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Trinidad's COTT Music Awards are slated for November 6th, and I've got a selected list of nominees for you below. The Copyright Organization of Trinidad and Tobago is a membership organization that is set up to ensure that songwriters, composers, lyricists and publishers get their fair due from the music they have a hand in creating. It acknowledges all music pruduced for public consumption so to speak, so I've taken the liberty of highlighting the categories relating to Soca, Calypso and Pan. Enjoy!

COTT Musick Week kicks of on Thursday, October 30th. The nine days leading up to the awards gala will feature music performances across Trinidad and Tobago, public meet-and-greets for the nominees, and the Creative Minds Workshop.


1. Songwriter of the Year

- Kernal Roberts

- Machel Montano

- Shurwayne Winchester

2. Female Songwriter of the Year

- Destra Garcia

- Fay Ann Lyons

- Nadia Batson

3. Song of the Year

- Breathless – Kerwin Du Bois – Performed by Blaxx

- Chippin – Darryl Henry « Farmer Nappy » & Margaret Alexis « Ginga »

Performed by Farmer Nappy

3. Get On – Fay Ann Lyons

5. New Male Songwriter of the Year

1. Dwain O’Brien Antrobus « Dwaingerous » - Wukking Up (Co-written with Kernal Roberts)

Performed by Patrice Roberts

2. Olatunji Yearwood – Having Ah Time

3. Stephenson « Shal » Marshall -

Gyal Farm (Co-written with Kerwin Du Bois)

Performed by Shal Marshall & Kerwin Du Bois

6. New Female Songwriter of the Year

Annmarie Marilyn Windsor "A.B. Windsor" – Happy Go Lucky Woman

AugustaSt. Louis "Augusta" – Nice Vibes

Latchmin Dass "Devi" – Good Health is Wealth

7. International Achievement Award

1. David Rudder

2. Slinger Francisco "The Mighty Sparrow"

3. Machel Montano

8. Soca of the Year

1. Blazin D Trail – Machel Montano & Kernal Roberts Performed by Machel Montano

2. Breathless - Kerwin Du Bois

(Performed by Blaxx)

3. Get On – Fay Ann Lyons

9. Groovy Soca of the Year

Chippin – Darryl Henry "Farmer Nappy" & Margaret Alexis "Ginga" Performed by Farmer Nappy

Gyal Farm – Stephenson Marshall "Shal" & Kerwin Du Bois
Performed by Shal Marshall & Kerwin Du Bois

3. Wukking Up - Kernal Roberts & Dwain O’Brien Antrobus "Dwaingerous"

Performed by Patrice Roberts

10. Chutney Soca of the Year

1. Bring It – Lalchan Babwah "Hunter"

2. Intoxicated – Vivekanand "Raymond" Ramnarine & Derrick Seales Performed by Dil E Nadan

3. Rum & Dhal – Robin Jagdip Performed by Robin Jagdip

11. Rapso of the Year

1. Clear Up – Sharlan Bailey

2. Live Good – Pascall Roberts "Masaca"

3. Never Give Up – Wendell Manwarren, Stanton Kewley, Roger Roberts & Sheldon Benjamin "Shel Shok" Performed by 3Canal

12. Reggae/ Dancehall of the Year

1. Life – David Nieves "King David" , Roberito Angelo Pantin, Kwasi Robinson & Sherron Charles Performed by King David

2. Shorty – Marlon Sobers "Marlon Asher" & Sherwin Jackie (co written with Anton Chase - non member)

3. Who Do You Want– Troydon Cruickshank "Blazer" & Ray Roopnarine

Performed by Ziggy Rankin & Blazer

13. Soca Parang of the Year

1. Cash for Christmas – Adrian Hackshaw "Third Bass" & Shawn Noel "Da Mastamind"

Performed by Third Bass

2. De Sweetest Christmas Lime – Jason Seecharan "Fridge" & Richard Ahong "Charsu" Performed by H2O Phlo

3. Season It – Jerrod Johnson "Bongo Spear" & Gideon Quashie "EQ" Performed by Bongo Spear

16. Johnny Walker Pioneer Award
Timothy Watkins "Baron"

Awards to be given at the COTT Foundation Gala Awards Benefit Dinner – (October 30, 2008)

Golden Achievement Award

Clifton Ryan "The Mighty Bomber"

Treasured Licensee

Francis Fashions/Shoe Locker

Calypso of the Year

1. Reasons – Steve Rabathaly &

Carlos James "Skatie" Performed by Skatie

2. Reflections – Michael Osouna "Sugar Aloes"

3. Voices from the Van – Dexter Parsons "The Stinger"

Chutney of the Year

1. Aye Sajanee Peeya Moray – Rooplal Girdharie "Rooplal G"

2. Old Man – Shakti Rampartap

Performed by Heerala Rampartap

3. Poowa Lagaweh Kajar – Samraj Jaimungal "Rikki Jai"

Classic of the Year

1. Dingolay – Winston Bailey "Shadow"

2. Feeling to Party – Leroy Calliste "Black Stalin"

3. The Paint Brush – Kenwrick Joseph "Kenny J"

Pan Song of the Year

1. Heat – Amrit Samaroo

Performed by Crazy

2. The Ten Commandments of Pan – Jason George Isaac "Peanut" &

Ingrid Bernadette De Peiza

Performed by Tony Prescott

3. Thunder Coming - Alvin Daniell (co written with Edwin Pouchet - non-member)

Performed by Chucky

Parang of the Year

1. Abreme La Puerta – Francisca Allard &

Philip Allard

Performed by Los Dinamicos Trintarios

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Corey Graham 2.0 October 28, 2008 at 4:56 PM  

Keep doing your thing Nurse, good to get all the info in one place! keep up to good work!


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