On De Scene: Knycky and Rochie at Woodford Cafe with Shurwayne Winchester and Y.O. U.

>> Thursday, February 4, 2010

On De spot blogging:

Half past ten should be half past ten and not...
We reach, we waiting, we tired drink. Woodford Cafe Soca Tuesday. De doorman say de band going on stage 10:30pm. 11:12pm Shurwayne Winchester, Shawn "Mastamind" Noel, Preston, and de rest ah de guys from Y.O.U on stage. Nice start.

11:26pm de Soca session turn into Dub/Rock/Pop (for bout 4 mins), sad buh daiz when de crowd really geh into de ting. Ah guess you (Y.O.U) have tuh use oda genres tuh instigate ah vibe. Ah learning.

Ah cah lie doh, de back-n-time Soca session dat followed geh meh back on track. It was nice. Miguel REAl blow (ah talking bout one ah de horn man, now geh allyuh mind outta de gutter.)

Y.O.U had de crowd singing tuh Stalin's "Blackman". "Bump an wine" did just dat. We bump an wine. Hold yuh bam-bam didn't calm de party goers down at all. It just prepare dem tuh "swing dey engin. Whey!

Man in front de stage sweating ahready! Now Shurwayne trying tuh tell we how tuh swing we engine! As if.

Enrico-Y.O.U's guitarist real "move to the left". Ah feel ah enjoying dis back-n time session., wasn't just ah splice ah de songs yuh know, was whole song an ting.

Ah take ah break(so whahapen! Yuh girl cah take ah wine too?)

Man de session just getting better an better. No drop or dip at all! Shurwayne & Y.O.U just building! Dey making meh enjoy meh 1st session fuh de season as ah "party goer" instead ah performing on stage. This Soca music cud really sen yuh mad yuh know! Oh gosh allyuh wait! Y.O.U playing "look de band coming" Ah coming back..........Steups, was ah teaser we gone back tuh (in meh best vocalist voice)-"do you think you're better off alone"-pop. Steups...3 minuets later...Dats rite Shurwy...back tuh "dead or alive". ................................................................................................................................

Ah back with allyuh. Ah had tuh take a 10 minute wine (oooppps break) Allyuh! Rochelle (Noel) opening de gate!!! Papa!

7 minuets later shoot, dey finish ahready? Now ah need a (wash) rag. Is dis wat Carnival is? Den why was I always on a stage? when ah cuda be out on ah dance floor?
Next week is Image & Co. Hehehehehe. tomorrrow is Karaoke nite, Voices for Haiti. According tuh de regulars, de crowd was small, buh we...WE HAD AH BALL!

Speak soon.
Oceans may divide us but Music cud really bring we together.

1 x 2 cents (comment, nuh!):

Rochelle K. Noel February 4, 2010 at 12:51 PM  

Lol girl you real make me laugh ! But must say that was a real nice intimate performance.
Aye Knycky , Karen, Corey and Gruve WE ALL DUN LOAD UP ALREADY. TNT Carnival in full swing !

Peace and Soca


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