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>> Friday, June 27, 2008

I'm stuck in Trinidad!!!

My flight to St. Vincent was to be early in the morning. As much as LIAT is known to be the source of much grief for many - this one isn’t their fault…well not entirely, anyway. So the flat tire issue of last night was easily resolved by borrowing a vehicle, so that getting to the airport would be no problem. What we didn’t realize is that somebody else had a key for the car we were to use – and they put it to use sooner. I can’t lie. I was sooooooo stressed. My travel arrangements for the Vincy leg of my “mission” were made by the generous sponsors of Vincy Carnival 360. . The way, I see it, my role was to show up on time and get where I need to go, no matter what. I definitely didn’t want to have to make any calls asking for flights to be rescheduled or reaching for lame apologies.

In the end, I got to Piarco only 30 mins before the flight was set to take off. The passengers hadn’t boarded, and it actually left quite late, but they didn’t let me on anyway. (insert “steups” here)

I was put on standby (yet again) for the next flight 4 hours later. Little did I know that that flight would also be carrying Destra Garcia and Atlantik to St. Vincent for the Insomnia Fete at the Arnos Vale Sporting Complex.

Destra Singing at Insomnia SVG 2008

Destra and I had a good chat about St. Vincent. She told be about her Vincentian Grandfather who passed away last year. I think she said he was 89. He never lost his accent. She shared the story of his coming to Trinidad to work as a fisherman, and her desire to reconnect with people from that branch of her family. If you’re an Alexander from Union Island or Sion Hill…you never know, you could be cousins with Destra!

That flight was uber late which just left some time to catch up with more members of Atlantik. I don’t mind that at all, considering that girl Destra surrounds herself with some very talented and GOOD LOOKING musicians!

Some of the exceptional "talent" in Atlantik.

Boys, I’ll be sure to get you some more Honey Roasted Soy Beans in time for Caribana! I promise.

I got to SVG and wasted no time getting up to the countryside to visit MY Grandpa. He’s not a Vincy, but he has been living there for more than 60 years, so I guess that counts for something.

I wasn’t quite ready to plunge right into the feting action, so I spent my first evening in St. Vincent helping out in the Dragon’s Cultural Organization Mas Tent.

"Third World" building the Junior King

Before you get all impressed with my involvement in Vincy Mas, I might as well tell you that one of my roommates this week is Andrew “Afterdark” Sutherland. He is the King ofhe band. If the name is familiar, that would be because he’s an upcoming soca producer.

He put together the Ragga Soca Monarch title-winner “Gimme Mo” for Dani-O.

This is Miss Dani-O wukkin de muscle at Soca Monarch Semis! Hot, eh?

Afterdark also produced Crazy Vybe for Skinny Fabulous ft Jamesy P.

I guess we can also blame him for enabling Top Notch Swift to make the transition from Hot 97 DJ to Soca Artiste.

(By the way, Skinny is one of our roommates too for the carnival calendar. He says he wants to throw a victory party in our big fat MTV-style crib after he wins soca monarch. Big talks skinny man, semi’s aren’t even over yet!

Introducing: Afterdark!

The Dragons are working overtime putting the finishing touches on the King and Queen costumes for Junior Carnival. Your nurse administer a little bit of her loving care to the Junior King costume. I’m officially a mas’ woman now! You better believe I’ll be in Park tomorrow to see it cross the stage. Nothing more exciting that seeing the future torch bearers of our culture, enjoying their first carnival experiences. Not to mention, the mas is usually amazing!

Nite Nite

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