Q & A : "Go Down" with Ricardo Drue

>> Friday, December 11, 2009

For any new artist, the biggest factor for getting people to respect you and believe in you is confidence. You have to know what you're able to achieve, and go for it full on with an unwavering resolve. That's exactly why when I met Ricardo Drue two months ago in Miami, my attitude changed from my usual curious indifference to a genuine fan. I had heard his tune "Pelt it Back" both here in Toronto and in Barbados over the summer. Took a lil small wine and never gave it much thought.

But now I know the guy, I've seen the talent and  I know how much he wants to succeed.  I've seen firsthand how hard he's working to achieve exactly that. With Trinidad Carnival 2K10 just around the corner, Ricardo Drue has already turned heads with "Nah Leaving" featuring Patrice Roberts, and a humorous double entendre called "Car Key". The repertoire is growing, which is a good thing considering he will be performing alongside the HD Family all season. Today he releases a new track called "Go Down". Chances are you haven't heard it yet...but I promise you, you most definitely will.

Well, you know me...I'm not one to wait for the hype to start. So, I interviewed him a couple weeks ago. Today, enjoy your exclusive opportunity to get to know this promising new artist....

Nurse Karen: Who is Ricardo Drue?

Ricardo Drue

I am a son of the Caribbean, bridging the cultural gap between the United States and the Caribbean with music and dance.

NK: I first heard about you as a member of a group called Crossovah. What's Crossovah, and what's your role in the group?

Ricardo Drue
I am 1/4 of the group Crossovah, there are two singers and two rappers. I am a vocalist. Crossovah came about in 2003 we all went to TimberCreek High Scool in Orlando. Through various competitions and different events we just finally realized we could each do more good if we were to come together and unite as opposed to stayin' as rivals. So Crossovah was formed.

NK: What are your hoping to achieve with your music career?

Ricardo Drue
My goals are to take care of my family, to take soca music to a global level, and for my music to reach people of all different races.

NK: What is your musical background?

Ricardo Drue
I was involved heavily in choirs and that started from a very young age, so that's where most of my musical training and backround came from. I taught myself how to play the piano, I have always had an ear for music.

NK: How would you describe your sound?

Ricardo Drue
Hmmm! If u were to take Boyz II Men, Usher, a little of Ne-Yo, and put them in a pot with Ronnie McIntosh, Machel Montano, Shaggy and Red Rat an boil it you would end up with my sound, lol.. wierd but that's
how I feel.

NK: When did you first get into the music business?

Ricardo Drue
I got into the music business 7 years ago you do the math, lol. How ever I have been singin since the age of 5 yrs old.

NK: I know you're fairly new to soca, but you've been working hard. Who are some of the people you've collaborated with?

Ricardo Drue
Dawg E Slaughter aka Mr. Slaughter on a song called. " Follow Me", Red Rat song called " Caribbean Girls", Patrice Roberts song called "Nah Leaving"

Producers: Jus Bus - "Caribbean Girl" and "Hey Lady" , Mastamind Productions - "Legacy of the West Indies" , Peter Coppin - "Test D Foundation" (Coconut Tree Riddim) and Car Key (Patti Cake Riddim), Dwaingerous - "Pelt it Back" and "Nah Leaving"

NK: It's obvious you've been hard at work this year. So, what do you do for fun?

Ricardo Drue:
I love to have fun when I have the time... Love to dance and write. Love the movies.. I love to play.. Just a fun guy...

NK: What makes you different?

Ricardo Drue
Ricardo Drue is not just another name or another person here today, gone tomorrow. I am a brand! I am an entertainer, and I hope soon tol be a household name.

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