The Booster Shot: Completely Breathless on Carnival Monday and Tuesday

>> Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Friends, it's all over...and I'm spent.

Monday: I sliced up the orange tank I got from Evolution and made a cuter costume for carnival monday. Made sure to spray on the sunscreen and wear a hat. Not a chance I'm wearing myself out before the Grande Parade. We band sweet eh. It felt like home. We got off to a late start, but I'm going to blame Island People for that. We were ready to hit the road when we had to wait like half hour for them to pass! While we waited I recognized Tortola's own Kamau Georges. You may know him from his chune Network. Liming in Trinidad incognegro.

It was loads of fun dancing up with Future the Prince and Ian Andre Espinet. These two cats are known in Toronto for impressive contributions to the urban scene. It was their first carnival experience...and it goes to show, you don't need lessons. Some things are just in your blood.

Ah feel the DJ's were taking it easy today...just warming us up. Associate Degree and KOS opted for the groovy chunes over pace. From my count "Blazing the Trail" is our bands road march. While dat chune real cool...ah hope they get it right for tomorrow...cuz I feel this is Faye-Ann's year.

The day was drama free..from my vantage. So, I think we safe for tomorrow. And that's a great thing. I'll be back at 7 am for breakfast...then it's straight thru till last lap.

TUESDAY: So much for sleeping early. I had to do some serious surgery on my costume which left me about 3 hours of rest before getting up to meet the maxi. Getting it on, was simple enough..but getting it to stay on, was a different matter.

Red Bull...thank you for sponsoring this outting. I love you bad bad bad. 6 am...the van arrives. 10 lovely ladies from 3 different bands all decked out in glitter and jewels, multi-coloured weave and stop Port of Spain.

Bake and saltfish, and orange. Brian MacFarlane and his award-winning band getting strapped in across the street. Gal Farm playing over and over to rally the troops. First stop Ariapita stage. Too bad your nurse had no idea we were crossing the stage until afterwards. Don't ask me where my head was. You know what? If you want to know how the day turned out, leave a message...I'll fill you in. One thing before I go...Faye-Ann took it. I know for sure! For now...ah dead. Thank you Trinidad. Carnival 2K8 was sweet!

I'm Nurse Karen and that's your booster shot!

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