Booster Shot: Somebody say Tribe in de air!

>> Friday, February 1, 2008

Lemme tell you a lil sumting! Either everyone in Trinidad is a millionaire, or de promoters and dem really not interested in letting regular people in they fetes. Not so sure what kinda people are the ones gobbling up the tickets like rice and peas at Sunday dinner...but ah figure not every one is so ready to part with that kinda money. Did I say that already?

So where did I leave off? Yesterday, after cooling out at Beachhouse in the sun and in de rain we dragged our tired botttoms back home for a quick fresh. Then we turned around twice and headed to the Oval for the Tribe All-Inclusive. Tribe is one the best party bands in Trinidad. De mas could be so-so...but the vibes don't stop flowing. The party was the same. Took a lil while to get inside, but only because I was rolling with humanitarians who were holding pre-purchased tix for friends and stangers who didn't want to pay the extra $50 TT at the door. Dat is like $8...I would a let dem stand in line. But you dun know ah wikked.

So de lime outside de gate was cool. We saw de djs and dem biding they time until their sets. Hoppie, D'Bandit, and Playhouse...all made time for a photo op with me! (Ah de subtle power of words)

I heard Kes and Nadia dem singing they lungs out. My friend say she was able to ketch a glimpse of de man's bare chest on the big screen . I guess that's some kinda highlight, me ain't know. Jamesy P was next. Ah don't feel he was happy about that...having to sing two tunes over tracks, with a stadium full of Bashment Freaks still balling for Nookie with Kees.

Sometime in the DJ set we completed our duties at de door..and we came inside. Dat was a nice fete. Hands down, one of the best I've been to in some time. I have to thanks the worker bees at the gate for my rag and those non-discript pieces of jewellery. I doh self know what they be...but they pretty.

The show rolled on...Hunter, Bunji, Faye-Ann, Destra, Tizzy, Sean Paul, Beenie...woy! It was so sweet to see Bunji back in fine form. If marriage has taught the man anything, it's staying power and resilience. He was on fire. Lyrics, energy, stamina for dayz! The highlight of the night was a free-style battle between Beenie Man and Bunji Garlin that lasted could 30 mins. Trinidad's son won hands down! And the Jamaican rude bwoy conceded defeat by saying..."Bunji Garlin is one of the best, if not THE BEST DJ in the Caribbean." And with that, he walked off the stage.

Speaking of in the kind that actually spin music fuh make people dance and ting. We had some great company in the Xcaliber International squad. Mr. Slaughter, Jester, Walshy from Black Chiney and Kid Kut...were by de wall getting the wine on to de soca.

At the end of the fete, it was hilarious watching all the men on the prowl. Not saying any of the ones ah already mentioned, but it was like vultures preying on dead tired women. De crew and I fought off our fair share and found the car. Big up to de chauffeur for getting us home safe and sound!

Lemme ketch a few winks. I have to recharge my Girl Power. Island People mas got next!

I'm Nurse Karen and that's your Booster Shot.

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