The Rounds: Rudder gets patriotic with Bunji and Faye-Ann

>> Sunday, August 24, 2008

Good Evening Soca Lovers,

I'm Nurse Karen and these are Dr. Jay's Rounds. I don't mean to start off with bad news, but it just occurred to me that for all the students listening. The start of the school year is just a little more than a week away.

In Trinidad with Shawn "Ma$tamind" Noel and Natasha Andrews Noel (February 2008)

But don't let that depress you. These days school is full of all sorts of wonders! For instance, Brooklyn New York's Coskel University is sponsoring the last of their summertime soca unplugged series tonight. The event is called De Tamarind Seed Sessions. Throughout the warm months it has played host to people like Shawn Mastamind Noel, Kevon Carter and Trinity....but tonight it's all about learning your history. Dane Gulston will educate the people on pan, and music legends like Crazy, Black Stalin and Lord Nelson will all join the jam session.

Take a look at the video I compiled from Labour Day Carnival 2007. I also attended the 4th annual ISO Soca Awards. You'll notice clips featuring Crazy and Trinity as well as Dane Gulstan on pan...

From History we move to Civics. How many of you know that Trindad and Tobago became and independent republic on August 31st, 1962? That means next Sunday marks the 46th anniversary.

Down in Trinidad, Ian Wiltshire of Island Style Music thought of the perfect way to mark the occasion. He got David Rudder, Faye-Ann Lyons and Bunji Garlin in studio to record a patriotic new song called "3 Colours"

Your "Nurse" with Bunji and Faye-Ann in St. Vincent (July 2008)

Some of you know Ian as the man behind the international Glow carnival fetes and annual Glow soundtracks. This past year, Ian decided to take a break from releasing a new Glow album due to decresing soca music sales across the board. His Canadian distributor (JBS records) wasn't so happy about this and convinced him to compile a "best of" album instead. Well we all know how those things go…all your favourite hits, plus a couple of updated remixes for good measure. 3 colours actually started off as a 2008 refix of Trini 2o de Bone. But lo and behold when creative people get together, innovations are bound to happen. It was co-produced by Ian Wiltshire, Ibo Joseph and Alan Brizan.

Trini to the Bone - David Rudder

There's yet one more surprize in store when the song comes out this week. Ian tells me the intro and samples feature an iconic voice from Trinidad's past. He won't say who…but if you find any political figures listed in the multiple choice, that would be my guess!

Still with me students? Time for Geography. Soca Summer has landed firmly on London England this weekend for Notting Hill Carnival. Everybody's over there…well, except for me this year.

Nurse Karen goes to London and Notting Hill Carnival (2007)


But that's OK, next weekend when the action moves to New York, so do I! It's all about the Brooklyn West Indian Day Parade. And after Labour Day, my young musical apprentices, it's time to hang up the dancing shoes and study your books!

Enjoying the vibes on Labor Day Monday 2007

I'm Nurse Karen and those were Dr. Jay's Rounds. Please leave me your comments online at the Nurse Karen Etc blog at triple w dot mustardseeds dot net. Never miss a beat when it comes to soca news….download The Rounds Podcast at Soca Therapy dot com.

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