Booster Shot: Soca Awards 2009 Results!

>> Sunday, November 15, 2009

I have good news and bad news.  Good news first:  The results have been published for the 2009 International Soca Awards.  Bad News?  Um, well they never actually had the awards show....and it ain't gonna happen.  A press release was issued today saying,
"The promoters felt that if the event was to fall short of iSA’s already remarkably high esteem in any aspect, that the 2009 Awards Show must be cancelled in order to continue in the cultural realm that Soca has evolved into."

I would love to know what the "unforeseen" circumstances are, considering that the initial date for this year's shindig was set for October 30th. It was then rescheduled till December 4th, and now gone the way of the dinosaurs.

Over here it's a beautiful Sunday morning, and I can't wait to enjoy it. So before I go, how about some of that GOOD NEWS?!?!?

Congratulations to all the winners:
(As always, let the discussions begin !!!)

1. Best New Female Soca Artist
2. Best New Male Soca Artist
Skinny Fabulous

3. Female Soca Vocalist of the Year
Zoelah - Wine up on me
Shyann Bailey - Sweetness
4. Male Soca Vocalist of the Year
Edwin Yearwood - Not Missing Me
5. Female Soca Performer of the Year
Faye-Ann Lyons
Destra Garcia

6. Male Soca Performer of the Year
Skinny Fabulous
Machel Montano

7. Soca Duo or Group of the Year
Luni Sparks & Electrify

8. Soca Song Writer of the Year
Faye-Ann Lyons - (Heavy T, Meet Super Blue, Wine Faster)

9. Best Soca Collaboration Grove
Obsessive Winners - Destra ft Alison & Saucy  

10. Over All Female Soca Artist of the Year

Faye-Ann Lyons
Destra Garcia

11. Over All Male Soca Artists of the Year
Machel Montano
Skinny Fabulous

12. International Soca DJ of the year
Techno Sound - Turks & Caicos
DJ Stephen - Atlanta
Alicia D Duchess - Trinidad
DJ Spice - New York

13. Best Soca Compilation Album/CD of the Year
Machel Montano - HD Family

14. Best Soca Compilation Rhythm
Bus Stop Riddim - (Madmen Productions) TNT

15. Soca Humor of the Year
2 Notes by Impulse

16. Favorite Groove Soca - Female
Heavy T - Faye-Ann Lyons
Wine up on me - Zoelah 

17. Favorite Groove Soca – Male
Push Bumper - Machel Montano
Drunk Again - Benjai  

18. Favorite up Tempo Soca - Female
Meet Super Blue - Faye-Ann Lyons

19. Favorite up Tempo Soca - Male
Tusty - Blaxx
Head Bad - Skinny Fabulous 

20. Soca Artist Album/CD of the year
Destra Garcia - Hott

21. Soca Song of the Year
Head Bad - Skinny Fabulous

22. Favorite Soca Info Website

23. Over All Soca Band of the Year
Machel Montano HD - TNT
Roy Cape All-stars - TNT

24. Soca Producer of the Year
Kerwin Du Bois - (Hangover, Tusty, Obsessive Winners)
Neil Bernard - (Bacchanal, Sweetness, Meet Super Blue)

25. Best Soca Music Video
Destra Garcia - Hott (Eldon Pernel)
Peter Ram - Tight (Jay Will)

26. Best Soca Chutney Music Video
Drunkard - Soca Elvis ft Hitman, Tracy D & Andy Singh (On “D” Rock productions)

27. Best Soca Re-Mix Collaboration
Tizzy ft Richard Trumpet - Wuk Meh
Slammer Cutter ft Hitman - Hangover

28. Over All Soca Chutney Artist of the Year
Kenneth Salick

29. Over All Soca Chutney Band of the Year
Karma Band (TNT)

30. Soca Chutney Song of the Year
Radica - Kenneth Salick

31. Favorite Soca Online Radio

32. Best Soca Chutney Collaboration of the Year
Rum & Roti - Patch & Da Mastamind

33. Best DJ Soca Artist (Dj that sings)
Lil Rick - Thunder
Super Jigga TC - Frontline

34. Soca Chutney Artist of the Year
Kenneth Salick

35. Ragga Soca Song of the Year
Tight by Peter Ram
Banana by Bunji Garlin
Fly Away by Machel Montano ft Collie Budds

36. Best Soca Collaboration up Tempo
Luni Sparks & Electrify - Clear De Way

And there you have it!
Love and Soca,

Nurse Karen

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