Booster Shot: Carnival Thursday Goose Chase

>> Thursday, January 31, 2008

Well ah back in sweet t&t for the first time in mussee 4 years. Guess what, de place still hot, lively and beautiful. No better time to enjoy the richness Trinidad has to offer than at Carnival. I reached in last evening..tired after a work week that I'd rather forget. Lucky for me, now that I'm here one all inclusive fete later, I do forget....and ah real glad fo dat. So de lime was by one my best girls in Champs Fleurs. Chatting till late, planning de wardrobe for de season, organizing phones and tickets and food. You know how we do...and now it's Thursday. The plan was Beach House, a daytime all-inclusive in Maracas.

I met up in Cascade with de fellas from Dem Boyz and Dem. You know those nutty clowns from Brooklyn who gutsy enough to go and tief de name Doh Cry Ah Leavin' for their pre-carnival fete? Yeah, dem boys. They hired a maxi...and well rolled out. First, it was late. Then the geniuses had the wrong information about de fete. So we went past Maracas Bay, past Las Cuevas, up to Blanchisseuse...or some kinda sumting like dat. We passed over a bridge so rickety and small that it was rocking to and fro from the weight of the van. These boys are serious Faye-Ann fans. So, when "Get-On" came on the stereo is was bacchanal for so. So mad, in fact that the tweeters completely blew out. Next is was time for extempo over de subwoofer. Sounding good right? All was well until we reach a road that wasn't a road. Nothing but mud and potholes. Ask de one who nearly lose he shoes in the sludge.

Bright! That's when we realised "yuh know, i don't find there's much traffic going this way, eh?" Righto. Children...we were completely lost. And about an hour and a half from the place we were meant to be! Finally...we headed in the direction of BEACH HOUSE. Only 15 minutes from where I'm staying in St. Joseph's/Maracas. Steups, yes! Well after a set of pressure to get fixed up with tickets and ting, we got in. I bounce up a set of de Toronto crew...and then it was time to eat..and drink...and wine!

Several thumbs up. Mine and de crew. For me one highlight was seeing one of my favourite novelists, Earl Lovelace. I met him once in St. Vincent. Back then I was working for the Vincentian Newspaper and I had to cover a lecture he was giving there. He was liming in de rain, still looking healthy and wise. Man, I really respect that man.

Tonight the action is at Tribe all-inclusive. Lucky for me, I'm going with the girls...and we know exactly where to find it. go be real nice! I'm Nurse Karen, and that's your Booster Shot!

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