On De Scene: Vincy newspapers disrespecting Soca Stars

>> Friday, November 20, 2009

Well, ah know dis one go be a shock to de Nursie... to see a post from me after so long. Hahaha. But after today's newspapers came out ah had was did have to commment. By now we all now how well Skinny Fabulous, Zoelah and Tabia did in the Int. Soca Awards, with Tabia winning 'BEST NEW FEMALE SOCA ARTISTE'. Zola winning, "FEMALE SOCA VOCALIST & FAVOURITE GROOVY SOCA OF THE YEAR", and Skinny Fabulous winning in all 5 categories where he was nominated: "BEST NEW MALE SOCA ARTISTE, MALE SOCA PERFORMER OF THE YEAR, OVERALL MALE SOCA ARTISTE OF T HE YEAR, SONG OF THE YEAR & FAVOURITE UP TEMPO SOCA (MALE).

Well, in today's papers, the story was printed on Pg. 52 in the Searchlight Newpaper. Lemme say dat again in case yuh ain't really ketch.. FIF-TEE-TOO. Now in the same paper on page 2, is some story bout somebody find some long lost relative. So this is more important news than our premier musical artform making great strides?

And if dat nah bad enough... in the News Newspaper, the story was on the second to last page... sharing the page with the weekly update on "THE BOLD & BEAUTIFUL". Like whatever de hell Ridge doing with Stephanie, is of more consequence than Skinny taking all the awards.

Is only outta respect for the Nuss, and my blogging family mek ah don't type two clean dutty word to go with this.

Anyhoo, I had to take time out of compiling the Top 10 Countdown for tomorrow nite to let allyuh know how the print media views our Soca artistes. Ah gone. Til next time.

1 x 2 cents (comment, nuh!):

(Nurse) Karen November 20, 2009 at 6:28 PM  

Hey Gruve! Surprise surprise...

Good to see you're still staying vigilant in Vincyland. It's hard to know what the real motivations are for the papers showing little regard for the accomplishments of the artists.

I might suggest that the Vincy media is relatively unfamiliar with the entire Soca Awards Organization and probably paid it even less mind now that this year's show has been cancelled.

Definitely, congratulations are in order for those 3 artists on winning in their categories. Here's to higher standards in soca, in music, awards...and media!

(Nurse) Karen


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