Nurse's Lounge: UWI Fete Miami 2008

>> Sunday, October 12, 2008

Today was greeeeeeeeeeaaat!

Took another short dip in the water outside my front door. The sun is hot, and so far...dis carnival hotter! While I was swimming about, I noticed the sky getting dark. So, in for me! On the bright side, the early return to my room bought me a couple extra hours in the day.

My girl The Split and I rolled down to South Beach to pass the time with a few friends. Respect to the guys from South Beach Shutdown. They were on their hustle getting ready for their All White Affair with Mr. Vegas. So sorry we didn't make it back for that. Also, big up to Mr. Slaughter. That macaroni pie was sweeeeeeeeeet! I still don't really believe you made it, but no matter. You have no idea how hungry I was.

As the sun began to set, we blazed up the I-75 back to Grand Palms Golf Resort for UWI Fete 2008. So this event is a big time all-inclusive. Every space on the main floor of the building was teeming with people. Then outside WATCH ants. On the hills and valleys, in the bars a food stalls...PEOPLE!

So, yesterday I gave major kudos to the bar staff at this very same venue for being so well organized. Tonight was a different story all together.

Bar Going Crazy at UWI Fete

That picture can't even begin to descibe the bacchannal they had going on there. Needless to say, one visit was more than enough.

I was there to see a stellar show from Machel Montano HD. First time seeing them since Trinidad. Somehow I had managed to miss them everywhere else I have visited this year. I finally got to meet Lady Elizabeth Montano in de flesh. Yup, we talking about Machel's mommy - the woman responsible for handling the artist's business matters.

Meeting Elizabeth Montano for the first time

The entire crew was there. Special shout to Farmer Nappy. I feel like this man is getting younger every time we meet.

Farmer Nappy and Nurse Karen

The Machel posse had to run off pretty quick. They had another show downtown at 90 degrees. Next up was Bunji Garlin and Asylum. I watched that set from the stage.

Faye-Ann and Bunji satisfying the crowd

I'm not sure if Bunji and Faye-Ann realized what was going on behind their backs, but I wasn't JUST protecting your water bottles from stage stormers...Scarface actually let The Split and me sing backup into his mic during Party Animal. Doh vex, kay?!?!

Don't we look like we were up to something?

Scarface, walk tall. Looking forward to hearing you on a very special top-secret riddim for Vincy Mas 2009 (hee hee)

Original Godfather's Asylum Fam, Scarface

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