Free Download: G13's Mad Decent Power Soca Mix

>> Monday, April 6, 2009

Got another special mega mix for all the soca heads.

This one comes to you courtesy of G13 Sound Internation out of New York.  I've secretly been fans of these guys for a while without knowing.  They love soca music from everywhere...  And I don't care if most DJs say it, they're lying. G13 actually does. Most DJs need to hear someone else run a "small island" tune five times before they feel safe playing it too. 

When I say, I didn't know I was a fan, I mean this:  I get a lot of music in my inbox DAILY.  Sometimes it's accompanied by personal messages, or bios...other times - nada.  I love music, so once I receive something with the words "soca" + "mix" eventually I'm gonna download and test it out on the treadmill.

Thanks to G13, my legs were in fine wining condition all winter long.

Here's the latest one, a Trinidad Carnival wrap up that highilights Double L and LP very international personal musical tastes.  Care to sample?

Download it HERE 


1. bunji garlin- clear d’ road (TnT)
2. fayann lyons- meet super blue (TnT)
3. machel montano hd- won’t stop (TnT)
4. patrice roberts f/ machel montano hd- simply everything (TnT)
5. patrice roberts- sway in d’ mas (TnT)
6. machel montano hd- ravin’ (TnT)
7. machel montano hd- wild antz (precision road mix) (TnT)
8. taxik f/ claudette peters- bring it on (ANU)
9. destra garcia- bacchanal (TnT)
10. skinny fabulous- head bad (SVG)
11. nnika francis f/ fayann lyons- gettin’ on wild (GND/TnT)
12. roy cape all stars f/ blaxx- tusty (TnT)
13. ricky t- wheel and come again (SLU)
14. shurwayne winchester & y.o.u.- you (energy) (TnT)
15. kes the band- we own (TnT)
16. krosfyah f/ edwin yearwood- we on d’ way (handle yuh bizness) (BIM)
17. roy cape all stars f/ olatunji yearwood- wajang (TnT)
18. d’landlord- find me dey (dijital road mix) (SVG)
19. triple kay band- colours (Dominica)
20. kmc- i will (TnT)
21. nu vybes band- everybody lose it (SKN)
22. ricky t- ole (up in d’ air) (SLU)
23. skinny fabulous- get on bad (SVG)
24. machel montano hd f/ pitbull & lil jon- floor on fire (TnT/USA)

Like what you see?  
Check them out for yourself at

Love and Soca

(Nurse) Karen

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double L April 8, 2009 at 3:50 PM  

Thanks for the love!


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