The Rounds: Lavaman withdraws from Grenada Soca Monarch

>> Sunday, August 10, 2008

I'm Nurse Karen and these are Dr. Jay's rounds. What a big week in the world of soca. While most of you were recovering from a wild and wonderful caribana season…so much of the Caribbean was smack dab in the middle of the action. Carnival still abounds! So this edition of the Rounds is all about RESULTS.

First to Antigua: It's no secret that Claudette "CP" Peters is still her nation's soca queen. She's dancing all the way to the bank this week after winning both the Groovy and Tempo Party Monarch competitions. This is the 4th year in a row that she's won the Party Monarch title. But this year, her Tempo win with "Bring It On" lands her automatic entry into Trinidad's international soca monarch competition in February. There, CP will compete against TnT's top acts as well as reigning monarchs from across the region like Khiomal, Ricky T, and Skinny Fabulous!

width="300" height="110">Bring It On***(2008 Anitgua)*** - Claudette CP Peters & Taxik Band

Moving along, Monday and Tuesday was all about Red Hot Flames in the Red Hot St. John's Antigua heat. Oungku called it! Antigua's new Road March is none other than Musical Bomb a.k.a Scyattah.

Scyahttah***(2008 Antigua)(Road March) - Red Hot Flames F. Oungku

Over to sunny Barbados... There's this guy de people and dem refer to as De General. Known for consistant hits with his legendary band Krosfyah, Edwin Yearwood is smiling after an oh-so-successful Crop Over. The song is called Handle Yuh Business. And it's obvious - that is PRECISELY what he had in mind when he performed his way into 1st place at the Peoples' Monarch show last week Thursday.

We On De Way(2008 Barbados Crop Over Road March)*** - Krosfyah ft Edwin Yearwood

Then Monday was the big finale…The Grand Kadooment parade. Why stop at one title when you can have two? Edwin walked away with Tune of the Crop as well. (For the non-bajans out there…that's Road March. This is the 4th ever Road March win for Mr. Yearwood. Congratulations Edwin – Handle Yuh Business!

Grenada is in the height of Spice Mas right now! On Wednesday, Yaga Miser became the brand new Groovy Soca Monarch. His performance of "Someone to Love" beat his closest competition (Terror Kid) by 19 points. Last year's winner, Scholar, chose not to defend his crown.

Someone To Love*** (2008 Grenada) - Yaga

In the Power Category, the the action took place on Friday. Luny Sparks and Electrify took top marks with Clear D Way. Mr. Killa in 2nd and Mr. Legs 3. For you Lavaman fans, I should note that your boy withdrew his name from the competition due to a discrepancy over the rules that came to light at his Village Soca Monarch performance early in the week.

Someone To Love*** (2008 Grenada) - Yaga

(Let's be real...that's what the management is saying in an official statement released to the media, but the evidence speaks for itself.) Lavaman was performing at the Village Soca Monarch earlier in the week. He had the crowd real going crazy. He instructed the fans to go down by the judges. So they did - the only problem is they were carrying chairs, torches and big flags. As he sang SPLASH wet up, wet up, the judges got a public bath. Needless to say...they didn't like that too much.

Splash - Lava Man

It was a real scene. See it for yourself.

I'm Nurse Karen and those were Dr. Jay's Rounds. Please leave me a comment online at the Nurse Karen Etc blog at triple w dot mustardseeds dot net. Now back to de docta!

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