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>> Saturday, April 12, 2008

I announced the *new* Dr. Jay's Rounds podcast about a month ago, but I realize I've got some "splaining to do". Some of you wander on to (Nurse) Karen (Etc) by complete fluke. You happen to be on Google searching all kinds of stuff like "Go Down Low Lyrics", "Hypa Hoppa" or "Nurse Karen's phone number" and you end up here.
So, you likely don't know what all this podcast talk is all about.

The posts on this blog that are marked "The Rounds" are based on a weekly soca news commentary that I do live on FM radio every Sunday night in Toronto. The station is FLOW 93.5 FM, a hits station with an urban slant, boasting kick @$$ caribbean programming on Sunday nights.

The show is called Soca Therapy. It features one of the world's top Soca DJ's - none other than Dr. Jay de Soca Prince. Well if I work with him, and he's the doctor...then I must be a nurse! You get it now? We come on from 6 pm - 9 pm on Sundays. Check it nah!

After two great years and some months of synthesizing the week's biggest soca happenings into one slick little report, I finally got the go ahead to record the segment as a podcast. I have to big up Toronto's own MP Studios for all the technical support. It's a big step...and it's waving the soca flag higher!

So, if you don't live in Toronto or you just want to be sure that you never miss an episode of Dr. Jay's Rounds with your nurse Karen...make sure to subcribe to the podcast. It's the only one of its kind, featuring artist news, music releases, carnival info and anything else that might matter to the soca music connoiseur.

If you click this link...

Subscribe to Dr. Jay's Rounds

You will open the world`s only international soca radio report it in the iTunes library. Then all you have to do is click subcribe. It will automatically download to your computer, and you'll hear the latest every week.

Here at (Nurse) Karen (Etc) you can look forward to so much more! As Spring unfolds in Soca City, we're looking forward to Band Launchings, Big Fetes, Caribana...etc! Check here often to find out exactly what ETC means: pictures, videos, exclusive interviews, artist profiles...and general bacchanal, etc.

There's a lot going on besides what you hear on the radio each week. I am lucky enough to hear some of it when I'm interviewing artists for the magazine articles I write. I'm excited to spread the word when DJs, and other industry professionals ask my to whip them up a new bio. It's my duty to represent it when mas camps, and studios request my help with press releases, etc.

Until now, you haven't had the chance to show you how many hard working professionals I have the privilege of connecting with in this crazy soca biz! So get ready for more; unpublished interview quotes, profiles, and true life stories, etc

Leave me your comments, suggestions, comments, and tips. I love hearing from you.
It's going to be a HOT CRAZY SUMMER, and I feel blessed to have you along for the ride!

With love,

(Nurse) Karen (etc!)

P.S. If you are in Canada or the US, you can leave me a a voicemail message by clicking the CALL ME icon on the right hand side. I might even post the audio on the blog!

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