Booster Shot: The Asylum Family sticks it to Miami promoters

>> Tuesday, September 29, 2009

More than other penny pinching promoters throughout the socaverse, Miami party promoters are known to cut corners when hosting events. I talk to artists all the time, and it may suprise you to learn that for Miami Carnival MOST soca perfomers have to pay for their own flights, hotel stays and meals. Several promoters are known to pay up late, or not at all. Some of the biggest events only pay about 20% of their billed artistes, while the other cast members perform just for the hope of greater exposure.Of course, you have those who also advertise artists and DJs who aren't even confirmed, then have the nerve to ask patrons to pay handsomely for tickets that would probably cost less in any other city. I'm no artiste, but that kinda treatment would be enough to discourage me from my craft. If you can't even expect to profit from performances in front of huge crowds that earn US dollars, when can you expect to make a buck?

I dunno if any of you have heard about this new fete happening in Miami during Columbus Day weekend this year. But, there's a little something called Miami Vice, happening on Friday, October 9th on the actual set of Miami Vice, the Ice Palace.

I felt like personally throwing my love behind this event for what it represents. So before anyone is too quick to talk. This is not a paid advertisement. I wrote this because, I support the music, the music-makers, and anyone who believes in excellence.

Miami Vice was the brainchild of Fay-Ann Lyons. After several bad experiences fighting for the respect of persons who feign to
PROMOTE the soca artform, she and husband Bunji Garlin thought it would be a good
idea to put their money behind a Miami-based event that would showcase soca in a professional manner.

So beyond the fact that the thing goes down at a mansion/film studio made famous by a TV series that literally put the city of
Miami on the map, there are other noteworthy factors that make this fete worth supporting with your dolla-dolla bills y'all:

1. ARTIST DRIVEN: I told you all that. The Asylum camp ARE the promoters.
2. CONFIRMED CAST: Bunji and Fay called up a few of their best buddies in the business. They WILL be there; Beenie Man, Benjai, Biggie Irie, Denise Belfon, Hunter, Kevin Lyttle, Peter Ram, Problem Child, Sizwe C,
Skinny Fabulous, Trini Jacobs...
3. NO TRACKS! The entire cast will be backed by the Asylum Band. Dem boyz are working overtime in rehearsals learning the music for that long @$$ list of guests. Most of these artists do not travel with bands, so this is a rare chance to catch the kind of energy live music alone can inspire.
4. PRICE: It's 35 Bucks...what is that $2.50 per artist? It's cheaper than most of the other local offerings on the same night.
Knowing what most of these acts charge, I really have no idea how they're even making money on this event.

I love soca, but I freely admit that there are a lot of things that
happen behind the scenes making this business very dirty and cruel at times. So congratulations to all of the people working hard behind the scenes to make Miami Vice a success. From what I understand, regular people have been volunteering
their time and creativity to make sure the word gets out. I sincerely hope that in doing this, all of you begin to send a strong message to some of the players in the game who have been breaking the rules for far too long.

I will be there, and if anyone wants to join me, you can buy advance tickets HERE

Miami Vice Ad - Fay-Ann Lyons, Bunji Garlin, Hunter, Skinny Fabulous, Problem Child

Love and higher standards in soca,

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