Booster Shot: Time to GET ON at Dawn

>> Sunday, February 3, 2008

Sleeping was supposed to happen. I'm not sure where the time went. After the beach, we headed to Port of Spain to organize ourselves for that night ahead. That meant pick up tickets for the 3 of us. Well actually, for 11. We thought we had some hot deal on Dawn everybody and they brother decided to come along...and then flop the show. By the way, Issues, you still owe me money.

From POS, to Piarco, we collect the final member of the Central Crew. Then we made a stop out in Arima to lime with my hottie hottie cousins. They just arrived from Toronto that day. Traxx from 2getheras1 was there too. So, this is as good a time as any to shout out my Montreal peoples. Ah have many great soca memories in that city....I digress!

So Dawn...have to say, vibes were a little low when we got on the scene. The girls and dem were tired. We actually left one in she bed. Then, as I mentioned, the crew of eleven shrunk drastically. So we three rolled up maybe 4 am and surveyed the scene. I noticed tall boy Shawn Ma$tamind Noel and Natasha Andrews-Noel liming with friends. I was excited to finally meet them face to face. You all know I've been a fan of Shawn's creative work and Natasha's business savvy for a long time. After interviewing them for We Magazine, it was an honour to see them enjoying carnival together.

Kes the Band brought the noise again. Dun know. Newly crowned repreat Groovy Soca Monarch Shurwayne Winchester and the big band Traffik gave me a little something special too. It was my first time seeing their show for the season. It was nice to see Sean Carruth on stage. He still have a little Xmas weight on - like me...but that didn't prevent the sweet songs from floating to the heavens. He sang a cover of Breathless, which I'm sure had a few people mistaking him for Blaxx.

Carnival please stay, don't go away...I'm beggin yuh....I can hear it ringing in my ears. As quickly as it came, it will go. I think I'm starting to dread that day. If I could just exist in this baccha-fantasti-virtual-soca-lity forever...or something so.

The last band of the night was newly crowned Soca Monarch King Bunji Garlin, with Faye Ann Lyons and Assylum. Pressure! I couldn't tell you what got into me...but I needed the best seat in the house for this performance. I in my little white skirt climbed right up on the fence that divides General from VIP. I felt like I was in highschool, getting on and embarassing my brother at a fete! You could bring it in a bottle, you could bring it in a flask...yes Hunter!

Asylum Band played us into daylight and I forgot that I hadn't slept a wink the night before. Adrenaline was the order of the day as the sun beat down on my head...and the water hoses sprayed way up in the air. The young boys that tried to climb up to meet me were getting a back hard from the hand of God. I doh know...they mussee failed gym, cuz no one got to me. Ah glad too. That would have killed the vibe. I real like Bunji and Faye-Ann. Happy to see them come back to full strength this year. I know I could be a lil girly and sentimental. But I really did have to hold back a tear when the whole crowd started chanting ROAD MARCH, ROAD MARCH over Bunji's intro of this wife. I feel like is me in the running. I wish she coulda won de Monarch title too. But I'm crossing my fingers for Tuesday.

I'm Nurse Karen and that's your Booster Shot. Don't lie down yet, it's on to Diego Martin for D'Vale Breakfast Fete...

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