Booster Shot: Mista Vybe and Ms Alysha speak out!

>> Friday, December 14, 2007

Remember what I told you about Jingle Jam last week? Well here's my little video diary of the event. Granted, I wasn't in the buildilng for the 3 and a half hours before ANY artistes took to the stage. But here's what I actually saw.

So, just to recap: The only thing ringing in my ears about Jingle Jam is the fact that more than half of the scheduled acts on the bill were NOT in the building. It appears that there's more than meets the eye when it come why several Caribbean artists weren't dashing through the snow last weekend. Management for Ms. Alysha and Mista Vybe contacted me on Tuesday with an official statement. Et voila!...

"Socalypso Promotions, management team for Mista Vybe and Miss Alysha, will like
to go on record to give the official circumstances surrounding Miss Alysha’s and
Mista Vybe’s absence from the “Jingle Jam” event which was held on Saturday 8th
December, 2007.

Negotiations for the “Jingle Jam” event started as early as September as evidenced by the promotional “drops” that were recorded, sent and broadcasted at that time for the event. At the beginning of negotiations, it was outlined by the artists to the promoter that they would
have been available for the show but traveling arrangements must be made for the
8th of December instead of the 7th.

In Trinidad, the Canadian embassy does not entertain visa applications on Fridays, which meant that Thursday would have been the last day that these two artists would have had to visit the embassy. Up till the evening of the 6th of December, no official word was given to state
that permits were filed for the artists to travel for the weekend’s event. To date no information has been offered regarding visa or flight information."

You know me. I LOVE information. Call it commess, whatever. In this business...DAT is we ting! On the night of Jingle Jam, I rolled out to the docks after a long day of Christmas functions and cross-border shopping. I went to the fete to say hello to some of the artists. Cuz, I was already too tired for wukkin' or any sort! When I got there, I was not happy to learn so many people were missing. That's when I decided I'd have to say SOMETHING about it. Partygoers who spend they cash to see 9 artists, and only get 4 deserve better. So there you have it... two sides to a multidimensional story.

No lie...I had fun that night. Between Machel's regular lewdness and the regular Toronto wannabe girls-on-gone-wild video ho's, it was all that a Soka Junkie could ask for. (please read sarcasm...whappen to yuh?...always read sarcasm)

In other news...Patrice mentioned to me that she had a new song releasing in Trinidad the next day. It's called Mo' Wuk, and for me, it's an instant favourite. Maybe it's more than that. Maybe it's a word of advice to anyone who's not doing they job to the fullest.

And that's your booster shot!

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