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>> Saturday, June 28, 2008

SVG Day Two, here's what's in store!

Ok, so my partner in crime has landed on the island. Let’s call her Slimmy. As for me, now Carnival is officially ON! We went up to this lil bar for Roti’s and Hairoun. At the bar, we met a sweet smallie who was very interested in learning about Canada. Turns out he was about to have lunch with the father he hasn’t seen since he was a baby. Big Poppa must of thought one of us was cute, cuz he ended up buying lunch for us and offering to take us out to Chappy’s that night. Mmmm….nice gesture and stuff, but Sir, spend some time with your offspring. I hope you didn’t wait 22 years to return home, just to holler at girls less than half your age. Well, I’m not sure. But I hope so. Thanks for lunch anyway.

Nelson Bloc Junior King

Kiddie’s Carnival…check! The crowd wasn’t the largest I’ve seen, but the costumes were CRAZY. My favourites were the fish and humming bird sections SVG players. Bounced up an old friend from the days when I used to write for The Vincentian (Duh, that’s a Vincy Newspaper). He was up in the VIP section video taping the event. Can I tell you that was the sweetest lime in a long time? Slimmy and I got caught up on the latest soca, we learned the 2 Knee dance, and we gave our livers a taste of better things to come. Um, Dragons placed 2nd at Junior Carnival…and my Junior King – bad man dat!

Insomnia: Well there’s good news and there’s bad news. I’ll give you the bad news first. The fete ended at 4 am. WTF? You know what I mean? That’s regular ending time, the sun was barely in the sky. Well, I was there long after sunrise, but the music done lock off.
Vincy people know how to make their own fun. Clips from Insomnia, Check it out!

Ready for the good news? That was a fete man. I had so much fun. Touching down in SVG is always a home coming for me. The performances were energetic and spirited, the drinks were too strong as usual, and bacchanal was the order of the day back stage and in the general crowd. Big up Hy Rollerz crew. Nothing better than fit men pelting waist! Yum yum.

So, I slipped back stage and ALL the characters were there. We are now entering the name dropping portion of the blog:

Skinny Fabulous


Danielle Veira

Icon and his lady love, Tempress

Problem Child


Vincy Soca Dans:
Jamesy P

Fireman Hooper and Luta


Hot 97 DJ’s:

Too Cool Chris

Scratch Master and Top Notch Swift. Swift... you real cool.
I like “chippin" by the way. The jury is still out on We Don't Care. LOL

Plus there was Bomani...(ever protecting his head from the rain)



Kevin Sardine. He used to be called Shady in years gone by.

So Many artistes and industry types, I failed to mention Zoelah, Tabia, DJ Tarrus, Scratch Master from Hot 97, Afterdark, Kubiyashi. Oh, and I spotted Kevin Lyttle. He wasn’t peforming, but I caught him wining up in the crowd.

So Destra, I have to hand it to you lady...

To me, that was your best performance I’ve seen this year. So that includes 3 times in Trinidad and once in Toronto. I loved seeing you join in with your dancers. You looked and sounded great!

Tizzy, hope you know that the only reason no one moved during your first song is cuz de man dem were mesmerized by your outfit. WOW! And with that, I’m gone….

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