On De Scene: "Chutney Bacchanal" is a song...2010

>> Thursday, February 4, 2010

Winners row: Moses Charles 3rd, Rikki Jai 2nd and Ravi B 1st.

Neeshan D Hitman on stage at Chutney Soca Monarch 2010

De News:
Bacchanal Season?

Wherever it hav carnival competitions it bound to hav Bachannal. Wheese! Why boy?
Last Saturday was de NLCB’s Chutney Soca Monarch Competiton. Congratulations Ravi (Bissembhar) B, who was crowed the winner and is also the youngest (27 years) person to ever win the show, opps sorry competition.

The champ came on stage after 10 pm and according to the Newsday newspaper (T&T) was “carried on a sofa by members the bmobile Shiv Shakti Dance Company. He was accompanied during the performance, which was filled with dance and drama, by Barbadian soca star Allison Hinds and his sister, popular chutney singer Nisha Bissembhar.”

Ah sorry eh allyuh, buh ah had a lil gig the same time so ah really didn’t get to see the winning performance. Ah sure ah will ketch ah repeat soon.

Ravi B won TT$200.000.dollars plus a spot in the Bmobile Groovy Soca Monarch competition. He also said he and his band KARMA are booked to perform everyday till Carnival. (and allyuh know is 3 and 4 gigs per nite wit dem bands now rite). Sweet Ravi, SWEET…

Rikki Jai, came in 2nd earning himself TT$100,000 with his song “BARMAN”.

3rd place went to Moses Charles wit his song “Indrani.

Hmmm, like song on RUM, WOMAN an touched by producer Big Rich (Zaheer Khan) of de Pungalunks Factory RULE ….

Now dah seems clear enough, yun enter, yuh make it t the finals, yuh perform. We “The People” text fuh we favorite an tadaaah a winner. Bu NOOOO….

An ah tell allyuh it must have ah bacchanal. The following is a note written by Neeshan D Hitman (who was also a contestant in Saturday’s grand finale) on his facebook account.
Today (Febuary 1st) at 10:28am

I am too blessed to be stressed !
First of all let me congratulate RAVI B and RIKKI JAI on their well deserved first and second place !

I do feel cheated however by amount of complains i have recieved from numerous fans friends and family WHEN THEY TRIED TEXTING DURING THE ENTIRE COURSE OF THE NIGHT their votes were not going thru I have that evidence on my phone also , I am not in anyway upset that i did not win , I DID NOT NEED it as badly as others did , I am me and will continue to be me , with or without that crown , I dont need it to prove a point , I dont need it to pass on others and i certainly dont need it for you to love and support me .

Rikki Jai knows how I feel about him entering the competetion thats just my opinion because if I had won so many times I would have steped back and give a younger artiste that chance , but I am not always right and he really put out his all to earn his position , even though props , glitz and glamour should not be the winning points he works hard at giving us a great show.

Ravi B knew what he wanted and he did not hold back , from the many billboards to his massive presentation , he wanted the crown and he worked also very hard to get it . So I am very Happy for him and Congratulate him once again , i hope he bears in mind that he won the CHUTNEY SOCA CROWN and represents it to the max , not the film song crown or the reggae , dance hall crown etc but CHUTNEY SOCA CROWN.

All i am upset about is the fact that the real amount of VOTES were not reflected towards my Name !"

D Hitman also claimed Ravi B’s winner song was also offered to him first but he refused to sing it because he felt he had done too many rum songs during his career
Now D Hit man is meh boy eh. Since I met him and his family a few years ago ah always find dem to be real peeps (an allyuh know how ah feel bout keeping it real). An even though ah understand his concerns regarding de text fiasco, ah wondering if he shuda post his note so soon after. In my opinion, YES, address the issue, but maybe he cuda wait ah bit. Seek a meeting with the promoters. But I can’t blame some of the people that responded to he note by calling him a sour grape. Ah mean according to my research, dis is not de first year there have been complaints concerning the text set up. So address it before or address it in a proper manner. Buh daiz just my take on it eh. Hitman doh vex ,ah still love yuh.

What allyuh tink?
Genres may divide us but can understanding an acceptance bring us together?

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