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>> Monday, September 1, 2008

Ok, here's the scene. When I think of Labor Day carnival, swanky midtown venues is not the first thing that comes to mind. But, I'm definitely all for change, so long as it doesn't alienate the people who have been supporting the art form from jump.

Battle of the Bands has moved to the Roseland Ballroom this year. It's a huge, classy venue in Manhattan. No doubt it cost real money to put on a fete up here. I'd guess that it could comfortably accommodate 5000 patrons. So Bless up to Shaka and the rest oft he team from Upscale Crowd Ent & Caribbean Fuse for going the extra mile. Not just for "trying a ting", but not jacking up the ticket price too much higher than what ppl pay for similar events in Brooklyn.


1. FINALLY meeting Oungku of Red Hot Flames. PORDY ON DUDES!!! Believe it or not, the first CD i ever bought with my own money was DIG by Burning Flames. Okay, it wasn't exactly MY money. It was lunch money, from my Mommy. But is me who spent it! The new album from RED HOT FLAMES is called SCYATTAH! Buy it. It features the 2008 road march: Musical Bomb! Here's a shot of yours truly with Oungku.

2. Krosfyah large and in charge. See for yourself. Edwin and the boys are clearly on cloud 9 following a stellar Crop Over season. Not sure if I've told you before. I love to watch this band.

Edwin, Khiomal and Adrian bring energy, sexiness and crisp vocals every time. I watched their performance from way up in the VIP balcony, but I could feel each and every pelt, chook and wine!

3. Shurwayne making the most of it. It has to suck to be the ONLY artist at Battle of the Bands whose very reputable band was not booked for the show. Shurwayne knew exactly how to command the crowd with a little help from Toronto's own Bassline (Enforcas) on the 1's and 2's. Watch how Shurwayne hypes up a bunch of West Indians with New York City's favourite music at the end.

4. Asylum PERIOD. I'm trying to count how many times I've seen this band for 2008. I lost count...probably because I loved it every time. This is definitely a big year for Bunji and Faye-Ann. The very nature of Bunji's live appeal is his ability to improvise. That means that with him at the helm, you're never getting the same thing twice from Asylum. When they play I generally see Duvone Stewart beating the hell out of a pan. Last night's show featured Dane Gulstan who I've mentioned before. Well ladies as you can see...he's talented and he cute.

Here's a wee clip to show you why I'm so hype off this act! Big Up IP. I appreciate the link.

The biggest let down of the night. Yes, there was ONE. Ricky T wasn't there. After having the studio 758 team show me the best of times while I was in St. Lucia, I have to admit that I was really looking forward to seeing everyone in New York.

To Ricky's credit though, he chose to be in St. Lucia, so he could be present for the birth of his first child. Congrats Ricky. Unfortunately, the patrons weren't made aware of this development before the show. So, the Lucian posse was pretty disappointed. None the less, they represented...and had an amazing night sharing they crazy vibes from the front of the stage.

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