Booster Shot: Berbice in negotiations for movie soundtrack

>> Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Berbice and Nurse Karen, Trinidad 2009

It's the gift the keeps on giving.  When Grenada's New York-based soca ambassador stepped into the booth to record Traffic for Spice Mas 2007, he had no idea that it would remain a favourite for so long. 

He won Spice Mas road march in '07.  It impressed the crowds at Notting Hill and Brooklyn Carnivals that year too. I should know, I jumped up with de jab jab posse to it on both sides of the pond.  It wasn't until Summer 2008 that Traffic began to have a major impact on Toronto and Miami, and then boom, Trinidad and Tobago sealed the deal.  The aggressive road anthem decorated the airwaves for month leading up to Carnival 2009.  

There, Berbice would be the only non-Trinidadian to make it past the semi-finals in the International Soca Monarch (Power) competition.  The other region artists all made it there as winner's of their own Island Soca Monarch competition.  Berbice has never won that crown, whether home or abroad, but he's beginning to see benchmarks of success that many title-holders have yet to reach. 

For starters, the song Traffic has been licensed to be used by the Universoul Circus in this season's presentation.   But an even bigger opportunity is in the works that place Traffic on the soundtrack of a feature film.  I don't wanna jinx anything.  So, that's all for now.  Hoping to let you know the good news soon!

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