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>> Monday, January 18, 2010

De News?

Happy New Year. Merry Carnival tuh everybody!
Is ah while I eh come & chat here with allyuh & yes ah feeling shame. But not too much because like ah was telling Rochelle (Noel), I doh write tuh see meh name on ah blog. I write when I’m moved, ah geh ah vibes.

Last nite (dis morning ah few mins after midnite) ah cudn sleep an like I wud do sometimes, ah turn on facebook chat. Now facebook chat for me entails chatting with my thousand ah friends ALL AT THE SAME TIME eh! Overwhelming? Yes, very. An most ah dem saying tuh meh, “Hi Knycky! I is yuh number 1 fan! Ah real like yuh music, ah real like you, yuh eh put out no song this year?” So I tawt tuh mehself, but if dey is meh number 1 fan, despite the slow airplay (daiz ah next blog) shudn dey know dat yes ah “put out” 2 songs dis year?

Ah geh a vibes! (wicked grin.) Ah go do a test on facebook! Two actually.
Now ah was born on de 5th APRIL rite. An fuh de pas few years since I on de facebook ting, meh birthday up as de 5th APRIL. So ah decided one: tuh see how much number 1 fans ah really have, dat wud mean, dey real know ting bout meh, like meh birtday. An two: tuh see if people does really take on EVERYTING dey read on facebook. So, like ah say it was a few minutes after midnite...
I Knycky Cordner change meh birthday to 18th Jan.
Now 2008 & 2009 were the only 2 years I didn’t have a Dutch birtday party (maybe ah cheap but wana feel important hence Dutch-lol). I wasn’t able to do it dem 2 years because like meh number 1 fans know, ah was injured, on luck-down (pun intended) in hospitals & bedroom. But every April prior to dis, tons of friends use to come to meh house tuh celebrate meh birtday wit meh. Buh guess wha? De sudden shift to January eh faze anybody?!?

De messages started coming in, my close palls-lol, calling meh on meh personal number tuh be de firs tuh give birtday greetings. I received hundreds of greetings on facebook, an ah few on twitter. Buh den ah didn really hit up twitter eh. Is only de few dat well connected on de social networks send ah little twit. In all fairness, de twitter community was ah lil hesitant. Ah wonder if dey did smell de rat?

So meh FAMILY, friends & fans DOH KNOW WHEN MEH BIRTDAY IS UNLESS DEY READ FACEBOOK! And DEY DOES BELIEVE EVERYTHING DEY READ ON FACE BOOK. Akira Tanaka & Joanna De Silva is de only 2 people dat call me out (doh privately) & Rochelle (Noel) suspected something was up when meh response tuh she greeting was “thank you?” Yes, wit a question mark. All the odas miss de question mark at the end cause FACEBOOK SAY IT WAS MEH BIRTDAY!!!
AH PROOVE MEH POINTS! 1: Facebook rules when it comes tuh disseminating information? So doh question NUTTEN YUH READ DEY! And 2: Ah hav REAL TRUE FANS? The long an short of it is DOH BELIEVE EVRYTHING YUH READ ON FACEBOOK (or anywhere else) witout questioning it.
Now doh geh vex with meh (too much) eh allyuh. Ah cuda, and didn milk dis ting. Ah refuse all offers tuh go out fuh de birthday drinks, dinners etc. I convinced dose who wanted tuh geh meh presents dat dey really shudn, an dat was hard (fuh me-hehehe)
Ah know ah lot ah people took de time to genuinely sen ah Sister some blessings on her special day. I Thank you all & ah wudn be upset if allyuh cah be bothered on de real day-lol-really.
I’ll excuse my “fans” dat always support but just doh geh all up in yuh biznezz, so they really wudn know de real date. I’ll excuse new friends (less dan ah year old relationships)
Tanks to all dat participated in meh “experiment.” Ah bet allyuh cah wait fuh de next one (wink-wink).

An ah hope ah doh loose some “friends”. Hmmmmmmmmm
Ah little seriousness now. All who wanted to take meh out, give presents and all dat. Dat was sweet. Wat go be sweeter fuh me doh, is if allyuh cud take all dat extra cash allyuh hav an send it to we Brothers an Sisters in Haiti. We all know de account numbers fuh de banks & various organizations. Digicel & B mobile T&T have their “text to send cash” numbers too. Be a true friend nah.

P.S meh birtday (earthstrong) is de 5th ah APRIL. Safe?
Oceans may divide us but can (Soca) music, ah lil picong, and tragedy bring us togeda?

6 x 2 cents (comment, nuh!):

Akeila Squires Pascall January 21, 2010 at 2:22 PM  

again i wasnat caught up in the hype...lol..i was looking on waiting fuh the mark to buss...lol and i know about soca bachana..havent heard the nex one...if anything the lil scam has made me aware how fast hype spreads...so we gotta be careful what we put outta...for those who got ketch..take ah lil laugh say "dis knycky eh"..and learn from it...SAFE CHICK!!!

lylah p January 21, 2010 at 4:32 PM  

You too sweet yes!!! Ah luv ya yuh know :)
I remember the first time i kinda sorta met you, when Paul Price invited me to one of those dutch parties some years ago... and i said, "nikki who?? who?? she an actress?? oh well, at least she's cute :)...
I figured you were simply what life is about - carefree and fun- which i didn't know you were until you, paul and someone else decided to jump off a ledge into the pool, causing my half drunk self to run, fall and bump into a guy i was avoiding... That was hilarious!!
Truly soca bachana :))) You keep on keeping on birthday gyrl ... lol

anicka January 21, 2010 at 8:24 PM  

very nice indeed...yuh catch us! i'm one of the many who is ah fan buh stay out yuh bizness...lol

aaronramkhalwhan January 21, 2010 at 9:36 PM  

lol she caught alot of pplz wit she bday

aaronramkhalwhan January 21, 2010 at 9:38 PM  

hey she caut alot of ppl wit she bday everyone jus read on facebook she bday is 2day and sum ah dem so crazy deh ent recognishe she bday goin on 4 ah few days

Anonymous January 21, 2010 at 10:52 PM  

Girl...U happy and happiness brings happiness lol...But people would believe anything sometimes...they want to believe in something maybe they should try Jesus but Facebook definitely isnt it...Sorry Beeps...know your bff's. C U at the party! Muah!:)


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