The Rounds: Happy Birthday to Onika Bostic (R.I.P), etc

>> Sunday, December 23, 2007

Good Evening Soca Lovers,
I’m Nurse Karen and these are Doctor Jay’s Rounds. Christmas is in two days, and if you haven’t finished shopping yet….crapaud smoke yuh pipe. In a time of year that’s literally WRAPPED up in tradition, it’s only natural to take a few moments to pause and remember Christmases gone by.

Do you remember Onika Bostic? De Doctor played a special tribute to her at the beginning of the show. She was a rising soca star from Trinidad, who happened to be the female lead of Antigua’s legendary band, Burning Flames. She died tragically of cranial injuries sustained from a car accident. She was buried on THIS day in 2004, which also happened to be her 25th birthday. Onika bay-bee if yuh hearing my voice...happy 28th birthday!

On a much lighter note, the holiday season marks a special anniversary of Monserrat Festival. Not too many people know much that little british colony in the Caribbean. Not much except for the fact that they have a LIVE volcano. Montserratian posse, hear nah…I am not one of THOSE people. Since my grand daddy was born and raised in your beautiful island, I happen to know that your festival parade takes place every year on December Thirty One. And THIS year, WE celebrating forty five years. Even when the volcano was getting set to burst ten years ago, allyuh didn’t miss a beat. So enjoy de music and mas for this special anniversary year.

Just last year on December 23, two soca artistes in Trinidad were creating a brand new holiday memory together. Happy 1st Anniversary to Bunji Garlin and Mrs. Fay Ann Lyons Alvarez. After one year of wedded bliss, the hard wukkin couple still hasn’t gone on honeymoon – but only because tings nice. They busy making music and entertaining fans. When asked if there were any plans for little black spaniards so-to-speak, Bunji says it’s not time YET. But when de time comes, I’m willing to bet that Fay Ann eh go have no trouble getting she six pack back right away.

Speaking of Bunji, if you missed him at Trinidad’s International Soca Monarch show earlier this year…GOOD NEWS. He’ll be back in 2008. Ready to take on defending champion Iwer George. The two icons shared the crown in 2002. Then Bunji grabbed the crown for himSELF in both 2004 AND 2005. After settling for runner up to Shurwayne in ‘0-6, he announced that he WOULD NOT BE BACK again. Well, lookin’ like he change he chune dis year. My man has some “fiery” tracks out for 2008…and he’s ready to bring first class showmanship back to fantastic Friday.

I’m Nurse Karen, and those were Dr. Jays Rounds. If you want to send me some Christmas cheer, text it to 9-3-5-9-3-5, or leave your comments online on (Nurse)Karen (Etc) at triple W dot mustardseeds dot net. Now back to de docta.

1 x 2 cents (comment, nuh!):

Justine Francis December 24, 2007 at 4:00 PM  

OMG! I love bunji Garlin and Fayann. They are the hottest couple in Trinidad! Congratulations to them.

Nurse Karen, enjoy the season and have a prosperous new year!


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