The Rounds: What Soca artists wish for 2010

>> Monday, January 4, 2010

Good evening soca lovers, I’m Nurse Karen and these are Dr. Jays rounds. Happy 2010! It’s a new year here at Soca Therapy and I look forward to bringing you the latest insider information from the soca world every Sunday...just like you’ve come to expect.
         This year already proves to be a busy one for many soca artists with Carnivals wrapping up in the Bahamas, St. Kitts, Monserrat and St. Croix...and carnival bubbling to a boil in Trinidad, Dominica and Guyana.
             BVI soca artist and producer Kamau brought his brand of music to St. Croix for New Years, performing jazz saxophone at one event and jamming with a traditional band at another.

Montserrat Festival went on, despite the recent threats posed by the Soufriere volcano. Some describe carnival as Bottom in De Road. When I caught up with Scrappy a few days ago, he described it as ``ASH`` in the air. (That`s A-S-H, by the way....this is a family show)
                  Slammer Cutter should be taking a rest today after a video shoot last night on the Danforth.

 Umi Marcano rang in the new year at a gig in New York, but he's wasting no time. Now that he`s back in Trinidad, Today is all about shooting his second music video for the season, "Folk Reality".
Trinidadian reggae artist Junior Don is making a foray into the soca arena for 2010. He’ll be gigging with Peter C and the Orchestra as a frontline vocalist.

Peter C in Miami 2009

Before I forget, lemme say Happy Birthday to Peter C Lewis formerly of the Xtatik band. He turns 38 today in Trinidad. But he`s not the only one celebrating both a personal new year and the public one...Bajan soca twins Barry and Bruce Chandler rang in their 26th birthday on December 30th, while Lucian former monarch Mantius also celebrated his arrival on the planet that very same day.
I hurried through the other items, in order to share something I read today that inspired me. The Trinidad Express Newspaper asked some local entertainers what they wish for 2010. Here's what a few of them had to say:

Fay-Ann Lyons (soca artiste): ’My wish is for peace on earth and goodwill to all mankind. I also pray that my daughter grows up to be a loving and joyful little lady. For the nation, I pray that there will finally be a reduction in crime and for my family, I wish that we will all be happy and learn to truly love each other.’

Blaxx (soca artiste): ’Most importantly I wish that my fellow artistes will seek to have better lyrics in their songs and be more responsible. Some of them are not setting good examples for the younger ones wanting to come into the arena because of the sexual and violent lyrics. I also really want to see something serious done about the crime situation. All my other wishes have come true already. I got married and I have good music for the season.’

Blaxx and Nurse Karen in Toronto (August 2008)
 Kees Dieffenthaller (artiste/musician): ’I always want the same thing every year and that is to really push the music of Trinidad and Tobago and achieve something on a global scale. This year we are working to get closer to that realisation. Also, for a developing Trinidad, things will be even tighter financially next year with the recession and I really hope we don’t lose our sense of community and spirit of giving because of these tough times. I pray that we would not forget our neighbours as we seek to get ours in those tough times and we will look out for each other. As for crime, as we work to that 20/20 vision, with growth come bigger problems such as crime. We are losing that village lifestyle where everyone raised the children. Listen to what the children and youth are saying.’

Iwer George (soca artiste/owner Soca 91.9FM): I pray for a miracle as far as crime is concerned, that the murder rate will read minus zero at the end of 2010. I would also like to see more young soca artistes get an opportunity to make it. For me, I am hoping that God will deliver what I have asked Him for, it’s a personal thing, in the coming year.

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Love and Soca,

Nurse Karen

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