Booster Shot: Fantastic Friday at Girl Power

>> Saturday, February 2, 2008

So, let me start with and apology. All year long you hear me on air talking about soca monarch and party monarch competitions from all over the globe. Any kind of monarch really, Chutney, Calypso...what can I say? I'm obsessed with the monarchy.

Well I here in Trinidad for Carnival 2k8, and guess where I didn't go tonight? Don't actually guess...that's what they call a rhetorical question. Instead, de ladies and me niced up ourselves to party with Island People at Girl Power.

Parking was a headache and a half. Alas, we made it to the VIP gate and got in. I immediately spotted D'Bandit and a big crew from Toronto...and ruined their perfectly good picture. Then, I was all alone. I lost all 6 of the other girls I came with. You know what that means? I had to go for my first Bailey's alone.

Saucy Wow was on stage, singing her rude girl anthem. She picked the smallest lil man from the crown to kill him with de wine. Ah fine she killing me these days too. Denise, what to say, really? I love your big smile, your big voice, your big bam bam...I ain't mad. I especially love your "don't care" attitude. So, I hope you don't care when I say tight does not = sexy.

Destra and Atlantik had next. She have some really eye candy in that band. Num num. At this point, I met up with the girls and we had a premium spot to the right of the stage. I looked up and I saw gold sequined hot pants reflect all manner of light. She sang the old her secret weapon writing buddy Kernal Roberts looked on from back stage.

He and Machel greeted me with smiles and kisses to welcome me to Trinidad. Sean Paul and Ms. Garcia did they wine up thing again. And the Rider girls really crushed a very happy man...bouncing in the sky and ting. All of that makes for a nice lil presentation..but the real highlight of the show was a petite Antiguan ball of fire by the name of Tizzy. When she ran on stage, it was all style, class, elegance and talent. She's got a command of the crowd that is intensifying each time I see her perform. I feel like her performance of Expose was the first one to really get that crowd away from the bar and the food tents for a few minutes. Congrats Tizzy! She must have come straight from the Groovy Soca Monarch Show. I have no idea why Atlantik didn't use "Show Dem What You Have" in their shows. It's a big tune on the radio...and it's the one that got baby girl into the finals. But none the less, she worked the hell out of her 5 minutes!

Content on some stew beef, mashed potatos and salad...I decided to check out the General Admission side to find a few friends. Much to my surprise...the other side was more spacious, and had a better view. So, that's where I parked it till the sun came up. Kes the Band, gave a wonderful show. Nadia was cool and relaxed in her black tee and jeans. Kees stripped down, just to remind the girls why he's such a hottie...and finally...I relaxed and took a wine.

The last band of the night was Machel Montano HD. They still on that HD ting for 2K8? At once the liquor must have kicked in...cuz the crowd was finally ready to party. I'm sure this was about 4 am. Farmer Nappy, Patrice, Machel...and even Ricky T got exactly one minute to bring de pressure before the fete shut down. It was rags and flags and glow sticks...and jamishness. As the sun began to rise over Jenny's car park, I turned around and saw two family-ar faces wining like they on vacation! Marxman and Soca Sweetness from the Kingdom of Soca and Soca Therapy took a break from DJ duties that night to enjoy Girl Power. (Now why they calling it that again?)

Police tell Machel to stop..and de party stop. Ran into Lil Bitts on the way out...visited all the performers to share some kudos. If you see how hard they work during this season. And to think those boys were still looking to lime. Not me. time for bed.

I'm Nurse Karen and that's your Booster Shot! Next stop Maracas Bay...

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