Booster Shot: D'Vale Breakfast Fete

>> Sunday, February 3, 2008

After Dawn...the party that is, I was "knackered". I had been jumping and waving myself into a sleepy stupor. Little did I know, our morning had just begun. We proceeded to the bat mobile and rode west to Diego Martin. I caught a glimpse of Rain-o-rama. If you follow the Rounds, you would know that is the home of the late Aldwyn "Lord Kitchener" Roberts. I was a lil slow with my camera, so it only snapped it from the side.

No time to stop, we were about to try our luck at getting our hands on the hottest tickets in town: D'Vale Breakfast Fete. For all who don't know, this party takes place down in a picturesque valley in very posh neighbourhood. Well it's known that Trini's love a good party. So, I GUESS the neighbours didn't mind having a killer sound system wake them up for a street blocko.

We didn't reach till mussee 9 am. The sun was high and hot. We parked, and loitered by the gate hoping someone would give 3 sexy ladies a lil bligh. It was so pathetic standing on the outside looking in. Hoppie, and D'Bandit were up on the roof entertaining the crowd. Meantime, I dey looking schupid begging tickets on the outside looking in. Ah mean, we just wanted a lil food, a lil music, a lil more fun. Two two's and we were in. The saada roti was calling my name. I probably still have pumpkin hangin from my teeth all now.

Boy, was it ever hot. I pushed through the crowd craving water...but not quite bold enough to jump under the spray of the hoses. Not yet, anyway. So to the bar i went. Water for my friends, water for me...and water for my hair. I made a Trini friend called ray who was all too pleased to wet me down with the ice cold bottle of Dasani.

Now, this was a great fete. As pooped as I was, I don't regret it all. This was the first party where I got a chance to lime with de Toronto crew, including Dr. Jay. I found out we had all been at the same fetes throughout the week...but we kept missing each other. Toronto held it down by the speaker boxes....and showed Trinidad how we wikked.

I won't call any names for now. But stay tuned for my Trinidad Carnival video. Some these people have no behaviour at all! Mingling in the crowd was Nicky Cordner and St. Vincent's own Kevin Lyttle. True to form, Kevin wasn't TURNED ON to small talk. He just wanted to take a wine. And who am I not to oblige?

Crab and dumplin in my belly and surrounded by friends, I totally forgot about the time. Somewhere around 11:30 am my phone rings. It was my cousin wondering what time I was planning to come by and visit. Uh geez. Dat is today, right? OK...We could barely hear each other for the music, but I heard my bed steupsing for leaving him alone for the whole night..and now day.

We partied in de Vale untill after noon, then it was time to start the day.
Party Animal, no sleep at all!

I'm Nurse Karen and that's your Booster Shot. But it's just the beginning. We're getting awful close to the heart of carnival. It's Sunday....time to organize my mas costume, then "I out on de road, I dey wit my friends, if you looking for me, you'll find me and dem, we right round de bend"...or something like that. If I make it through today. I'll let you know how it turned out!

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