Nurse's Lounge: Adventures in BK, part 2

>> Sunday, August 31, 2008

Cafe Omar was so so. For me, the best part of it was liming with friends and re-living a bit of the energy of Vincy Mas. But seriously, I can't take New York police officers. The fete ended abruptly at 4 am...with the lights coming up to end Bomani's performance. The security went batty on the crowd, forcing people to get out the club.

Nurse Karen and Blaxx at Fire Fete, Toronto Caribana 2008

From (Nurse) Karen (Etc)

Then the po-po weren't even letting people get they little sidwalk pimp on. RUDE. Anyhoo...I certainly didn't come to NYC to pick up, so if we hadda go... we gone. Next stop, the annual Foreign Base Backyard Party.

Nurse Karen and Jalena (Cafe Omar - Brooklyn, NY a few hours ago!)

From New York 2008

That was a fete. I have to shout out Toronto's own Blackberry Sound Crew for keeping the vibes flowing sweet sweet till morning.

Blackberry Sound Crew....sweet for dayz (at the Foreign Base Backyard Party)

From New York 2008

Blaxx was there, Skinny, Problem Child, Jamesy P, Jalena. I'm sure there were others before I reached.

Nurse Karen and Jamesy P (Cafe Omar - Brooklyn, NY a few hours ago!)

From New York 2008

Here's a small sample of the vibes at almost 6 in the morning Sunday. The bar was still moving units after 7. Only in New York!

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