The Rounds: New structure for Machel Montano HD

>> Monday, September 21, 2009

In this edition:

-Counting down to Trinidad Carnival (Trinidad and Tobago)
-HD restructing means less of Machel (Trinidad and Tobago)
- UK Soca Music Awards Voting ( United Kingdom)
- New Album for Adrian Dutchin (Guyana)
- Ninja Dan's Hearing (St. Lucia)
- SLU records personnel changes (St. Lucia)

Good Evening Soca Lovers,

I’m Nurse Karen and these are Dr. Jay’s Rounds. There’s lots important stuff going on inside and outside of the music right now. I know thousands of soca fans are overjoyed that the soca floodgates of Trinidad are beginning to open for 2010. Now that Summer is pretty much behind us, you can look forward to an increasing onslaught of releases from your favourite artists in T and T.

For 2010, fans can expect a reconfiguration of Machel Montano’s HD oufit. According to his Mama, Boy Boy will be stepping away from the spotlight to focus on things like music production and song writing. The idea is to make way for the rising stars in his band. You do know who I’m talking about? Right? People like Zan, Patrice Roberts, Farmer, and Umi Marcano!

Nurse Karen and Zan in Toronto, February 2009

So, don’t be shocked if you start seeing advertized performances that do NOT include an appearance from Machel himself. Last Wednesday at Zen in Trinidad, the camp presented a show called “HD Revealed” which showed off the mettle of Machel’s supporting cast as they performed collaborations with artistes such as Cathy Ella, Biggie Irie, General Grant, Tian Winter and Nnika Francis.

The very democratic UK Soca Massive is in the process of honouring top soca talent as we speak. Voting is still open for all 20 Categories in England’s second annual Soca Music Awards. Fans get to vote on both UK based and international talent, best event, DJ, Radio Station and even mas band. If you want in on the action, head over to . The awards show takes place next Sunday.

It’s been a while since I’ve mentioned Guyanese pretty boy Adrian Dutchin in The Rounds. He gets a little big up this week for releasing a new album entitled: Finally! Between putting out music with Times Two in Guyana, winning Mash Soca Monarch a couple of times, and performing as a frontline vocalist in Krosfyah, he’s been a very busy guy. The album features songs like "Impossible", "Rum Drinkaz" with Terry Gajraj and Hitman, plus his Crop Over release with Peter Ram, FOR ME!!! Congrats Adrian! Glad you got the album done...FINALLY!

Nurse Karen and Adrian Dutchin in New York, September 2008

Speaking of other things that are long overdue, Thursday was the scheduled court date for St. Lucia’s Former OECS Soca Monarch Ninja Dan. He was FINALLY supposed to have a sufficiency hearing in connection to a murder for which he and two others are accused that happened on Valentine’s Day this year. The purpose of the hearing was to decide if there’s enough evidence to support a trial and whether or not the accused would be held until such trial date. Well, I’d love to tell you the answers to those BURNING questions but questions, but sources in St. Lucia simply say that it was adjourned until another date. Ah the joys of the legal system...

Other than that Lucians are still talking about all the changes at SLU Records /Studio 758. Since Ricky T’s departure from the label, former Managing director Dwayne Mendes also stepped down. Now the sole man in charge is producer Irvin “Ace” Loctar who recently announced his vision to diversify the music offering of his company beyond soca. Ilah Man is no longer signed to SLU, but Teddyson John remains with the team. As RPB would say “Something’s Happening!”

Nurse Karen and Ace in St. Lucia, July 2009

I’m Nurse Karen and those were Dr. Jay’s Rounds. For more detail on these and other soca news stories visit Nurse dash Karen dot com, or follow me ---- Nurse Karen on Twitter. Now...back to de docta!

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