Nurse's Lounge: Dear Miami, it's so hard to say goodbye

>> Monday, October 13, 2008

Miami, you did it.

You left an indellible mark on my memories. This was a beautiful pit stop in the Grand Prix that is soca music. I had such a great time in and around your city during the carnival festivities. I saw a lot, but I'm keenly aware that there is so much more to see.

So, God willing, I will return. But before then stay sweet. Keep building the infrastructure of Caribbean culture. Find ways to make OUR creative expressions more accessible to the masses. Fans, support your promoters. Promoters, support the artists. PAY them what they deserve and treat them with the utmost respect. They are your livelihood.

As a people, our strength is evident when you see thousands together as one at a great fete or on the road. However, every day is not carnival. (Unless you're me...I digress) So, as I unnofficially close the lid on the 2008 carnival season, take a little courage for the real world. With the right state of mind, we can stand together for the daily grind too. We are capable of transforming our communities. Every carnival reminds me of that.

So stand together. Do your part. Talk. Organize. Lead. Vote. We know how to party, but we are far more than party people.

...and with that ah gone!



(Nurse) Karen


I nearly forgot to mention that darling Kevon Carter managed to spot me in the Fort Lauderdale airport just as I was boarding my flight. I know I've said so before, but he's one to watch. His vocals are pristine. He's got an obviously marketable look...and best of all...he's got my support. Kev, thanks for coming over!

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