Nurse's Lounge: Miami Carnival...was OK.

>> Sunday, October 12, 2008

My stint in Miami is coming to a close, after all today is carnival day! I haven't had much sleep...but there are two big limes going on today that were the whole reason for the trip. ...And we're off!

You may not know that there are actually two different carnivals in South Florida held the Sunday before Columbus day. When people say Miami carnival, ya hadda check and be sure that Miami is what they really mean and not Broward. Broward County is home to more West Indians than Miami proper. It is home to the city of Fort Lauderdale, and located to the north of Miami-Dade.

We decided to hit Miami carnival first. It seems to be the more popular destination for the younger crowd. But, I'm having a hard time understanding why. At the height of the day, I estimate Bicentennial Park held no more than about 6 thousand people. You all know I'm from if you know the Caribana scene, that figure about represents the combined population of revellers in about 5 T.O. mas bands.

Miami Carnival charges a $20 admission fee for access to the festival grounds. The main reason would be to compensate the artists who are official performers at Carnival. I understand why they do it, but I feel like carnival in its very essense belongs to the people. Ah feel, it could be the sweetest jump-up in the heart of America's sexiest city...if the walls could come down (so to speak).

Later in the evening Miami was treated to performances by Skinny Fabulous, Ricky T, Teddyson John, Bunji, Faye-Ann...and more! I missed THAT action because I had moved on to Broward by then. What I saw was a very tame lime in the sun, but the artists tell me the energy picked up in time for the stage show.

Here's a shot from later that same night with Skinny Fabulous and Teddyson John

I'll tell you about this fete later!!!! Sweet, yes!

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