Nurse's Lounge: Adele at Massey Hall

>> Thursday, April 30, 2009

Quick one. I love soca. If you haven't realized that by now, you're probably illiterate. Moreover, I love good music. ALL kinds. This being the case, I was thrilled to receive a last minute phone call this evening inviting me to check out 2009 British-Best-New-Artist-Grammy-Award-Winning-Singer-Songwriter performing live at Toronto's legendary Massey Hall.

This amazing concert theatre shares the back alley with Flow 93.5 FM, so I know it well. Lemme correct that. I know the rats that live outside. The inside of Massey Hall, however, doesn't see me too often.

Tonight, it was a treat to get a complimentary orchestra level seat courtesy of a very talented Toronto-based singer/songwriter called Sage. She's a long time buddy who happens to be a friend of Adele's organ dude, Selan.

Beautiful show. The acoustics were crystal clear. Adele's voice is captivating, with a haunting elegance that defies the relaxed levity of her onstage persona. Her a cappella renditions vibrated to the rafters, and personally shook me deep. It was just enough to cause me to zone out for a while an think about my life, present and future...just how beautiful it is, when you work at it.

Because of my roles in the entertainment world, both as a soca music observer and spoken word performer, seeing live shows is a pretty regular thang. That's why it's so important to step out of the everyday settings and genres for a change. It helps me remember exactly why I enjoy what I do.

Art (music) is meaningful. Songs encourage thought, celebration, movement and action. Lyrics can inspire, uplift and even empathize when no one else is around.

Thanks Jeddiah, Sage, Selan...and Adele. I loved it!

If you want to take a musical journey into the world of Adele, sample her music here:

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