triple W dot I R A W M A dot com.

Nurse Karen shares a laugh with Skinny Fabulous (Trinidad, February 2010)
El A Kru’s Tizzy is enjoying the benefits of a blossoming career. Recently, the bouncy Antiguan lead singer returned to her sunny island from headlining the Caribbean Bounce Festival in Bordeaux France. Do you understand what I’m telling you here? A West Indian woman travels all the way to a town known for a certain grapety beverage to teach the people about wine. Kinda ironic don’t you think?

Trinidad’s Caribbean Prestige Foundation distributed the Soca Monarch prizes on Thursday at the Cascadia Hotel. JW and Blaze were there to collect their $600 Thousand TT and a Brand New Toyota Hilux. Shurwayne who earned top prize in Groovy Soca was in person to collect his winnings, but Fay-Ann Lyons did not show up even though she scored a second place in both categories.

 Nurse Karen with Fay Ann Lyons in Miami (October 2009)

During the festivities, Vice President Tony Lee announced that come 2011, the winner will alos receive the “William Munro Soca Monarch Challenge Trophy” along with the cash. The new trophy, named after the event’s co-founder has been created to continue to honour the contribution of William Munro long after he moves on from involvement with the organization. Although, no actual announcement indicating such a move was actually made.

The Friday Night fetes at Bacchanal Jamaica Mas Camp continued this week. It was Shal Marshall’s turn to mash up the session, following Alison Hind’s big show last week. The action continues until just after Easter.
Nurse Karen and Shal Marshall (Toronto, March 2010 - photo by Soca Dread)

Before  I hand it back to Dr. Jay we gotta wish a happy birthday to St. Lucia’s Private Six on Friday and Dominica’s Harella on Saturday.

And there you have it, I’m Nurse Karen and those were Dr. Jay’s Rounds. For more news from throughout the soca universe, check out the Nurse Karen Etc blog at nurse dash Karen dot com, or follow me “Nurse Karen” on Twitter. Now Back to De Docta.


Booster Shot: Tizzy Exports Her Wine to France

>> Friday, March 12, 2010

Well, would you get a load of that?  What possibly could an Antiguan, or any West Indian have to teach the French about Wine? Well, the French certainly have us beat when it comes to Champagne, Chardonnay, and Merlot...but who better to teach the "Tizzy Wine", that Tizzy herself!

More evidence of important strides for Eastern Caribbean Soca artistes!  See what I mean in the press release below.

Love and Soca,

Nurse Karen

Tizzy exports her ‘Wine’ to France
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE St. Johns, Antigua - Tanzania “Tizzy” Sebastian returned to Antigua earlier this week from her first appearance in France where she headlined the Karibbean Bounce Carnival in Bordeaux .
Bordeaux a city known internationally for its wine got its first taste of the “Tizzy Wine” on Saturday, March 6th. “We knew how popular ‘Expose’ was but I was surprised how well known her other hits like ‘Tizzy Wine’ and ‘Bounce’ are in France ” said Tizzy’s manager Rohan Hector. Apparently a youtube video of Tizzy demonstrating her signature dance during a radio interview went viral spawning the dance craze in France .
Tizzy and her band El-A-Kru have become fixtures on the entertainment circuit throughout the Caribbean and Caribbean Diaspora since she received the award for “Best New Female Soca Artist” at the International Soca Awards in 2007. Having already performed in London , Saturday’s performance became Tizzy’s first in continental Europe .
Her popularity in France was clear as she was approached by fans asking for autographs while sightseeing in Bordeaux prior to the show. “People were running up to me in the streets to show me their ‘Tizzy Wine’” Tizzy answered when asked about her reaction in France . “It was amazing being onstage and having people who do not even speak English, singing our songs word for word.”
The show was a success with an above capacity crowd turning out to see Tizzy’s energetic performance. Forced to improvise when her microphone stopped working in the middle of a song, Tizzy taught the crowd the ‘Tizzy Wine’ until her microphone was replaced. She received several encores, the promoter himself said “she was very good, they loved her.”
“I believe Tizzy will be the first female artist to take soca Global,” says Brad Hemmings, CEO of Caribbean Entertainment Tizzy’s agency that has also booked reggae and soca artists to perform in exotic places such as Russia , Australia and the Middle East .
Tizzy is scheduled to return to other countries in Europe this summer of on her De Road Show Tour which included stops in Guadeloupe and St. Thomas prior to France and continues on to Calgary, Canada this week. 


Booster Shot: Skinny, Machel, Fay Ann, Alison, and Edwin nominated for 2010 IRAWMA

>> Thursday, March 11, 2010

Congrats goes out to a handful of soca artists who have been nominated for this year's International Reggae and World Music Awards.  Kudos to the IRAWMA committee for getting it right this year.  In the past the soca category hasn't always reflected top achievers in the genre for the period considered.

Check out this press release from Pyramid Entertainment.  Keep in mind, we're talking about Skinny Fabulous' management. So, I don't want anyone trying to say I'm trying to influence your vote.  Vote with your ears and your heart!

Love and Soca,

Nurse Karen

Skinny Fabulous Earns IRAWMA Nomination


Skinny Fabulous is among the nominees for the 29th International Reggae & World Music Awards (IRAWMA), getting the nod for his performances in 2009.

Announced on February 27, Skinny Fabulous is joined by fellow nominees Fay Ann Lyons, Edwin Yearwood, Machel Montano and Alison Hinds in the category for Best Calypso/Soca Entertainer. You can go tohttp://www.irawma.com/vote-2010-irawma.html  to cast your vote for Skinny Fabulous.

This year's Awards show is dedicated to the People of Haiti and Health Awareness. It will be held on Sunday, May 2, 2010 at 6 pm at the York College of Performing Arts Center in Queens, New York. Visit 
www.IRAWMA.com for more info about the Awards and to vote for Skinny Fabulous. 
IRAWMA produced by Martin’s International & Associates promotes reggae and world beat music as an art form. Each year it honors entertainers and others associated with world music for their contributions to the industry and to humanity internationally. IRAWMA is vehicle of expression for the voiceless peoples of the world. More than 20 million fans viewed the 26th, 27th, and 28th IRAWMA on television.


On De Scene: Spice and Co. alive again in Barbados!

Soca world

Good morning I am still mentally in a congaline.... And Bump and Wining.

After 15 years one of the most greatest Caribbean Bands of all time took the stage for one night only in a venue in Barbados that has not hosted an event for over 35 years.

Spice & Co took to the stage last night to give their fans a proper 2 hour show with just some of their hits.

It was easily one of the top 3 shows I have even been to in Barbados. The crowd was in it from the start of the show Spice showed their versatility performing their track which range from rock to soca and reggae. 2 of the earlier crowd pleasers were their hit Rasta man was one of the crowd favourites along with 'Guns'. Their performance of 'Guns' started from the back of the crowd with the Barbados defense force band marching through the crowd and onto the stage playing the tune ... 'too many guns in this town...'

You know let me tell you the crowd was massive and from all walks of life in Barbados. They were all there to see a band that from my understanding n the 80's were performing just their own tracks and touring extensively. Back together for 1 night only.

Tell me which artiste opened for them? Do you know? That's right no one.
I had the pleasure of jumping into the crowd with the Mr Selwyne 'Get Bizi' Browne and cameras of Caribfyah.com. With the mic in my hand I was able to hear the sheer energy of the individuals in the crowd show came out to see spice. I tell you it was a real pleasure to have these happy patrons screaming and begging for some video light to express how much they loved spice.

Ok so some of you are thinking who the hell is Spice?
Well I know you know them because you know "bump and wine in de congaline" !!

I have not seen a longer congaline in my life! Personally I would have loved another 30 mins of just "bump and wine" but alas ...

The night ended with a major fireworks display the sent the last goose bumps through my spine.

All I can say is
Sent from my BlackBerry® wireless device.

Corey Graham 2.0


The Rounds: Unprofessionalism in soca?

>> Monday, March 8, 2010

Originally aired on Sunday, March 7th, 2010 on Flow 93.5 FM (Toronto) Soca Therapy with Dr. Jay de Soca Prince.

In this edition:
- Alton Bertie recognized at Top 7@ 7 awards. (B.V.I)
- Bacchanal Jamaica Carnival warms up (Jamaica)
- The Return Fete is a hit (Canada)
- Happy Birthday to Kees Dieffenthaller
- Doneo and Problem Child, the Party Hard Saga (UK, St. Vincent and the Grenadines)
- Fire Empress Video Shoot (Tobago)

Good Evening Soca Lovers, 
I'm Nurse Karen and these are Dr. Jay's Rounds.  I have always made a point to recognize excellence in soca.  I just believe that when we start to celebrate ourselves, the rest of the world will also. 
Last night was the Top 7@ 7 awards in British Virgin Islands, a show that honours songs and artistes who made it to the number one position  on a popular radio station’s daily charts.  Local producer, Alton Bertie received an award for his contribution to the music industry, particularly as an in house instrumentalist and producer for Shuwayne Winchester and Y.O.U.
Alton Bertie and Nurse Karen, Miami 2009
Bachannal Jamaica Carnival is underway for 2010.  The crowds at the weekly Mas Camp shows have already been treated by amazing stage performances and dj shows from  the likes of Zoelah,  Mr. Slaughter and Kes the Band.  The season has only just begun though.  Jamaica will be host to a lot more international artistes before it culminates on Sunday, April 11th. Next up Alison Hinds on March 12th.

            Well it may not be Carnival time here in Toronto, but if you know anything about the love this city has for soca, you know that we don’t wait for Caribana to enjoy the very best in Soca Music.  That’s why some 3000 people packed into Koolhaus last night to see Swappi, Blaxx, Shal Marshall, JW and Blaze...and uh....Cookie Monster...all supported by Kes the Band.  That was a fantastic show.  If you missed it, shame on you! 
JW, Nurse Karen and Blaze at Toronto Return Fete (2010)
The ladies, were certainly excited to experience lead singer Kees again for the first time since Caribana.  If you liked the show, be sure to holler at him on Facebook, and wish him a happy birthday while you’re at it.  On Friday, March 12th, it’s your boy’s birthday!!!
Nurse Karen and Kees at Toronto Return Fete (2010)
This past week the internet was on fire with some hot new bacchanal surrounding the song “Party Hard” by UK house and hip hop artist/producer Donaeo featuring Problem Child.  Well, if you didn’t know..The version that features Problem Child wasn’t exactly recorded with the blessing of the original artist.  Two weeks after the close of Trinidad Carnival, Doneo now knows that his song was a pretty much the only reason Problem Child had a major following at all the big fetes, problem is...(no pun intended), the version was unauthorized....and Donaeo never got the opportunitiy to cash in on Trini Carnival for himself. Well, as of now, there hasn’t been any real talk of legal recourse...but the Vincy Road March King is suffering from a major assault on his character, that which brought him to tears in a YouTube video released a few days ago.  Ah well, let this be a lesson in better business for all of us.
Nurse Karen and Problem Child, Trinidad 2010
Last quick fact, Tobago Soca Monarch Fire Empress is shooting a video shoot tonight at a watering hole called Bar Code. Looking forward to seeing the outcome.
I’m Nurse Karen and those were Dr. Jay’s Rounds.  For info on everything you heard today, check me out online on the Nurse Karen Etc blog at www.nurse-karen.com , or follow me day to day on Twitter. Now, back to de docta!


Booster: New Drug fights Post Carnival Depression - Try Palancil

>> Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Well friends, Carnival has now been over for 2 weeks.  For those of us in the North, Post Carnival Depression has begun to set in.  Luckily, now there's help.

Ask your physician about Palancil

Love and Soca,

Nurse Karen

P.S. Just Joking


The Rounds: Shelly G is a no show at Carib Soca Monarch

>> Monday, March 1, 2010

The Rounds: Originally aired on "Soca Therapy" Flow 93.5 FM in Toronto on Sunday, February 28, 2010

In this edition:

- Bonesman is Guyana's Carib Soca Monarch (Guyana)
- Shelly G fails to defend her title (Guyana)
- Sye wins Mas Domnik Road March title (Domnica)

Good Evening Soca Lovers, I’m Nurse Karen and these are Dr. Jay’s Rounds. Now that we’re all back from Trinidad, it’s time to catch you up on some of the news from the rest of the Caribbean. This week: Guyana. Mashramani Carnival just ended this past week. Vanilla retained her Road March title. Her second consecutive win is brought to you by the song “High”. It was played more often than Jumo’s “In the Air”, “Fan Me” by Slingshot and “Is We Own” by Bonesman.
Guyana crowned a new Soca Monarch last weekend! Last year’s winner Shelly G was a total no-show for the Carib Mashramani Soca Monarch last weekend. While it was a big surprise to all her fans and supporters, the organizers saw it coming, considering she never even bothered to rehearse her presentation beforehand with the band.

In fact, before Mashramani Shelly G spent two weeks in Trinidad where she took in Carnival and recorded new collaborations with an Antiguan artist and three Trinis….one of whom is Miss Denise “Saucy Wow” Belfon.

It would probably take a bit too long to explain her reasons for bailing on the event, but it has to do with a fellow competitor who produced a song with derogatory lyrics aimed at her…and some other drama surrounding her being banned from a local tv station.

So, she wasn’t there. But instead, the 29-year old Forest Ranger who goes by the name of “Bonesman” celebrated all that his nation and carnival have to offer with “Is we Own”, the tune that earned him one million Guayana Dollars.
His winning performance featured a costume display and the X factor Dance Troupe, but he says his highlight for the night came in the form of a compliment. Bonesman nearly fainted when he came off stage and Machel Montano told him his performance was excellent! Awwww….how schweeet!

A few weeks ago, I let you know that Dominica would not be holding it’s Soca Monarch show during the Carnival Calendar this year. So no news there, but there is a new Mas Domnik Road March King. Congrats goes out to Sye, a calypsonian from the Salisbury Calypso Tent. His controversial song “Dr. Finger” is the new Dominica Road March, even though it was banned by a popular radio station for it’s lyrical content.
I’m Nurse Karen, and these are Dr. Jay’s Rounds. For more info on anything you heard today, look me up on line at Nurse dash Karen dot com…or follow nursekaren on Twitter. Now, back to de Docta!



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