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>> Thursday, June 26, 2008

Video blog entry from the plane!

It’s here! For the next almost three weeks, I will be enjoying the Caribbean. It’s some kind of soca pilgrimage. A discovery mission let’s say. Staying positive is always the best bet. From past experience, I know that challenges are bound to happen when you’re travelling. That being said, I’m prepared for whatever may come.

The voyage began in Toronto. Air Canada had me a little nervous when I checked in and discovered there was no seat reserved under my name. It appears that the SVG Ministry of Tourism had me booked on a standby flight. None-the-less, I got a boarding pass and proceeded to the lounge, where another 6 to 10 people anxiously awaited the same news I so badly needed to hear. I met a couple of cousins from Calder, a predominantly Indian part of St. Vincent. They were heading home for carnival too….that is, if they would be lucky enough to be assigned a seat. And they were.

As for me - No worries, I’m now writing this to you from Trinidad. I don’t have a lot of time here, so I didn’t want to spread myself too thin. I decided to make a call to Mista Vybe. Our paths never crossed during Trinidad Carnival, so I thought it would be cool to check in while I blew through his stomping grounds.

The plan was the hit the Avenue, and check out Port-of-Spain’s buzzing nightlife. Seems I landed on a bit of an off night. We probably should have figured that out after we were struck with the misfortune of a flat tire….within an hour of my arrival in T&T.

Don’t get me wrong all the regular haunts were open, but nothing to “write home about”, so instead, I got up-to-date on Vybe’s current projects. He’s pretty excited about his contribution to Studio 758’s Gladiator Riddim for St. Lucia Carnival. He’s in great company on that one. Listen out for tracks from his sister, Ms. Alysha (T&T), Danielle Veira (SVG), Ilah Man (SLU), and more!

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