Booster Shot: Victim of nude pic ordeal identified

>> Sunday, April 12, 2009

I know I've kept you waiting on this info for a little while...but I could be kinda weird, there are some news items I would rather not be the first to post.  When the word "porn" made it's debut appearance on (Nurse) Karen (Etc) a couple weeks ago, I had no idea how many hits this blog would receive, both from soca fans and the general public alike.  Imagine, all the world's information at your fingertips, and that's what allyuh does use the internet for?!  This is not the first time an artist's personal bedroom flex has made its way to the internet, and prolly won't be the last. (Shaking my head...) Though, I sincerely hope somebody out there will learn from this!

Do remember that this is an open case, and real people are involved.  So, I've decided to post very limited detail about this to squash a few rumours...quite literally to protect the innocent!  First things first, Destra is  not the subject of the photos.  Considering the fact that Destra won't even publicly wine on stage with her male fans anymore, and that she eh have time for no radio man ( I know it's a lot of DJs shedding tears now), she's a terrible guess.  But anyhoo...nice try.  

The woman portrayed in Davy Murray's indecent photos was Vanessa Thomas, an artiste who is known as  Precious.  Yes, you DO know her.  Remember this BIG tune "Ridin It" from 2000? 

Soca 2000 Precious - Ridin it - 

Even for those who don't recall her biggest soca tune, Trinidadians would probably know her as the co-host of the Jigga and Precious Show on Soca919 (alongside new artiste/host of Synergy Soca Star, Super Jigga TC)

It seems that the pics were posted online out of revenge after the singer ended her 18 month relationship with the accused.  According to, the cops are saying that an email containing the photos was sent to other members of he entertainment community, including soca stars, DJs, and TV and Radio personalities. 

Precious is the one who went to the police to report the incident as the posting of pornography of any sort is in breech of Facebook's Terms of Service.  Murray remains out of jail on TT $50,000 bail.  The magistrate has adjourned court proceeding until May 19.

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Love and Soca, 

(Nurse) Karen

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