Booster Shot: Ruckshun Caribbean Music Festival Cancelled

>> Wednesday, October 22, 2008

OK...lemme tell you something.  I was really wanting to go to Calgary this weekend.  After Miami Carnival, that was the number one destination that artists were whispering in my ear.

"So, we seeing you in Calgary Nurse?"

"Karen, I guess we would meet up in Calgary next!"

" Girl, why you not going Calgary again?"

"Why don't you just come to Calgary?"

Call it peer pressure, but I was actually trying to work a ting to make it out west for the Ruckshun Caribbean Music Festival.

The event was set to be a two-night all Caribbean showcase featuring performances by (Check the lineup):

  • Destra and Atlantik
  • Junior Kelly
  • Edwin Yearwood and Kosfyah
  • Jamesy P
  • Lil Rick
  • Problem Child
  • Mr. Dale
  • Zoelah
  • Juliette Mills
  • Ragga
  • Harella
  • Maffie and Crew
  • music by Barrie Hype, Top Gunners
Sounds like a great lime right?

Well BAD NEWS.  Really bad news.  The whole thing just got scrapped.  

Believe it!  This is not public knowledge, so if you're a ticket holder you might wanna go back to wherever you got it and figure out how to get a refund.  Just doing a public service.  

I won't be telling you my source, because only a few of us know right now.  

Thank God I didn't drop nearly $700 on a flight.

So, sorry Calgary.  I sure hope you get a big show like that some time soon.  I especially feel bad for the seven different acts on the bill who spoke to me about this.  Fill me in when you do...cause I want to be there.    

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