On De Scene : And the Ricky T Saga Continues!

>> Friday, January 22, 2010

Last Year July, Nurse Karen began reporting on Ricky T and his issues with his former Management SLU Records. This past week after the announcement of him making it to the International Soca Monarch SEMI-FINALS (still puzzled as to why he was not automatically entered into the Finals) on Sunday 24th January, 2010 ; seems like the disputes with his former management rose AGAIN and the talks began!

If you have been an avid reader you would have seen the developments between SLU Records and Ricky T after St.Lucia Carnival Season 2009.Radio Caribbean St.Lucia News Spin Edition on Thursday dedicated their show to the issue , where many persons called in giving opinons on it. Now I bet you wondering WHAT NOW!

Toni Nicholas sums this all up for you in his article in the St.Luca STAR which some of you may have opinions about.

Someone once said, “A raindrop coming in contact with fire loses its existence while that falling on a shell becomes a pearl. Therefore, people desirous of knowledge should avoid the company of ignorant people who believe in the motto—ignorance is bliss.”

Let me hasten to add that deliberate ignorance is a recipe for blistering failure. In light of the above, I strongly believe that part of the reason behind the stagnation of any semblance of a music industry here has to do with conscious ignorance and blatant greed, with little regard for the myriad of talent and expertise which it takes to make things work in the music industry. When this ignorance and greed is backed by an equally ignorant public and their perception and emotionally charged fans, and the media sometimes, the result is inevitable chaos.

This week’s issue surrounding the attempt by SLU Records to bar Ricky T from performing in Trinidad crystallizes my thoughts and the facts on the matter.


There are no confirmed reports as to whether Ricky T will be here on Sunday but I sure hope he is prepared to match up the long list of competitors viaing for places in the Finals come Fantastic Friday! And on that note I say Good Luck to all !

Signing Out from Trinidad

Peace and Soca

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