Booster Shot: Bacchanal at Evolution Mas Camp

>> Sunday, February 3, 2008

Ok... so before I start, I have to remind you that these blogs are nothing more than a personal account of my own experiences. Some things that happen to me are wonderful. Some - not so much. However, if what I have to say isn't the way you see it, that's cool with me. Leave me a comment...we go talk it out! Right? Right.

So, ah playing mas in Trinidad. As far as being excited? Well, I know I would have a good time...but truth be told. I haven't been so familiar with the YMCA since the holidays...and I'm still carrying a little sweetbread around my gut. So...once the costume is pretty enough to boost up my sagging confidence, I will make do.

So recap. No sleep since about 4 hours on saturday morning. Beach, airport, Arima, shower, Dawn, D'Vale, shower...and we're off. Only one week in T&T, and your Nurse is the nuturing I have to make time for my family. Dat is my thing. Today is Sunday and nothing was going to stop me from getting over to Cascade to lime with my people here. Still can't believe I did it. Got home, bathe and turned right back around...and so glad I did. Got to meet the sweetest little boy ever. I brought him a bag full of clothes and goodies from Canada. And I got kisses...and Ovaltine Biscuits, and a personal photoshoot. Love you boo boo!

Next stop was Evolution Mas Camp. Evolution is the newest all-inclusive band to hit Trinidad and Tobago. Brought by Curtis Eustace...the 8-time Trinidad Carnival King...who also has slew of Canadian titles under his belt! He captured a second place finish at the semi-finals last week, so I hope ah playing with the winning team. Now, I have to admit it was a hard decision to play with Evolution. Is a whole team of man I wanted to follow to Tribe. Besides that, I have a lot of friends who jump up with them. Island People is almost the same. They have gorgeous workmanship on the revellers' costumes..and if I had been so lucky to score one of those crocodile costumes, I mighta changed my mind.

So, Evolution it is. Five of us girls registered with the Quick Silver section in Toronto. On Saturday, three of 'em went by the band house on Ariapita Avenue to pick up costumes...and talk about bachannal! Tempers flared, line-ups got out of control. Names were called, and yes...if you heard the rumours, you didn't hear it wrong. It came to blows. I go leave it there. Some people just damn ignorant. Using physical force when they barking up the wrong tree.

So, my girls were told to come back 5 pm Sunday. So that's what we did. To the credit of the band. The camp was uncluttered and comparatively peaceful. There were about four people ahead of me waiting to get Jessica to sort them out at reception. So it's my turn. Deep breath...

"Hi, I'm here to collect five costumes," says Nurse Karen
"Can I have your name?" asks Jessica
"Well, they under the name Red Lobster in QuickSilver," I add laughing
"There is not QuickSilver section in this band," she respond matter-of-fact-ly
"Eh?"....lehwe come out the dialogue from now...

So, Evolution is a band with Toronto links. The entire section was made in Toronto and well it never quite made it to Trinidad. Finally we got things sorted out at reception. Jessica tells us they have costumes for us in Colin and Thane's Orange Appeal section. ( I can picture some of allyuh nostrils flaring and ting, but honestly they handled it well) The costumes were packed, the costumes were shipped. The section leaders went to customs, cash in hand to pick up the goods and pay the duty. The story that came down, is that the items were held up by U.S. customs. I'll buy that for now. But, I have a little advice for anyone building pretty mas who might be reading this now:

KNOW THE LAW: YOU EVER HEARD OF BIRD FLU? Well, ever since that epidemic flew out of asia a few years back, many countries have changed their laws about importing FEATHERS. Many countries, including Canada AND TRINIDAD do not allow you to import feathers. I'd be willing to wager a guess that customs wasn't to pleased about a container full of bio-fluff.

So, we went to the back and Janine fixed us up nice. She pulled orange costumes for everyone in the group. To tell the truth, I found the orange really pretty. I was also happy to support Redd Rose section. Janine, you are a sweet heart, and it's your kindness and patience alone that kept me smiling through it all. They didn't have head pieces for us....and we couldn't find a bra size that didn't fit me in a completely X-rated way. But we settled on a little discount...and I proceeded to Champs Fleurs to commence the surgery.

I'll be sure to let you know how it turns out.

I'm Nurse Karen, and that's your Booster Shot! So, sorry to flake out. But If I'm jumping up in the morning, j'ouvert can't happen for me. Too bad, because I'm a girl who loves j'ouvert. Ah hope allyuh get real dutty for me.

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