The Booster Shot: Trini Soca Monarch Semifinalists Announced

>> Thursday, January 10, 2008

Happy New Year Soca Lovers,

I hope you didn't miss me too bad while I was enjoying de Christ-mus break. I had mehself a wonderful time. Food, family, fun and fete. Oh yes, and I even put a little bit of the black back in my skin while vacationing in sunny Florida for Old Year's.

Happy New Years from Florida -The Movie, starring me and meh mischevious friends!

So, I know we dun tick off ten days from, you're probably wondering why I waited so long to say "hello". This year is going to be a big one for soca. We're kicking it off with Carnival in Trinidad. Early on the calendar and promising to be full of surprises, the biggest fete in the West Indies will not disappoint. I booked my ticket and ah well ready for the mas.

But first up, it's all about fantastic Friday. You got it...The international soca monarch competition. This just in: 2008 will be more international than ever. You'll see competitors from Antigua, Barbados, Grenada, St. Lucia and St. Vincent. Plus comebacks from former stars like Bunji Garlin, and his father-in-law Super Blue. You'll see former Xtatik frontliner Peter C. Lewis and veteran soca sweet man Rootsman. (Rack me, rack...he love of we vincy we love him right back!) There are even some newcomers I eh self know nun tall!

Get your first glimpse at the unofficial results below:

Happy 2008! Keep that soca pumping!

  • 1. Allan Piper (St. Lucia)
  • 2. Blaxx
  • 3. Blazer Dan
  • 4. Bunji Garlin
  • 5. Crazy
  • 6. Dawg E Slaughter
  • 7. Denise Belfon
  • 8. Eustace and Phive Pound
  • 9. Fay-Ann Lyons
  • 10. Fireball
  • 11. Keisha Stewart
  • 12. Kurt Allen
  • 13. Lil Bits
  • 14. Lil Rick (Barbados)
  • 15. Luni and Electrify (Grenada)
  • 16. Ms Alysha
  • 17. Nadia Batson
  • 18. Nnika (Grenada)
  • 19. Olatunji
  • 20. Patch
  • 21. Pelf
  • 22. Problem Child (St. Vincent)
  • 23. Ricky T (St. Lucia)
  • 24. Rita Jone
  • 25. Rootsman
  • 26. Sanelle Demspter
  • 27. Sean Caruth
  • 28. Shurwayne Winchester
  • 29. Super Blue
  • 30. Tizzy (Antigua)
  • 31. Young Marcel


  • 1. Ainsley King
  • 2. Brent Anthony
  • 3. C'Donnia
  • 4. Cassi
  • 5. Devon Matthews
  • 6. Eunice Peters
  • 7. Fay-Ann Lyons
  • 8. Farmer Nappy
  • 9. Gary Cordner
  • 10. Jamesy P (St. Vincent)
  • 11. Kees Dieffenthaller
  • 12. Keegan Taylor
  • 13. Laura Pereira
  • 14. Mr. Dale (Barbados)
  • 15. Michelle Sylvester
  • 16. Marianne (St. Lucia)
  • 17. Mr. Chucky
  • 18. Nadia Batson
  • 19. Patrice Roberts
  • 20. Peter C Lewis
  • 21. Peter Ram (Barbados)
  • 22. Skhi
  • 23. Shal Marshall
  • 24. Shurwayne Winchester
  • 25. Terry Seales
  • 26. Teddison John (St. Lucia)
  • 27. Tony Prescott
  • 28. Tizzy (Antigua)
  • 29. Third Bass
  • 30. Tracey D
  • 31. Zoelah (St. Vincent)
  • 32. 3suns

2 x 2 cents (comment, nuh!):

Shaka John January 11, 2008 at 11:31 AM  

Oh Gosh...your video is so funny!
about the soca Monarch results - what do you mean by unofficial results? Would they change?

(Nurse) Karen January 11, 2008 at 11:47 AM  

Thanks Shaka! We had a great time.
To answer your question - You know, like when they announce lotto numbers on TV? "Unofficial" means, the final list is the property of the organizers of the event: The Caribbean prestige Foundation. The results posted on this page were put up before they were made public, so I want to prepare readers for the possibility that they've made last minute changes. shed by the official source. But no worries...Today, the word is out. You'll see the list of semi-finalists in all the Trini papers today. These are the right names. However, the order of performances could be completely different. I believe, in the past that has been decided by lottery.

Hope that's clear now!


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