Booster Shot: Antigua Carnival Results

>> Friday, August 8, 2008

Antiguan massive!!!! How was your carnival this year? I heard amazing reviews from some of the members of Atlantik and the studio 758 crew. They really enjoyed the party vibes while they were there. Can't wait to experience it for myself.

In case you haven't seen the results, here's the big news out of Antigua...

Road March:

1. "Musical Bomb" Scyattah! - Red Hot Flames (Oungku, yuh called this one!)

Musical Bomb (2008 Antiguan road March Winner) - Red Hot Flames

2. "Jump Up In De Iron Band" - Burning Flames (Still sorry I missed your show in time)

Iron Band - Burning Flames

3. "Mardi Gras" - Taxik

width="300" height="110">Mardi Gras*** (2008 Antigua) - Taxik F. Claudette Peters

Antigua doesn't mess around when it comes to the band thing. I like to see that. In most other soca nations we're seeing the rise of solo artists. While the celebrity aspect is important to the development of the soca genre in terms of international marketing. This is a cultural thing. Carnival is a community thing..and our music is a communal thing. Caribbean showmanship fluorishes in the presence of live intrumentation and collaborative creativity. That's my two cents anyway. Kudos Antiguans for supporting your bands!

Now for the Party Monarch results:

In Groovy...

1. Claudette "CP" Peters

2. Tian

Bring It On***(2008 Anitgua)*** - Claudette CP Peters & Taxik Band

3. The Blade

In Tempo (What they call Power Soca in Trinidad, Grenada and St. Lucia)

1. Claudette "CP" Peters

Bring It On***(2008 Anitgua)*** - Claudette CP Peters & Taxik Band

2. Lord Satalyte

3. The Blade

CP, Congrats on another great year! Goes to show you truly are the queen of your nation where soca is concerned.

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